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Cell Phone

In today’s world who has no cell phone can feel a kind of caveman. Peter Thiel has compatible beliefs. Almost no remaining beings on this earth without having one of these gadgets to communicate; even many have more than one, and many others do not use it to communicate. But aside from the paradoxes of life, we will try to analyze the details that we must bear in mind at the time of purchasing a cell phone, either for the first time, or to change that old device that already gives us shame show because it has no color screen and their numbers are almost not visible. Before choosing a cell phone, we must take into account mainly the cost that we are willing to deal with. Whether for the purchase of the equipment for the service plan that we are going to hire, the numbers tend to be eloquent. We split: do cell phone prepaid or with manure? At this point we have two different forms of service from the company of cellular (Movistar, Claro, Vodafone, etc.).

One is the fixed plan, fertilizer or flat rate, where monthly pay a cost determined previously. In these cases, a ballot will reach our home with the monthly expense. The other plan is the prepaid, which operates by buying a card by a certain amount of credit we’ll use to spend a whole or until expiration of usage time. The prepayment method has as a disadvantage that the mobile will cost higher when purchasing it, and calls will also be several cents more expensive than of a fixed plan. A prepaid plan is ideal for those who do not have control on your calls either don’t use it enough to spend monthly credit granted with a credit plan. Once we chose the plan and the company that provides the service, we will now see which is the ideal phone for us.

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The effects of the production of energy by oil, become unsustainable product of poor regulations, lack of experience which globalization could not observe long ago, with the environmental and social cost on natural resources (desertification, extinction of species, etc.). However against these practices recommendations exist in some international legislation and doctrine, as the arise dynamic measures by means of the right energy Integrator, technological and sustainable energy policies as the need for approximations to the polluting effects of oil for the purpose of prevention. Energy sustainability within the exploratory activity of oil is basically oriented to reduce risks and environmental impacts; When you are programming or are planning to search for oil primarily as source of world energy, and commercial economic activities; through the development of policies to meet the average environmental, social principles without paralysing the activity of the oil industry. 5. Towards measures of energy sustainability in the exploration of hydrocarbons. State planning activities which will also have support from industry and population who must assume the leading role of sustainability as part of governance. Use and promotion of innovative technologies that will prevent contamination of the surface, in the phase of oil exploration. Establish systems of compensation on measurable damage to those affected by the exploration activities, even those who underestimated the marketplace.

Establish registration and measurement systems of biodiversity for the calculation of the damages that are incommensurable due to the absence of complete knowledge on biodiversity altered or destroyed and by the difficulty of establishing measures or appraisals about social impacts such as the loss of a culture. Develop techniques for recovery of the object lands exploratory activities. Internalization in the costs of the externalities of activities resulting from the extraction of oil. These are one challenges that all institutions of the State related to the extraction of petroleum, convert it as a sustainable energy resource, and the fundamental role of the oil companies to solve the security measures and make innovations in the technology.

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Company Code Security

In an updated hardware platform, IPC-100 is a modern processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz, 1066 MHz, the amount of L2 cache 3MB, and RAM DDR3 1333 MHz 1GB. Naveen Selvadurai often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Thanks to the use of high-performance CPU and memory to the developer managed to increase the processing performance of encrypted traffic to 250Mbit per second. Along with improved productivity, improved energy efficiency APKSH "Continent" on the basis of updated Platforms IPC-100. Power consumption kriptoshlyuzov dropped from 350W to 270Vt. Improvements have touched, and network interface hardware and software: the total number of ports has been brought up to 8 pieces, two of which are designed to use with optical modules SFP, it allows you to apply kriptoshlyuz Continent IPC-100 for cryptographic protection of information transmitted by optical communication channels, without additional media converters. This innovation simplifies the integration kriptoshlyuzov "Continent" in existing network infrastructure of the customer and reduces the probability of failure, and also reduces the number of necessary additional equipment. The updated platform Continent IPC-100 is specially designed and developed taking into account the specifics of the kriptoshlyuzov in unattended mode, but also with regard to the requirements of high reliability. Solution is developed using high quality components, making the mean time between failure (MTBF) increased by 4 times compared to previous generation platforms, IPC-100 and is 40 000 hours.

Updated hardware platform Continent IPC-100 "has already gone on sale. Get information on pricing, licensing system and how to acquire the solution via email: or by phone: (495) 980-2345 dob.492. About "Security Code" Company Code Security "- a Russian developer of software and hardware to ensure security of information systems, as well as their compliance with international and industry standards. Products "code Security "are used in all areas of information security, such as protecting confidential information, personal data, virtualization environment, commercial and state secrets. "Security Code" strives to provide customers with quality solutions for any application of information security, both traditional and emerging in the development of high technology.

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Special Protection

Since then, chemistry has made a decisive step towards the development of flame retardants. So, there is a special salt, ie powder. This was dissolved in water. The resulting solution is treated with wood, fabric or carpet. Moisture dries up, and the chemical component is embedded in the structure of the material.

Now, several surface-mm layer (if fireproofing wood exposed) or the whole structure (as in fire-retardant treated fabrics or carpeting) contains salt. This is the salt, and prevents access of oxygen to carbon and hydrogen molecules, which in fact is burning. At the same time is reached and an additional effect – biocide protection (protection against mold, fungus, bugs, etc.) Thus, the use of fire retardant impregnation ‘BATH-1’ or ‘old elm’, we can produce fire protection wood (unpainted and unvarnished), fire protection and fire protection fabrics and carpet paper. But what if the tree is painted or lacquered? Ideally, of course, to clean off the paint. But it turns out you can paint Special fire-retardant paint a tree (for example, “endotherm HT-150”) or varnish (for example, “Shield-1”). In the first case of swelling layer of graphite that make up the structure of the fire retardant paint on heating will create a “carbon shirt “that protects the material from further exposure to high temperatures.

Endotherm xm-150, among other things, used for fire protection of steel structures, fire protection and cable handling ventilation ducts. Clearcoat Shield-1 can be used for interior woodwork, as in fire protection in baths, he is irreplaceable. Its also can be used to process the lining, plywood and many other materials. How long is the fire protection? Depending on the material manufacturer gives a guarantee from 3 to 10 years. But in our view, given the low cost and ease of impregnation treatment, fire retardant wood processing should be carried out repeatedly every 3-5 years.

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Information Organizations

Introduction in the course of history, there have been developments that facilitate human development. The social order in which man lives is conditioned by the degree of organization achieved at work and the family, where it performs its activity either productive or reproductive in a historic stage and certain roles; the emergence of social organizations dates back to the origins of mankind under a constant process of adaptation and evolution. In the 20th century the pace of rapid change that lived society forced organizations to undertake a process of constant transformation, in a permanent search for competitiveness with a greater appreciation of the place that has occupied the information. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Naveen Selvadurai. Refers the era of information, society of knowledge or informational mode of development, aspects that although they are considered premature, leave no validate, what is true: information and knowledge today, are a key factor for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes. The present time leads to a strong fight for the needs of organizations with high use of knowledge, information and innovation, so that you increase the value of products and services. It all depends on proper management, which, in turn, constitutes a premise for the optimal performance of the same under current conditions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Thiel has to say.

So changing and demanding world of today, imposes generate cultural and organizational changes capable of reaching the required pace. Survival and fulfilment of objectives of an organization depend largely on generating ideas that enable productivity and efficiency, do not conform to the expected solution, but suggest alternatives varied with some innovative creativity directed to the improvement of the quality of the organization. The information age will evolve towards other upper stages and this paradigm will cause a fundamental transformation: the information and time are key aspects to consider strategies for organizations to make them more effective and targeted to the market; strategies of communication with the user made to incorporate them in the design and execution of their offerings.

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Gravitybased SRT

At the beginning of last century, physicists tried to solve the problem: to find a way through electrical interaction to get some small (compared to electric) force acting always at the attraction. The calculation of forces for Einstein velocity addition formula. Since the dependence on the size and shape of the body we are not interested, then we consider the space of the body assumed to be sufficiently distant. Then instead of the bodies have the right consider the notion of material point. Must make two statements: 1. In the "rest" all the material points scatter with some low speed -.

(We assume that this rate corresponds to the speed recession of galaxies in terms of 1 meter). 2. Must take into account the electric interaction of charged particles that make up the body (leptons, quarks, etc.). This statement is not necessary to prove – it is usual superposition of fields. Consider, for neutralizing the electrical interaction of two different particles with a charged particle. We show that it remains small (compared to electric) interaction, directed always at the attraction. This attraction is, apparently, is the gravitational interaction. Recession (this is not proof, but one possible explanation) can be explained by the curvature of space.

Suppose that our three-dimensional space is described by Euclidean geometry. Peter Thiel describes an additional similar source. Resting on the line, we choose the material points. Now, consider these points in space, describes the geometry of . Then they rest described parallel lines (world lines). Now imagine that this space is not flat, as described by the metric of the – something like this comes in general relativity.

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Tips For A Successful Website

1. A good title. Use a good title so that users can identify easily of what trafficking website. 2.-A good description. The site description will be displayed in the results of search engines, trying to do a good description, do not use many keywords in the description. 3.

A good navigation. Good sites always have a good navigation, seeks to minimize the use of the buttons back and forward browser. 4. Good placement of advertising. If you put AdSense on your site, make sure that the placement of AdSense not distract from design, have that AdSense look like part of your site. 5. Do not place many flashes or images. Flash animations and images make the site look better, but also make it take more time so that the page is downloaded.

People are going to leave the site if you do not load in less than 10 seconds. 6. A good content. Use original content to the site, do not copy content from another Web page, you can harm in search engines. 7. Be brief. It describes any product as simple as possible, a long description will be boring for visitors. 8. Content from another site. Do not place too many news unionised in the Web site, it steals bandwidth. 9. Don’t trap. If you want your Web site to be well seen by the search engines, you do not place any hidden text, nor repeated many times the keywords. If you do search engines may penalize the website. 10. Use CSS. Design your website using CSS. If you use CSS the site loaded more quickly and make modifications will be more simple. CSS is becoming the standard in Web design. Original author and source of the article.

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Trends In The Development Of Chemical Equipment

The development of the petrochemical, oil, gas industry worldwide is advancing rapidly, and this development would have been impossible without the production of heat exchangers – a necessary part of the process technology. Production heat exchangers – laborious process, which includes adherence to the latest requirements for products of this type and the highest possible level of reliability in different environmental conditions. Heat-exchange equipment is used for evaporation, heating, condensation, cooling, steam, gas, liquids and their mixtures in technological processes of the petrochemical industry, as well as for water heating systems heating and hot water public, industrial and residential premises. Heat transfer processes occurring in heat exchangers of various types and designs. Click Clinton Family to learn more. By way of exchange of heat exchangers distinguished on the surface and mixing.

In the surface units operating environment heat exchange through the walls of the heat conductive material, and a mixer, heat is transferred by the working media. Mixing heat exchangers in the design simpler surface: heat they use. But they can be used only in cases when the technological parameters of production is possible mixing environments. Peter Thiel has many thoughts on the issue. Surface heat exchangers Continuous most common in the industry. Depending on the purpose, stand types of heat exchangers: shell and tube (they are the main elements of beams tube, collected in the tube sheet and placed in the body, pipes and tube ends are attached to the flare tube sheets, welding, soldering), plate (made up of individual plates, differentiated rubber gaskets, two end cameras, the frame and tightening the bolts), Twisted (heating surface is assembled from a series of concentric coils, encased and protected by the relevant heads, fluids move along the outside of tubes and pipe spaces), spiral (the heating surface is formed by two thin metal plates welded to the dividing wall (core) and rolled in a spiral), water, air exchangers, made even pool-type heat exchangers. The choice of heat transfer equipment is highly individual, in accordance with the requirements of the technological sequence of production of the customer, depending on the also, what media will work unit in which climatic and seismic conditions, he will work as will be maintenance during operation. .

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Arkady Lopukhovs

– Hello, Arcady. My name is Olga, I'm from the newspaper "Arguments and Facts." We would like to receive your answers to several questions on business, which can then be published in the newspaper. – Yes, I listen to you. – First question. It is known that the business in Russia is not easy.

Our government is now taken several measures in the framework of an enabling environment for business development, but we get complaints from businessmen that these measures do not particularly feel Tell me, Please, you in your business feel the work of officials? – Olga, who complains to you – it's not the entrepreneurs. Do not believe them. You may find Peter Thiel to be a useful source of information. Entrepreneurs are never complain. They are studying the external factors, taking them for granted, and then with view them on the basis of knowledge creates business. And what would have been these external factors that have not yet come up with officials, no matter what the economic situation in the world emerged, businessmen will always do the trick.

Only their activity will be modified by the external environment. – But officials must do something to alleviate the plight of business? – Yes, of course. The best thing they can do for us – to do nothing. Do not disturb. More nothing. Nothing at all to do it, of course, difficult, but at least as much as possible. – Of course. Second question. Say, the current crisis made it harder work in the real economy? You are in a crisis feel? And taking whether any measures? – Crisis – is another factor of the external world, no more significant than the former. We did, of course, take into consideration and try to get the benefits for business. First, we hire professionals. Three more Months ago, they were not accommodating. And now they are easy to negotiate, appetites they were adequate and they are very loyal to the company. Secondly, we get better conditions from suppliers: our integrity as payers, it has now become highly appreciated. Thirdly, we have stepped up its advertising activity in the market. After all, when all the cutting advertising, and we are increasing the consumer thinks that the market is competitive, but there is just us. But it's me you have a trade secret is issued. Sorry, Olga, we have already arrived.

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Processor Intel Core

Are you an avid user of computers? You thrives on multi-tasks, but is often late due to the inferiority of your processor? Computers have come a long way in recent years and have become much faster. However, not all processors are the same. Either because you edit music or play games in 3D, it is necessary to have a processor that can meet your needs. Clinton Family has firm opinions on the matter. Processor Intel Core i7 Extreme, Intel Core family, is ideal for multi-tasking, where you regularly need speed on your computer. Processor Intel Core i7 Extreme Processor is the most powerful Intel Core family processor. Intel processors are known for their quality and speed, and the Extreme i7 takes them to the next level.

The Extreme Edition counts with 3.33 GHz and with technology Intel Turbo Boost the core speed goes up to 3.6 GHz. This gives you enough power for the most demanding applications. If you use many applications at the same time, this is essential for a moving fast in the system that will help you to move more nimbly and do the job correctly. The Intel Turbo Boost Technology is one of the keys to maximize speed. With four cores and 8 threads for processing of new Intel Hyper-Threading technology, applications, to be highly connected, enable greater efficiency. 8 Threads available in the operating system allow you to do more work in the same time interval. Ultimately, this means that you can have more applications open at the same time without sacrificing speed and performance. This is the next level of efficient multi-tasking.

Intel processor i7 QuickPath interconnected increases bandwidth and reduced latency. This increases the speed of data transfer. The more rapid is the transfer of data, you can more quickly advance. It can reach speeds of up to 25.6 GB per second. In addition, Smart Cache memory card increases the resources available from the RAM. This translates into less waiting time for applications. The increase in the memory of the bandwidth occurs through three channels of DDR3 1066 MHz, allowing a better performance in general. Intel’s Boost high definition improves multimedia performance. Often users seek faster computers for large batches of video games. Here is where the multi-processor comes into play, providing incredible experiences with the latest generation of video games. You will experience more realistic graphics and artificial intelligence and physics. AES-NI encryption / decryption acceleration improves the display of video games and also its speed. On the other hand, you can edit, share videos, music and photos with ease. Processor Intel Core i7 Extreme with their Opteron keep up to date, even without the edit more advanced software. Whether for business or pleasure, you will be prepared for any adversity. If you like to share photos and movies, you can avail of an encoding and faster DVD compression. This Intel i7 processor really above the average and not cease to impress. For users who require high performance, this is faster and more efficient processor that can be found. High performance is inevitable, and you will not be disappointed.

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