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The effects of the production of energy by oil, become unsustainable product of poor regulations, lack of experience which globalization could not observe long ago, with the environmental and social cost on natural resources (desertification, extinction of species, etc.). However against these practices recommendations exist in some international legislation and doctrine, as the arise dynamic measures by means of the right energy Integrator, technological and sustainable energy policies as the need for approximations to the polluting effects of oil for the purpose of prevention. Energy sustainability within the exploratory activity of oil is basically oriented to reduce risks and environmental impacts; When you are programming or are planning to search for oil primarily as source of world energy, and commercial economic activities; through the development of policies to meet the average environmental, social principles without paralysing the activity of the oil industry. 5. Towards measures of energy sustainability in the exploration of hydrocarbons. State planning activities which will also have support from industry and population who must assume the leading role of sustainability as part of governance. Use and promotion of innovative technologies that will prevent contamination of the surface, in the phase of oil exploration. Establish systems of compensation on measurable damage to those affected by the exploration activities, even those who underestimated the marketplace.

Establish registration and measurement systems of biodiversity for the calculation of the damages that are incommensurable due to the absence of complete knowledge on biodiversity altered or destroyed and by the difficulty of establishing measures or appraisals about social impacts such as the loss of a culture. Develop techniques for recovery of the object lands exploratory activities. Internalization in the costs of the externalities of activities resulting from the extraction of oil. These are one challenges that all institutions of the State related to the extraction of petroleum, convert it as a sustainable energy resource, and the fundamental role of the oil companies to solve the security measures and make innovations in the technology.

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Tips For A Successful Website

1. A good title. Use a good title so that users can identify easily of what trafficking website. 2.-A good description. The site description will be displayed in the results of search engines, trying to do a good description, do not use many keywords in the description. 3.

A good navigation. Good sites always have a good navigation, seeks to minimize the use of the buttons back and forward browser. 4. Good placement of advertising. If you put AdSense on your site, make sure that the placement of AdSense not distract from design, have that AdSense look like part of your site. 5. Do not place many flashes or images. Flash animations and images make the site look better, but also make it take more time so that the page is downloaded.

People are going to leave the site if you do not load in less than 10 seconds. 6. A good content. Use original content to the site, do not copy content from another Web page, you can harm in search engines. 7. Be brief. It describes any product as simple as possible, a long description will be boring for visitors. 8. Content from another site. Do not place too many news unionised in the Web site, it steals bandwidth. 9. Don’t trap. If you want your Web site to be well seen by the search engines, you do not place any hidden text, nor repeated many times the keywords. If you do search engines may penalize the website. 10. Use CSS. Design your website using CSS. If you use CSS the site loaded more quickly and make modifications will be more simple. CSS is becoming the standard in Web design. Original author and source of the article.

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biza is a Spanish island integrated in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most famous holiday destinations around the world. There are no celebrity or person of show business that has not gone through the island to verify in person if everything he says it is true or simple legend: endless nights in the clubs most modern and eye-popping magical sunrises which are recorded in the memory, afternoon of Sun and surf in small coves with crystal clear and warm water. Are you going to lose? Rent a car is the duty of all tourists to get to know the authentic flavour of the island of Ibiza, which goes much further, however, fun festivities and partying night, offering a perfect combination of culture, leisure, nature and own style fruit of the symbiosis between the traditional way of life of the natives of Ibiza, mixed with the hippies and postmodern trend followers who lived for decades on the island which is considered something as well as the promised land. How to get to Ibiza Airport Ibiza (located 7.5 km from the southwest of Ibiza) is the main entrance for the majority of visitors and tourists. It is well connected with the main national and international destinations throughout the year, in addition to receiving frequently, especially in summer, many charter flights from various countries, mainly European. Rent a car in Ibiza Airport is the choice favorite of the majority of tourists arriving to the island, so if you plan to travel in the summer, it would be smart for you reservaras your vehicle in advance, otherwise could be that you won’t find anything available. The boat is another option for accessing Ibiza. The two ports of the island are in the city of Ibiza (Eivissa) and San Antonio (Sant Antoni Portmany). The ferry companies offer regular connections with ferry to Barcelona, Valencia, Denia and Palma de Mallorca.

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The Landing

If you want to earn extra income and you have decided to do so you’ve taken the first step, this step is equivalent to 25% of the achieved success because nothing happens to think or want, but with that said more action, financial freedom is it achieved with decision and get to work, economic security is not born of planning onlytakes this into account. Now, vamos Al grano, thus, list directions that I think that you need to: 1.-change Decision. If you think that you’re fine as you are I’m not one to question you, but if you think that anytime you can throw away the work and your life may collapse in many aspects, and you have decided to take the bull by the horns in your quest to financial freedom you’ve done the right thing: have decided to earn additional income. 2 Changing habits. More than 90% of successful entrepreneurs decided to have your own business and earn more money while they were working on relationship of dependency with a steady income (or quasi-fixed), this allowed them freedom of decide and wait without economic pressure, this also meant to control your personal finances and knowing that they would not receive earnings in one or two or three years, therefore, the transition from employee to entrepreneur was as the landing of a 747 by a pilot expert, smooth and safe. Changing personal habits starts to redefine what you do with your free time and what is their proportion in relation to hours, in other words, if you watch television four hours a day, for example, from 8 pm to 12 pm then raisins 20% of your day without producing, and we can thus follow quantifying. I suggest those four hours you invest them in developing any income option, so you will have in five working days 20 additional hours that can be tremendously productive to generate additional money. If you do not see tv many hours but you want to make your time something efficient, I recommend that you start testing get up an hour earlier and lie down an hour later, so, as an entrepreneur you will have two hours a day or 10 a week to win extra money.

You rethink the idea of having your own business without doing with your time and your personal life I guarantee that you won’t have the results you expect. Discipline is what makes things happen, not good intentions or motivation that you can obtain through audios or videos. Work that leads to financial freedom is tenacious, does not come in gift paper, takes this into account please. A change of habits is the beginning of a change of life, it is the first of the answers to how to obtain financial freedom and make money with work at home. In the next post we’ll discuss the alternatives that gives you the market so that you earn extra money.

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Redesigning A Website

A well-made website design offers the business a corporate identity in the web world. Good website expresses the vision of the company. Taking into account the continuous change and growth in web industry website should be reorganized to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Website Redesign helps to boost the image and makes it more user friendly and seo. Tips before redesigning the web site: Reason Web site redesign: design of a website does not represent the true picture of the company when it does not reflect the coming changes in vision and strategies of the company or if there is growth in services The company's products, changes in management. Websites have to be redesigned to provide an overview of the company, appointing the services and products in order to survive in the market. Research before redesign: Get an overview of the current website constructive analysis of web traffic data and feedback from visitors.

Create focus groups, face to face interviews, usability tests and online surveys for more information on the needs and demands of the target. Redefinition of the objectives of the company: Redefining the strategic business objectives, new products and services offered by the company so that the new web design expresses the true image to the public. Keep backup folder of the old website: Before redesign, it is important to maintain a backup folder of this website. If not for the new traffic then the old website can be recharged. Work on the content of the website: The web content is reviewed and reorganized, while the website is redesigned.

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Can You Believe In The Cards?

Have you ever wondered why certain things happen you are or what you bump into certain types of people? One of the new age concepts more accepted today is the law of attraction states that everything in the universe is energy in its most basic level. All energy vibrates and taking into account your level of vibration, things are attracted to your surroundings. If this is true, there are no coincidences, accidents or fate. Things depend on a whole that we call universe. Everything in the universe is connected. Based on this concept ( this idea, Tarot cards have been used successfully for centuries.

Are you skeptical about the success of the cards? Why do you think have been used so long if not work? The truth is because people have had success with the Tarot cards in a Tarot reading you concentrate on one question and then tirana a cards. When you concentrate send a vibration to the universe. As your energy vibrates at a certain level, the letters which find their way to you are specifically calling your energy or vibration. No coincidence, the letters are called by your energy. A good intuition expert reader can interpret the cards based on your question. A card reader can be a seer but not be required to play the cards well. It is a subtle art, not an exact science.

Many may look the same letters and enterder different things. Not talking about right or wrong way just different. We instruct on the cards and understand how they react to our vibrational energy and the law of attraction. An accurate reading can be of great support in many areas of life. For example, what would be the best decision for your career?, Or why you tend to relate to the same class of people? The Tarot can help as to what would be appropriate to establish good relations in areas such as work, at home, doing business or even know any situations not adequately handle. This is possible because all parties of life are linked within the universe, therefore, a good Tarot reading can be very useful. There are many readers who work in Internet savvy with which you can connect. Find a reputable and let it read Tarot cards for you. Not worry and enjoy being part of this energy. The Tarot can be a great guide. Tags: tarot, tarot, consultation, future, future, marseille, shot, consultation, cards, witch, witches, ritual, magic, white magic, black magic, tarot, tarot, consultation, future, future, marseille, shot, consultation, letters , witches, warlocks, ritual, magic, white magic, black magic.

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Organizational Development

In the book fundamentals of organizational communication writer Maria Elena Mendoza Fung proposes a definition very close to the former: “planning process that encompasses the entire organization looking for efficiency and transformation culture to ensure the competitiveness of the organization and its employees. Sugey Torres reminds us that the Organization Development has become the principal instrument for change in pursuit of achieving greater organizational efficiency, a prerequisite in today’s world, characterized by intense competition nationally and internationally. Thus, the Organizational Development seeks to achieve a planned change of the organization as primarily to the needs, requirements or demands of the organization itself. In this way, attention can focus on the modalities of action of certain groups (and efficiency …), improving human relations in economic and cost (cost-benefit balance), relationships between groups, in the development of the teams in conducting (leading) … That is, almost always on the values, attitudes, relationships and organizational climate. In sum, on people rather than on the objectives, structure and techniques of organization: Organizational Development is concentrated on the human side of business.

Its area of action is crucial, therefore, that which is related to human resources of the institution. The importance given to the Organizational Development from the fact that human resources are crucial to the success or failure of any organization. Consequently, their management is key to business success and overall organizational starting to align the organizational structure (organization), following the efficient conduct of the working groups (teams and leadership) and developing human relationships that can prevent the and resolve conflicts quickly and promptly when it has evidence of its emergence, a Organizational development is a planned for and managed the entire organization from top management to increase the effectiveness and welfare of the organization, through planned interventions in processes of the entity, which applies the knowledge of behavioral science, and is the organizational behavior that lead to organizational culture, as these are perceived by all means share the organization of others.

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