25 Apr 2013, 4:08pm

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Elastic Planning Work

I wanted to share with you some thoughts related to the reality of strategic planning (Planning). From my experience as a professional, working in Argentina. Perhaps find points in common and because no differences. It is good to be in touch and for those who love the communication in all its expressions and the advertising business is our profession, this is a good meeting point. Surfing the internet, toured the exhibition and event organized by MOMA: Elastic Minds. The event, try on the relationship between science and design, and the different forms that exist today display, produce, generate and manipulate realities or ideas through technology.

What attracted me of this? Who always look for and motivates me. Options, the possibilities of creating new things from points of origin which originally do not have things in common. And there I saw reflected what must be the work and contribution of the Planning for communication. In recent years have been dramatic changes in people’s behavior. Evolved spaces, customs, habits, activities, tastes and consumption. And to be according to the times. It is not only adapt to the changes.

As the sample of MOMA, we need to talk about elasticity. elasticity, the product of adaptability plus acceleration. What difference to the Planning who work in Planning must see things another way. We are the ones who raised the politically incorrect question, those who challenge the foreseeable. It is our starting point to generate new communication scenarios. We are those who need to know the consumer and the changes which these generate. Untreated see tendency is fashionable, but interpret it and is causing in the context and consumer behaviour. This work thorough, strategic, opens paths beyond the planners advertising agencies. Today we are in a process of consolidation on customers, companies, media, producing that expands the scenario and possibilities much more beyond what we imagined years ago.

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