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Construction Of Cottage From A To Z

Before you start building the cottage you need to decide which calls for a vacation home, and from this a start. Conventionally divided into holiday homes country houses, cottages, houses for permanent residence. Usually Cottages are designed for seasonal rates. They also can live in winter. The building can withstand temperatures down to -15 …- 25 C..

During the construction of houses is taken into account architectural appearance of the house of premises of the house. Typically, construction of the cottages is the total area of 100 … 150 m2. The reasons that prompt people to buy the big cities of land and build houses on them, a lot, but the most basic, this is probably desire to spend the summer vacation, a weekend at his cottage. Fresh air is full of flowers and trees. Or a gazebo with their hands in the area – almost the same cottage just on a smaller scale. You can do the construction cottage today.

For rational architectural design solution, coupled with the topography and landscape the site, the cottage will combine the comfort of a city apartment and the natural charm of a country house. Before build your cottage on the subject specialist visits in order to study the soil, topography, availability of utilities and roads. The specialist also provides guidance on location of the cottage and the subsidiary buildings. During the construction of the cottage is not unimportant role played by climatic conditions. They are characterized by temperature and humidity, solar radiation, wind, sleet, geophysical indices. Climatic influences on the specifics of the location of the premises in cabins, determines the choice of construction technology cottage. When you choose a layout of the cottage should be considered quantitative and demographic family composition. According to the standards of the volume of air per person, taking into account the physiological needs of 25-38 cubic meters.

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