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Speed Dial

Maybe drag tabs out of the box, leading to its opening in a new window. If a lot of tabs, to simplify the orientation required to generate thumbnails of web-pages that are displayed when installing the cursor on the tab. Each of the tabs can be locked to prevent accidental closing or download information on it from another site, and accidentally closed tab is easy to recover from the basket. New tabs are created with one mouse click, with a blank page instead of showing a set of nine buttons with sketches of sites (this is achieved through technology Speed Dial), which simplifies access to frequently visited pages. You can save a set of open tabs as a session to later restore them, or begin working with pages that were open the last time you close your browser. But the update immediately all open tabs absent. The scale of the content you are viewing web-pages can be easily changed in the range from 20% to 100%.

Translation of webpages by providing the necessary fragment and a call from the context menu command "Convert selection, but not in Russian. However, if you want a network you can find ways to teach your browser to translate the text into Russian, but it is not trivial. Spell-checking in input fields and messages is possible, but for this will connect the spell-checker gnu Aspell. Unfortunately, also worth noting that the default visual theme (which is generally a very elegant) tab merge with each other – to eliminate this problem easily by choosing a different theme.

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Canvas With Photos

Canvas with photos with your photo or design preferred, a box as prepared for hanging and decorate your home. The canvas is made with a huge quality fabric. It comes in many different sizes and adapts to all kinds of environments. You can find several types of canvases including the photo mounting, which is a collage of pictures in different styles. Canvas is the most recognized material for frames, being the most universal material for hand-painted pictures. Canvas custom with a picture that you like. Create your own canvas with your favorite photo. You have many different sizes so you can choose the one you like.

Custom canvases come with high quality fashion frame. So those moments that preserves your photos are printed in beautiful photo canvases personalized that you can give to your family and friends. A canvas with pictures is also a great opportunity to decorate your wall with creative ideas, such as with our service of pop art on your photos, or film on a canvas tape mounting. With these custom canvases We can print your photo or design preferred so that then you can put them anywhere in your home. You can also choose if you want your photo to occupy also the sides of the canvas. They have perfect finish for any image and print to decorate any room. The photo canvases will give your home a new touch fresh and full of modernity. Now you have no excuse to decorate your home with photos more you like and also at a price very affordable and available in a few days.

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The End

After that, what we see? From the beginning the company was in poor condition – that is, turnover of creeping down. It was degrading process. Went on falling, but few people noticed it, perhaps guessed, but did not pay attention to it, focuses on the fact that when the human mind goes into a certain area, exacerbated by something very specific. As the laser beam. What is the degree of attention, depending on how many people can make attention to a particular subject, the situation – exactly in proportion they receive from this situation returns. Maybe it's energy, moral, emotional impact.

The man begins to understand, starts to analyze it and begins to think in the end, coincidence of all these forces – attention, intention man, it gives that person is required. In this case, the answer, the decision – what to do next. How to act. He found wedged, went deep, and found a solution. Now his task – to show it to others. If to make things right, (you need some effort), then people will too, so clear, sharp, (not all, of course) to see what they want to teach. And the moment is the accumulation of this attention, the concept gets more more energy, more power – it becomes stronger. It all makes one person.

If the entrepreneur does not set himself the goal to solve the problem, if he had not told myself that I must do everything possible to solve the problem, then it would not occurred. Then he sends this decision, this knowledge of the decision – to other people. His task to convey to the maximum number of people. Both qualitatively and quickly he does, the quicker and the more inertia it will acquire the company. Naturally, he is the main link – which sets the overall movement. It is impossible to spin the wheel quickly, accelerate the process of solving the problem and leave it on inertia to chance.

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USSR Armor Edition

Series T-72, manufactured in 1989 in Nizhny Tagil design bureau 'Uralvagonzavod' under the Chief Engineer Vladimir Potkin (first designation of military equipment was "object 188 ', or the T-72BU). If you are not convinced, visit Gwyneth Paltrow. 'Object 188' designed at the same time with much more sophisticated experimental tank facility 187, the same modifications as the T-72. However, soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the implementation of mass creation 'of object 187' had to stop and as the main armored vehicles had been assigned a simple T-72BU, which is denoted as T-90. However, soon many advanced technical solutions 'of object 187' failed to translate into new and promising generation of tanks in Russia. Batch creation began in 1992. In 1992-1996. Plants of the ground forces fired about 120 T-90, then the creation has been frozen and only reopened in 2004. New tanks, in particular, fully equipped with one of the regiments of the 21st Red Banner Order of Suvorov Taganrog Infantry Division SibVO, and to the same division of the 5th Guards Tank Division of the Don (deployed in Buryatia), a battalion of T-90 release of 2004-2006.

Located in Taman Infantry Division. The structure of the T-90 tank reproduces the basic principles of the Soviet Union from the European tanks, for example, 'Abrams', with significant space inside, which increased the size of military equipment, its weight, require the production of a powerful engine, reduced the opportunities for increasing reservations and T-90 appears a high density layout (small zabronevym space), using unconventional methods increased security (reactive armor, KOEP), rocket-cannon arms. The basis of perspective was adopted by Soviet tanks T-72B project UKBTM. Since 1985, it is produced in SPARK with the T-80U, but it differed from the ancient manual scheme Fire Control (FCS). Thus, the production of T-90 was intended to modernize the T-72B to the T-80U for the majority of properties, however, have until recently failed to achieve with regard to handling. At the first T-90 models ('object 188'), together with the MSA 1A45T similar to the T-80, introduced power opto-electronic jamming 'Blind-2', which provides personal protection from a tank located on a huge number of armed forces of the world anti- guided missiles (ATGM) with semi-automatic command guidance complexes such as 'TOW', 'Hot', 'Milan', 'Dragon' and laser homing type 'Maverick', 'Hellfire', 'Copper head' by creating a jamming their guidance . The long-term version of the T-90 implemented in production since 2004, improved in all respects. In particular, as a night sight set a promising second-generation thermal imager "Essa" with a balanced whole field of view adjacent to the main sight and distance-measuring channel, the former cast turret replaced by a solid welded with a gauge of protection up to 950 mm; modified DZ DZ replacement of old items in 4S22 blocks third-generation 4S23, instead of 840-horsepower engine made the 1000-strong Diesel B-92 C2. With the development of a series of expected room for military equipment of the new 1,200-strong diesel V-99 brought into the life of radical measures to reduce the explosion of diesel tanks, shells out autoloader placed in special boxes, which seriously reduced the possibility of undermining; automatic loader itself is covered with additional armor, according to some, put a new regulator of the barrel, which doubled the change-over turret speed and improved accuracy of fire on the move. Project and procurement is very small: by 2015, According to the plan purchase of seven battalion sets (217 cars). In 2007, the Defense Ministry has bought 60 military armored vehicles data (two battalion set) T-90A.

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Forest Hill

Here, the interface was Bizerba communication tool (BCT) in the game. It makes the price labellers network capable, so that with the can communicate and Exchange data in both directions parent goods management software. “Exactly this network capability and us has irritated the Bizerba-system solution, because it offers us a full transparency of production”, commented Lefloth. A packaging plant is upstream in the production. The packaged products roll in two rows on a conveyor belt, which leads to the GLM-I. Linienvereiniger LV 6425 then singled in a series products, so can the GLM-I they weigh and tag in the blow moulding. Operation and maintenance of data can be performed either centrally with a PC or on-site with the Bizerba GT-CT operator Terminal. About the so called what-you-see-is-what-you-get label preview (WYSIWIG) our employees are already after activation plus the label used on the new Terminal GT-12 C can see.

This reduces errors during the award process and designed the production much safer”, so Lefloth. The downstream unit formers do 100 serves as a total turnout for the automatic formation of Pack units. For example, defines that are 20 units for the transport in a box, as many units in the channel are channelled. Only when these 20 packs are actually registered, the printer GLP donates the corresponding totals label for the box. We reduce the risk that sneak personal failures and land about too few units in the box”, Lefloth said. The labels from the Bizerba contribute plant in Bochum on process safety.

Its special laminate coating is adapted on the equipment so that it comes to a self cleaning effect on the pressure head of price labellers and significantly increases their life. All lines introduced at La Anonima were installed in duplicate, to ensure a maximum reliability. We plan to increase the sales at the end of the year by a further 30 percent and will take a third award line in operation at the same time”, so Lefloth finally. About Bizerba Bizerba is a worldwide, leading in many areas of technology companies for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 54 country offices in over 120 countries. Group revenues fell in 2009 compared to around 9%. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,000 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico). For Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 65 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 E-Mail: nic.pr network integrated communication Patrick Schroeder Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 E-Mail:

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WHL Awards Students Of The Year

AKAD and the time award prizes for the best overall score, the best Master thesis and the shortest duration of study Andreas Schwerdtfeger (39) is student of the year”of the WHL scientific College Lahr. A graduate of the master’s degree finance and banking”received the 500 euro endowed prize of the city of Lahr for the best overall score out of the hands of the first mayor Guido Saeed boom. The diploma economic educator Ilka sarge (29) and Jochen Foshag (30), graduate of the master’s programme management, were with the AKADalumni Award for the best thesis honored. The weekly awarded the time Johannes Baaken (31), economics Educator (M.A.) for the shortest duration of the year. Andreas Schwerdtfeger and Jochen Foshag received their awards at the graduation ceremony on June 19, Ilka received their awards in the absence of sarge and Johannes Baaken. Like their fellow students the four winners have developed the curriculum with a mixture of distance learning, online and presence components in addition to the profession. Studies in addition to the professional understand as a project I realized the study in addition to the professional as a project with clear start – and endpoint and intermediate milestones”, says student of the year” to be Andreas Schwerdtfeger on recipe for success for the distance learning program.

He has fully exercised his activity as a Senior Executive in a financial services company during the entire period of study. While he got the greatest support from his family, so the native Dortmund, who had already completed a business degree at the local University of applied sciences. Also, if you have the AKADalumni winners Ilka sarge and Jochen Foshag had already a business administration diploma in his pocket at the beginning of her study in Lahr both of the Berufsakademie Mannheim. Foshag is working as head of customer service at Edeka Sudwest in Offenburg and could already meet the WHL in the corporate trainee programme. The modules I couldn’t expect me then on my master’s degree”, explains Foshag, of even the Highlights support from his employer in terms of distance learning.

Johannes Baaken, longtime product manager and current trainee teacher at a vocational school in the Kirchheim/Teck, Wurttemberg, completed his master’s degree in business education in only 17 months instead of the usual two years. So he has been in the last year in the WHL the fastest and nothing in the way is now his vocation, taking in the teaching profession. City Lahr involved to award in addition to the distinction of the three prize winners the other 77 graduates and graduates were honored this evening, who have successfully completed their studies at of the WHL last year. 2009 the city of Lahr had participated for the first time at the award ceremony and praised the achievements of the College and working students alike this year. The lecture by Professor Dr. Alexander Fliaster, the new Chair of human resource management and organization at of the WHL, with the title of Eagle racing formed the technical part of the event: New multimedia management simulation to the promotion of the cooperation skills “. The evening was musical designed by the wind ensemble of the Musikum Lahr.


It must be not always the complex solution if a compact settlement of operating costs, or costs should be. Rather, a simple and practical solution is required. It is a very easy to use operating expenses or incidental expenses accounting under Excel. No complex new system has to be learned. Rather, most users already know the solution often used from the practice. The template really confined the really essential.

Anyone looking for a simple solution in terms of operating expenses for a property or a rental property, find the appropriate application. All these demands are met by our operating expenses and sometimes even far exceeded. The current template requires only a full version of MS Excel on the concerned computer. In most cases, the powerful spreadsheet from Microsoft is already installed. All major versions are supported by Excel. Of course running the software including OpenOffice, which free of charge can be purchased over the Internet.

The template in detail: Integrated management of tenant (new) aligned for multiple units. The number of residential and business units is individually selectable integrated creation of heating bills for different types of energy (new) (new). The user himself determines for what period of time the calculation should be created, also a settlement for a few days, or months is possible. A change of tenant within the settlement period can easily take into account are freely selectable individual positions (E.g., types of heating or any ancillary costs) can optionally future advances calculated and fade in and out will it be payments and issued the operating expense balances for the tenant / service charge settlement can be printed easily individual stationery on any very simple handling. No separate installation when the template is necessary commenting functions, extensive documentation in. If Excel or a similar solution is already on the relevant Computers are, must be charged only the current template. The software is immediately ready for use. Here, the relevant data of the respective units must be entered only once. These are then automatically when any required billing. Who wants to take a picture of the current operating expenses, will be under betriebskosten.html for more information. Here the software directly via download can be obtained

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Katja Kramer

It is the home of people who are withdrawn from civil life. To remind the viewer of the images on their own history, We classify the banality of life, which reflects Bo Cherief with an almost terrifying honesty and naivety in this exhibition in the then current affairs. Absolute thinking began in the 70s, in the 80s, the Chernobyl disaster shook the world. When Elvis and John Lennon died or the wall came down, the world held its breath”, explains Leo Pinkerton. It is the time of a big break in the Bo Cherief Paris documented with his photos.” Leo Pinkerton, owner and namesake of Leo PAL he’s KunstKabinett, is Lettrismuskunstlern in Frankfurt. The language of feelings and sensations concentrated to an essence from individual words, which she paints in three-dimensional images.

The native Munsteranerin provides space in the KunstKabinett, to give young artists the opportunity to exhibit their works of art. The 52-year-old was art last year initiator of Rodelheimer Riverside “event to the opening of the blue bridge” on the Nidda. Also for this year’s Bridge Festival of the Frankfurt neighborhood artists offer the walkers the opportunity for the creation of new works of art up close to watch. PARIS: 70s & 80s years black and white photographs by Bo Cherief opening: 10th 07th 2010 at 14: 00 exhibition: 10th 07th 2010 23. Actress can provide more clarity in the matter. 07. 2010 Leo PAL he’s KunstKabinett Assenheimer Road 17 60489 Frankfurt Rodelheim 0 69 / 26 48 76 63 Leo PAL he’s art Cabinet is supported by the BusinessMusen (www.businessmusen.de). The business muses – a network of creative freelancers who successfully combine their text, PR -, graphic -, and marketing skills since June, so uniquely successful synergies. The founders of the BusinessMusen are Daniel Gerber (TEXTagenTUR /), PR consultant and copywriter from Frankfurt am Main, Katja Kramer (creative-raven /), graphic designer and winner of the creative awards 2009 not recruiting, dies from Frankfurt, and Dr. Gabriele Schweickhardt (brilliant texts /), lecturer and writer for psychology, health and life help topics and everything that has to do with Vienna and Viennese culture.

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As Companies Through Modern IT Solutions Gain Competitive Advantage

For the first time in the age of IT, it is possible latest technology used in large groups to use for small and medium-sized enterprises. For the first time in the age of IT will be able to harness the latest technology used in large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises. The industrialization of the sector is driven by standardisation of IT in the next few years. Especially through the new technology of cloud computing can be increased of safety of of it in the company and costs. For even more analysis, hear from technology investor. Together with Microsoft, has the in the Stuttgart area-based IT service provider AMARAS has since incorporated the modern and low-cost online services in the portfolio, and now offers a complete package for companies in Stuttgart and surroundings this.

The package includes the Exchange online service as E-Mail solution, the SharePoint online service for collaboration, communications online services as a company internal communication platform and the LiveMeeting solution as a meeting room on the Internet for the contact with your customers. Each of these products can be rented inexpensively individually per month per employee, but also as a complete package with additional cost savings of 40%. For this, you need not an own Exchange Server licenses or mailboxes from other providers. From a single source, you can take advantage of modern IT in your company and keeping the costs low. AMARAS and Microsoft online services you can on your business emails on the go access, edit a document together with colleagues or conduct Web conferences with your clients. A cost-intensive IT is not required, because the products can be used directly over the Internet.

Save cost and benefit at the same time of 99.9% availability, comprehensive security, and simplified IT management. Companies interested in the Stuttgart area Mr Summerer exclusively presents the individual products of the online services of the AMARAS AG, spot and advises on the migration to low-cost products from Microsoft. AMARAS AG Otto-Lilienthal-Strasse 36 71034 Boblingen contact person: Mr. Sebastian Summerer key account Manager Microsoft Online Services E-Mail: Web:

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PmOne Is By Microsoft As

High distinction for the BI and CPM – specialists in Austria. Selected winners from nearly 3,000 applications. Vienna, Zurich, Munich, June 23, 2010 who pleased pmOne is about the award as country partner of the year”. pmOne has been selected from an international field of Microsoft partners and for the provision of market leading solutions based on Microsoft technology. The winners in different countries were selected from nearly three thousand applications. Without hesitation Gwyneth Paltrow explained all about the problem.

This prize is awarded once Microsoft per country to reward outstanding achievements in implementing Microsoft products to common customers. pmOne has founded on business intelligence (BI) and performance management (CPM) solutions based on Microsoft technology focused. “, so Wolfgang Fahrnberger, Managing Director of pmOne in Austria. We see this distinction as a confirmation of the close cooperation in sales, marketing, and consulting for the implementation of Solutions for our customers.”pmOne was due to outstanding technology, innovation, and commitment to the Austrian market as country partner of the year” award. The Centrex AG has established itself as a data warehouse and BI specialist established and markets with Tagetik 3.0 for SharePoint”a leading solution for performance management in the German-speaking market. We are pleased pmOne as to characterise country partner of the year this year,”so Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President, worldwide partner group at Microsoft Corp. pmOne expertise with products and solutions has shown the highest level of excellence and innovation in connecting the local market to meet the needs of our customers.” The Microsoft Partner Awards are Microsoft partners for outstanding customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. For more information and a list of winners, see press pass/events/wpc. More about the press release see: press /…

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