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The Landing

If you want to earn extra income and you have decided to do so you’ve taken the first step, this step is equivalent to 25% of the achieved success because nothing happens to think or want, but with that said more action, financial freedom is it achieved with decision and get to work, economic security is not born of planning onlytakes this into account. Now, vamos Al grano, thus, list directions that I think that you need to: 1.-change Decision. If you think that you’re fine as you are I’m not one to question you, but if you think that anytime you can throw away the work and your life may collapse in many aspects, and you have decided to take the bull by the horns in your quest to financial freedom you’ve done the right thing: have decided to earn additional income. 2 Changing habits. More than 90% of successful entrepreneurs decided to have your own business and earn more money while they were working on relationship of dependency with a steady income (or quasi-fixed), this allowed them freedom of decide and wait without economic pressure, this also meant to control your personal finances and knowing that they would not receive earnings in one or two or three years, therefore, the transition from employee to entrepreneur was as the landing of a 747 by a pilot expert, smooth and safe. Changing personal habits starts to redefine what you do with your free time and what is their proportion in relation to hours, in other words, if you watch television four hours a day, for example, from 8 pm to 12 pm then raisins 20% of your day without producing, and we can thus follow quantifying. I suggest those four hours you invest them in developing any income option, so you will have in five working days 20 additional hours that can be tremendously productive to generate additional money. If you do not see tv many hours but you want to make your time something efficient, I recommend that you start testing get up an hour earlier and lie down an hour later, so, as an entrepreneur you will have two hours a day or 10 a week to win extra money.

You rethink the idea of having your own business without doing with your time and your personal life I guarantee that you won’t have the results you expect. Discipline is what makes things happen, not good intentions or motivation that you can obtain through audios or videos. Work that leads to financial freedom is tenacious, does not come in gift paper, takes this into account please. A change of habits is the beginning of a change of life, it is the first of the answers to how to obtain financial freedom and make money with work at home. In the next post we’ll discuss the alternatives that gives you the market so that you earn extra money.

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