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Choosing a Designer

So, how to choose a designer. Remember: good design is not so much as good engineering firms. Do not be lazy to visit all the design studio working in your town and refer to their completed projects (portfolio). In large cities, where the number of studios are dozens, we can make a preliminary selection by viewing their websites. Select two or three most liked studio and ask them to design solution for your apartment. This service is not expensive, but it will help you make an informed choice.

No less important factor in the final selection of design-studio is a list of services offered. The ideal option would be, if you will be offered not only the development of the design project, but the full range of services related to the implementation of this project: the entire range of construction and finishing works, selection materials and equipment, designing and manufacturing custom-made furniture, architectural supervision. This is called creating an interior turnkey. Otherwise, you yourself will have to solve these problems. So: design studio selected (the first step made). You have ordered the development of the design project. This process will require your active participation. How to behave in communion with the designer – the question is very personal and delicate.

General Recommendations are as follows. At the beginning of the work you have enough to articulate their wishes regarding the overall style of the future of interior, planning, a set of mandatory premises and functional areas, the materials used for finishing and furniture. You can not completely trust the designer and removed from the process of finding the optimal option, but not aggressively impose their ideas. We must find a middle ground – not limiting the designer creatively, to achieve a solution that would meet all your requirements. Furthermore, the future interior should you like, and enjoy unique, without any reservations. If you do not like – insist on a revision project. Often, convincing the client to approve a design project in the "cheese" form, and promised to correct flaws in the project. This is a fairly common practice when the project is on a course corrected and improved. However, you must understand that if they did not think of anything better and do the project – you have to put up with it, and claim to show there will be nobody. And finally agreed on a design project in detail, work contract signed, and the process of creating the interior went. You can relax a bit, because for you the hardest behind. But we can not turn off completely from the process and trust the contractor. Do not forget to regularly appear on facility and an interest in progress. If you do not do this, then very soon the contractor will lose interest in your project and the construction process can become sluggish. This should not be allowed – the contractor must be constantly keep on our toes. It is advisable to invite the competent (professional), the builder, that he appreciated the quality of the works contractor, and pointed to shortcomings, if any. Do not hesitate to bring them to the attention of the contractor and designer, conducting supervision, and require remedy these shortcomings. Must obtain from the contractor's faithful performance of its obligations. For this you need to impress competent and demanding customers, who "trash" will not work. We have considered the most favorable scenario for you. But what if your city is not good design studios, providing a full range of services? This We can answer the following article.

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