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Tire Pressure Sensor (TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System )

Why do we need pressure sensors? "Many people do not pay much attention to the tires. However, a tire without a doubt, is one of the most important components of your car. Friction between the road surface and wheels affects the adhesion, flexibility, reliability, and braking. That is why the incorrect tire pressure can have serious consequences, especially when driving at high speeds. Nevertheless, many lightly refer to the tires, thinking that everything is fine up until the tire does not lowered at all. But then it's too late! In addition, the need for pressure sensors due to the advent of tires. For car drivers, equipped with such tires, the sensors are the only way to keep track of tire damage. Thus, the pressure and temperature sensors in the tires in a timely manner to help track the slightest changes in pressure and temperature in the tires and, consequently, reduce fuel costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, extend tire life, to control the reliability, maneuverability, traction and braking of the car. That is why pressure sensors are needed with all modern drivers who want to make sure their own safety during any poezdok.I Finally, one of the latest world automotive electronics has been the emergence sensors that can track not only pressure but also the temperature in the tires, as well as external pressure sensors, the most simple to install. What are Pressure Sensors? Pressure and temperature sensors are mounted on a disk inside Bus (internal sensors) or wound on the nipple (external sensors) and measure directly the physical pressure.

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For the work you will also need the appropriate software. Wi-Fi transmitter compatible with any of the following programs: Rev for iPhone / iPod Touch from Dev Toaster The program takes in real time and fixes the following indicators: – vehicle speed – engine speed – engine load – fuel – fuel level – the pressure of fuel – coolant temperature – intake air temperature – air flow, and others. In addition, the program calculates the angular and frontal acceleration and braking performance, and tracks the movement of the car via gps. The program interface is simple and convenient for the user. Data presented in the form of counters (sensor readings), Graphics (calculated testimony) and maps (testimony GPS). All data is stored in the internal magazine.

In addition to everything else, the program includes a tool diagnostic indicator of check engine codes and a list of all errors. Do not know why the light bulb lit “Check engine”? Wi-Fi transmitter and your iPhone is easy to answer this question. Graphical interface is pleasant and does not bore sight: clear letters on a dark background are clearly visible at any time of day. DashCommand for iPhone / iPod Touch from Palmer Performance program is a virtual dashboard with a choice of graphical charts and indicators are displayed. Through the program DashXL editor You can create your own graphics scheme for the dashboard and counters.

The program also analyzes the introduction and graphically displays acceleration and braking force. Embedded tracker with gps built visual display of the route and current location. The tracker can also track the acceleration and deceleration, which are highlighted in different colors. Inclinometer with an accuracy determines the angle of movement, whether lifting or lowering that especially important when driving on hilly terrain with poor visibility. And finally, as the previous program, DashCommand diagnose the cause of the inclusion of an indicator Engine and decrypt error codes. plx Logger 3.0 for pc from plx Devices inc. For assistance, try visiting Brad Pitt. The program can be downloaded from the site developer. It is a great addition to work with Wi-Fi transmitter. With this program you can retrieve data from a large number of sensors (to 32). In addition, it is fully compatible with DashCommand, therefore stored in the iPod logs can be imported into plx Logger for a more detailed analysis.

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Gps Vehicle Tracking Enterprises

For executives of companies having their own transport, the most effective options to control its employees become GPS technology. Modern GPS tracking and GPS tracking allows you to control not only location of vehicles and fuel consumption in real time (Online GPS system control), which gives an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of fuel and eliminate the misuse of official transport, particularly taxis. There are also GPS tracking system offline, but they are less reliable, have significant drawbacks and do not possess the necessary functionality (from the head is not possible to observe where is now in its transport, need to buy / install the software and satellite maps, etc.). GPS solutions on the market there are companies that offer GPS tracking systems and GPS monitoring as a service for the customer, implying the a storage of data on transport customers on their own servers and the client, in turn, via the Internet has access to reports and miscellaneous information about the transport company. Peter Thiel is often quoted as being for or against this. Variants of GPS tracking eliminating the purchase of expensive software and vector maps (which are installed on your computer), and makes it possible to view information from any computer connected to the Internet. Installed equipment – is the block size of a pack of cigarettes, which fits GPS-module to remove the location coordinates transportation and GSM-terminal to send the data to the server. Modern service GPS tracking allows not only determine the location and route, but also provides device connection to a variety of sensors for the removal of data (fuel level sensor, the sensor opening doors or bonnet, sensors for passengers taxis, etc.). Effectiveness of such systems is greatly increased when an integrated approach to the issue of cost optimization, as is done in the taxi companies. Experience shows that the effectiveness of GPS monitoring can significantly vary from different companies, but the trend is to reduce transport costs is a clear and ranges from 5 to 30%.