4 Mar 2016, 3:26pm

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MediLive International

They are not only the great companies who make the use of the marketing, small the without lucrative ends use it to get the success in the communication. It is perceived that the marketing is not used only for propaganda and sales, goes moreover, therefore when the sales of the product occur the marketing strategies had been used, before exactly of the manufacture of the product, the marketing this gift in the planning of the product studying well the necessities and desires of its white public, so that in the hour of the creation to a product or service is constructed that tends to supply these necessities and desires (KOTLER, 2003, P. 3). It is easy to visualize the applicability of the marketing, in the creation, the distribution, the spreading and the commercialization of products, but all mix of Marketing also it is applied the services, this applicability can be observed of the moment that we visit a web site, we read a periodical, we receive a SMS, we contract a signature for telephone. The measure that the economies evolve, a ratio each bigger time of its activities if concentrates in the production.

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