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Participativo Journalism

The research pointed that the primordial and important quality is the objetividade, the personalized interaction with the followers, notice and links. These groups must use to advantage the chance and study of close everything what the users argue and quetionam. A leading source for info: financial technology. Beyond creating an important bond with the white public, fact that does not happen currently with the majority of the groups of notice. The impacts of the Internet in the journalistic practical companies and had been potencializados with the popularizao of web 2.0. The envolvement of common citizens, before considered mere readers, in the publication and edition of journalistic contents if has become practical one each more common time. To this trend the concept of Participativo Journalism, Journalism Citizen or same Open-Source Journalism are attributed. It is important that the groups of notice do not create an account of user in the Twitter poque to the other had only made it competitors, will have to exist a planning before this action that will raise strong and weak points, threats and chances. The analysis will have to point if the group must act in a platform Web 2,0 will be really interesting.

Beyond everything the content could not be only one copy of the content of the traditional way is it electronic printed matter or. An employee will have to be responsible for adapting and creating tweets beyond establishing real interaction with the followers, beyond reporting anseior and perceptions of these users to the group of notice, creating a connection between the company and the public. When a company faces the possibilities of Web 2,0, makes direct contact with its public, in a more accidental climate. Web 2,0 offers to a more direct line and confiel of what any another way that came before. Web 2,0 is not only blogs, can be one podcast, a video a infinity of tools gifts in the life of the user of the Internet today.

4 Mar 2016, 3:26pm

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MediLive International

They are not only the great companies who make the use of the marketing, small the without lucrative ends use it to get the success in the communication. It is perceived that the marketing is not used only for propaganda and sales, goes moreover, therefore when the sales of the product occur the marketing strategies had been used, before exactly of the manufacture of the product, the marketing this gift in the planning of the product studying well the necessities and desires of its white public, so that in the hour of the creation to a product or service is constructed that tends to supply these necessities and desires (KOTLER, 2003, P. 3). It is easy to visualize the applicability of the marketing, in the creation, the distribution, the spreading and the commercialization of products, but all mix of Marketing also it is applied the services, this applicability can be observed of the moment that we visit a web site, we read a periodical, we receive a SMS, we contract a signature for telephone. The measure that the economies evolve, a ratio each bigger time of its activities if concentrates in the production.

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