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Here you will meet the creative and maker, which will provide for a new prosperity”, so Organizer Christoph Harrach. Participation in the business conference including the evening event on June 9, 2011 will cost 499,-euro; more information about the Conference, hotel tips and the online application form are available online at Conference. June 10, 2011 GreenCamp KarmKonsum Conference 2.0 the KarmKonsum GreenCamp is a new format of basisdemokratisches Conference, where the participants decide on the content. If you would like to know more about PropertyNest, then click here. With the Green camp, the organisers bring together creative, startups, trend-setters and those living a sustainable lifestyle. The change starts with any.

The GreenCamp is an ideal way to meet like-minded people and to discuss new sustainable ideas and to join forces for the implementation”, says Christoph Harrach founder KarmKonsum. The GreenCamp handled 30 topics in small groups. These are from the Selected participants in advance. The results will be presented in plenary. Registration and submitting theme proposals is possible until May 15, 2011 online: Conference of the entrance fee for the GreenCamp is 10,-euro. The event is accompanied with a fair for sustainable products and services.

The GreenCamp is rounded off with creative action formats such as a bicycle-city round trip after the GreenCamp and a public Yoga session on June 9, 2011 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Eco-social founders sought for the third time the KarmKonsum will award at the business conference business. The ceremony takes place in the evening event on the first day of the Conference. KarmKonsum searches in collaboration with the Frankfurt economic development and GreenVenture.net entrepreneur with eco social business ideas until March 31, 2011. Aim of the awards is to support founders in the neo-green and social market-based funding and thereby helping them, relevant industry contacts to establish. At the beginning of the ceremony on June 9 to 19 h the Economic Affairs Officer of the city of Frankfurt is on the main deliver greetings Markus Frank and Mr. Dr. Gotz Rehn, founder of the organic supermarket chain Alnatura, a keynote. For more detailed information about the KarmKonsum founders Award and a questionnaire for the application are available at award. Prominent supporters the event supported memo AG, cosmetics, country garden, Sun Gate, the ECO trade fair bio Fach, the Chamber of Commerce and the Frankfurt economic development, as well as by leading sustainable companies such as Bionade, Dr. Hauschka St. Leonards, Triodos Bank, Volkel and raccoon environmental shipping. Media partner of KarmKonsum Conference enormous magazine, fire one, info3, Forum are sustainable economies, groat & and the newspaper. You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi) Organizers of the Conference is Christoph Harrach, the owner of the trend Portal karmakonsum.de. The Internet and LOHAS expert and professional Marketing consultant Christoph Harrach is one of the pioneers of the neo green life style in Germany with the founding of KarmKonsum in 2007. He realized several projects that bring social and environmental dimensions, economic actions are consistent. He was awarded for his achievements in the media, in particular with the audience award of the German sustainability award in 2010. The Karma consumption Conference 2011 one views Thursday, June 09, 2011: Conference day 1 BusinessForum start: 9:00 18:00 YogMob public yoga class on the stock exchange ceremony of KarmKonsum founder Awards evening event: from 19:00 Friday, June 10, 2011: Conference day 2 GreenCamp start: 9:00 18:00 city tour by bicycle venue: IHK Frankfurt Exchange in 4, 60313 Frankfurt am Main prices: 1 day = 499, – Euro (399,-Euro) reduced for NGOs day 2 = 10,-euro

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INNO IT 2010 In Kiel IT Innovation Exhibition Sparkassen Arena Kiel 28.04.10

it information technology life and work more comfortable fashion easy IT the main topic of this year’s fair Inno IT 2010 is organized by the Group of companies of DANIAL. On April 28 is 2020 redeem it future promise in the Sparkassen arena Kiel high profile exhibitors with interesting lectures include the theme of IT”, for the Tim Cole was won as a consultant. As one of the most experienced journalists, it applies to business technology in German-speaking countries. “He will be supported by experts of a total of 35 exhibitors, the theme of easy IT” competently present also in connection with the use of telephone systems and wireless networks. There are also a number of other innovative topics: digital speech processing applications for medium-sized companies and software solutions for a modern City Hall management to innovative concepts of print the interested visitors are two lecture series and numerous consultants for technical discussions at the disposal. The complete program with topics and Lectures can be viewed on. About the Group of companies of DANIAL group of DANIAL from Schwentinental near Kiel is a large complete provider of IT solutions in North Germany – by the computer network of the telecommunications industry software.

Information and communication technology from a single source. Our Service Centre for information technology and telecommunications has solutions for large enterprises, the medium-sized business and public administrations with a nationwide service network in offices in Kiel, Hamburg and Berlin. Important is and remains the human touch, not only between the employees, but also to the customers. We are convincing our customers need to convey our concept of innovation”, for over 130 employees, this is the motto of their daily work. The companies belong to the Group of companies of DANIAL: DANIAL Kommunikationstechnik Handels GmbH, DIERCK direct GmbH, Heinrich DIERCK GmbH & Co.KG, Ahlburg GmbH, Reese IT system & Service GmbH, BMAnetworks GmbH and P & S Vertriebs GmbH Heike Almeling marketing group DANIAL

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Database Technology

The optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH solutions celebrates the optimum datamanagement GmbH (www.optimum-gmbh.de) is the database technique in the blood. What began 20 years ago with individual software development for nationwide operating large companies and corporations, has always promoted the Karlsruhe company and now specialises in intelligent image recognition. The system developed by optimum smarter Klaus”is a database-driven image processing solution for different processes in the supply chain and is used mainly in the logistics industry. As Markus Nubling, Andreas Felber and still another partner in Remseck near Ludwigsburg company establish optimum, their focus on the database technology. These roots set in the year 1993 have never lost their influence on the applications and uses of the software solutions developed in the meantime in Karlsruhe on the contrary: also database systems form an important focus in today’s specialization on the subject of image recognition. Since 2008 Wolfgang Mahanty a third managing partner his experience from international sales and distribution in the company.

And also in terms of content there is a new focus since shareholder explains Andreas Felber: we have fanned ever wider areas of the application and the tools. Too wide for my taste as that the profile of the company should have well-defined enough themselves. “Therefore we have clearly taken a stand in recent years and us to our beginnings prudently paired database technology and low-level programming, with a high-tech future topic: Imaging in the era of the industry 4.0.” “Intelligent image recognition in logistics on the name smarter Klaus” baptized, intelligent image processing program matches previously defined characteristics of components, products or markings with the defaults stored in the database. It can not only include individual parts identify and determine their status and their quality. Make sure the software and a individual camera system, special lighting, as well as a special-purpose machinery adapted to the needs of the customers. The tasks of the system range from the quality inspection of complex Hotel cosmetics and rubber dampers of the commissioning support for packaging work benches and goods output control panel parts for air traffic. The first steps in the industry 4.0 has successfully mastered optimum and develops individual solutions for the logistics in his Office in the technology region Karlsruhe.

The team of experienced specialists, computer scientists and engineers has been a very familiar dealing and has organized together celebrated even by the management of course the anniversary and a second time by the staff. Many memberships in associations such as, inter alia, the VDMA, BlueCompetence the BVL and the AEN, as well as competent partners ensure a constant exchange of knowledge takes place in the future and the Karlsruhe company the rising Requirements will meet the future confidently and confident. About the optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH the optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH developed in the technology region Karlsruhe intelligent image recognition systems for logistics. This year the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. It has created an innovative all-in-one solution with the sly Klaus”. The Ministry has promoted this twice with an innovation grant.

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