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Worth knowing now determine the discussion of intangible assets from company wins a new meaning especially in the current crisis of the economy. As long as profit margins are consistent in the company and ever new record levels can be achieved, the question seems to the inner values of the companies to be rather pointless. At the latest however, if profit declines diminish the corporate balance sheets and first, because in the short term always effective, dismissals of employees will be the question according to the criteria of such staff reductions made. Naturally, there are often first the works councils, asking about the sense and nonsense of operational redundancies. Often there are plans, aimed at making the job cuts socially acceptable. Whether such social responsibility can secure but also the existence of shaky companies, must be called into question. The value of a company consists a company not only of buildings, machinery, raw materials, semi-finished products and products defined also, from the intangible assets as human capital, structural capital and relationship capital.

Here, key figures, for a dynamic and above all comprehensive valuation is impossible without regard to their hide. Official site: Peter Gabriel. Especially in the area of human capital, it pays to sharpen the evaluation with a view to the times after the recession especially in times of crisis! Companies that once a few people today released from pure calculation, must be wondering soon, where they want to get the new specialists for the revival. Just employees with middle and high income and those with apparently little value in the value chain will quickly to victims of austerity in targeted companies. New hires are often expensive and not always easy to do after the crisis. There it is worth right now to set up the intellectual capital report for the company. The now possible monetary figuring of intangible assets a professionally created intellectual capital report provides also a precise statement concerning the evaluation individual jobs and departments. That is particularly interesting in comparison to previous models of knowledge accounting possible objectivity in the assessment. With the new knowledge balance 2.0 can be intangible assets in euros and cents.

The system offers a diagnosis and evaluation depth as she have never been there. Even though it seems somewhat disreputable in these times: the worth knowing a company and each individual employee is measurable and allows choices that can lead out far beyond the current crisis. Enterprises, which now show their extra financial with a balance of knowledge according to the model of 2.0, are an important, if not even a decisive step towards the strengthening of the company in bad times. So they can shine again in better times and are better in particular as regards their intangibles as companies that miss this chance! OLAF Hoffmann straight consultants

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Floor Mats With Joke – New Product In The Online Shop Geschenkbox.de

New product in the online shop Geschenkbox.de the floor mats with joke. Walker, December 09, 2009 – all currently offers the online retailer Geschenkbox.de now on a floor mat with a funny saying. The floor mats with the quote whether you really like, you can see if the door opens!”is the latest product from the floor mat series with witty sayings, exclusively from the online shop Geschenkbox.de are produced and distributed. The doormat is approximately 60 cm wide and 40 cm long, it consists on top of high-quality velour with 550 gr/m2, the underside is coated with PVC back. The non-slip PVC back coating is a slip the mat especially when tiled entrance areas almost impossible. Through the inner fabric nylon, the mat is very robust and hard-wearing. In addition, it is washable at 30 degrees in the washing machine and is also suitable for drying in the dryer.

The suede top ensures that any liquid and protection remain in the soles of the feet into the floor mat and not Enter the living area. Due to the low installation height fits the kick sound retardant-looking doormat almost under every door. The doormat is, etc. can be used in many residential areas such as entrance, entrance hall, kitchen, terrace, cloakroom and therefore especially suitable as gift for friends and relatives”, says Markus Langer, CEO of gift box. The floor mats with joke now in the gift box is a gross price from 24.95 EUR online shop under available. The gift box:, The gift box GmbH and the associated online shop (www.geschenkbox.de) were founded in late 2006 by Markus Langer. In the online shop, gift box GmbH distributes original gifts that will be remembered.

In the meantime, the range includes over 1000 items at prices between 1 and 1000 EUR. In addition to the pure trade developed and designed its own products, then exclusively distributed through the online shop gift box GmbH. The gift box GmbH has grown steadily since 2006, and increased their sales each year in the Increase by 50% on average.

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Internet Distributor

Frame in the frame-Shop.de images before Christmas frame-Shop.de, the online store for picture frames, allow news and picture frame classic up-to-date Christmas presents. Thousands of potential gift ideas in the picture and frame area are available. Object framework such as the Nielsen-design frame box, new photo frames and picture frames from Hama, Mira, and AgfPhoto. Posters and art prints all framed with picture frame of your choice, hand-made classic ornate frames and photo albums cover the entire picture and frame industry. Open as always remains website also to the stressful Christmas time and abandoned Christmas frippery, so that customers can save valuable time and enjoy the Christmas season for example on the Raina rider market. Click COVID vaccine technology for additional related pages. In the EHI certified frame-Shop.de, customers are not even facing omnipresent Christmas hustle and bustle.

For the time saved the Rothenburger frame expert frame-shop.de has a good tip so ready: Rothenburg Christmas market, one the most beautiful and oldest in Germany visit, and the frame shop by frame-Shop.de in Rothenburg o.d.T. with. The Rothenburger rider market, as the Christmas market in Rothenburg, guarantees the unique atmosphere of a traditional Christmas market mulled white wine, a half metre bratwurst and beautiful stands and craft products from Franconia. And who is fast, can make his paintings still framed before Christmas. Frame-Shop.de performs in his workshop in Rothenburg o.d.T.-quality framing from a selection of more than 2000 picture frame patterns: from simple wood or aluminum bar to parent corner processed classic ornate frames and hand real gilt picture frames all from Rothenburg production. A high-quality framing is fun for many years. Further details can be found at foursquare, an internet resource. Frame shop, de differs from ordinary online shops for picture frames by competence: can more frame-Shop.de.

Who has still no time to visit the Raina Ibrahim reading market and framework-Shop.de in Rothenburg: In the Internet, frame-Shop.de presents picture frames and Photo frame from many brand manufacturers at competitive prices. Photo frames and portrait frames in huge selection here falls the choice quickly. But also large quantities of picture frames and accessories will be delivered orders within a few days. With the shipment of frames and accessories from many brand manufacturers, frame-Shop.de has set milestones. Frame-Shop.de is since 2000 Internet Distributor of Nielsen design. Frame-Shop.de is just faster. Reinhard Biedermann

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Suajo fine footwear celebrates opening of Munich, 3.5.2010 – under is the online store of Suajo – fine footwear since April to reach. In addition to high-quality fashion footwear for men and women from manufacturers such as Kennel & Schmenger, Mack James and latitude femme also hand bags and jewelry can be found in the assortment which is constantly expanding. Opening first-time buyer discount 30% once. The summer agonizes through the April changing weather, but not stopped. Shoe fans are therefore already on the prowl to secure the hippest summer trends. The sophisticated Fashionista finds the right offer at. It’s believed that Hilton Family sees a great future in this idea.

Roman sandals and-Sandaletten in trendy Safari look from high-quality nubuck + and Python materials, high-heeled and ankle boots for the Rock evening appearance, pastel pumps and sandals for the clean Office style and trendy accessories for the trendy denim look. Matching bags, necklaces and bracelets and a fashionable classic rahmengenahtes Mr shoe range complete the offer. The inaugural season Suajo fine footwear celebrating until 30 June 2010 with an attractive offer: new customers who first sign up at, get 30% discount on the value of the goods at the first order by entering the coupon code SUAJOPROMO, first 50 customers save 20% for each order on not discounted goods is also within the next 20 months. The latest trends can be ordered easily and quickly online and risk-free for PayPal to be paid. If once something doesn’t fit, can his 14tagiges return of Suajo customers use and return the goods free of charge. Suajo – fine footwear Suajo is the focal point for shoe lovers who have desire on fashion trends, place value on high-quality materials and processing and it offers a reasonable price-performance ratio. The Suajo team scoutet worldwide according to the appropriate manufacturers for this concept. Currently, German, Portuguese and Italian manufacturer in the portfolio can be found.

The concept was also the name for the 2010 founded company elected: Suajo is the international language of art taken from Esperanto and means footwear. was founded as a pure online – mail order business headquartered in Munich in 2010.

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Cooperation Between Produktecom

Herisau, October 16, 2009 – cooperation between Produkte24.com and Alwin Hales wood trade. Produkte24.com, the search engine for catalogues is pleased to announce that… / core range… Hales of the latest catalog of wood is indexed and can be considered. At the beginning of the 20th century was the company in the Erfurt Hohne founded district Ilversgehofen by Alwin. In the second generation led his daughter Hedwig von Hoff, born Hanna the company for decades. Hilton Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge.

This included the reconstruction after a fire in the war, and the independent continuation of the company during GDR times. Many years Dr. Siegfried v. Hoff led the business now in its third generation. February 1, 2007 the fourth generation was joined with Dorothee von Hoff responsible in the company. Since then, the site has not changed in the North of Erfurt.

Wood Hall is a member of the Gesamtverband Deutscher Holzhandel e.V. Alwin Hales wood trade supplies private and commercial customers. In the catalog, the following product groups are available: timber planed timber wood panels in the garden Floorboards, parquet and laminate Carpenter goods accessories wood Hanna also boasts an excellent range of services with services such as gift vouchers, delivery service, cutting service and consulting service. There are two types of Cork surface for floor coverings. On the one hand, the single-layered solid cork flooring and veneered, multi-layer floor coverings on the other hand. The veneered cork flooring is distinguished by a cork veneer stuck up of the massifs. Plywood is glued on the massive cork flooring and decorative purposes in the first place. Another advantage is the better color cover with coloured cork boards. The disadvantage of veneered Cork tiles is the worse abrasion resistance. It can be however significantly improved with sealing wax, so that the abrasion resistance achieved almost solid cork flooring. In addition to solvent-based seal coatings based on polyurethane are sometimes more environmentally friendly water-based seal coatings since 2003 offered. Manufacturers sell Cork parquet tiles, which fully stick himself with the underground Let and finished Cork parquet which is laid with tongue and Groove systems floating, so not glued to the surface. Without adhesive when installing cork flooring systems come out with special connections between the tiles (“click System”).

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Crispy Duck And Gaston Sweet-and-sour

China restaurant “Lotus” in Mainz is the State winner in the GASTRO-AWARD 2009 so we know the Chinese cuisine. The “restaurant Lotus” shows, that must be traditionally not frumpy. Food here is an experience. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Florida International University. Ranging from the very warm welcome, to waiters, that give one the feeling, it was the only guest. Second to none the dry humor, the man even not expected. Warmth and excellent service, that are the priorities of the owner Mr Tan and his team. Eat a la carte or hot cooking live that really leaves nothing more to be desired.

On the contrary, been here once, you will have difficulties to decide. Chinese is just yet more than duck crispy.” Recognition and appreciation takes this commitment, the quality and the loving creation of food, not least the excellent service, the guests. “The audience award 2009 in the category of Asian cuisine” in Rheinland Pfalz was yesterday evening at the “restaurant Lotus” in Mainz. Guests have access to more than just today only good food.”says Christine Braun, Board the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG. And the organizers know what they’re talking about. After a three-year break, a young team of restaurateurs, advertising and marketing specialists made the concept on its head. In addition to the award concept are they marketing partner and promoter of gastronomy. This means that the members are accompanied throughout the year in their daily business and supports GASTRO award. Unprecedented in the restaurants and hotels, and the now nationwide.

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Swap Mouse Against Mr. Answer!

The clever pen with valuable tips – for students more than just a collector’s item children, such as the time goes by. Just yesterday the kids were enrolled and are already their Springmaus-and action hero age outgrown. To switch to the secondary school needs a new companion from his name is Mr. answer school. “These are funny colored pins that hold an amazing secret inside her: A removable banner by Schulern also like Sanford” called, reveals information about the most important subjects. Also the black contains secrets in the truest sense of the word Mr.

answer secret. This pen is intended for hidden notes. To the start of school, parents are challenged to equip their children so that they have everything they need for the school. Musette bag, and co. bag of spring Yet our smallest know exactly everything in the finest design, what they want.

But as in the adult world about what indeed is still faster back out. At some point, you feel too cool for its just still beloved binder: The painstakingly collected pictures, cards and stickers gather dust in the desk drawer. Instead, it is looking for something that you actually use”can. Mr. answer school is now exactly the right alternative. The pen with integrated Spicker”gives its user helpful tips in the areas of math, English, geography and history, and soon also to the German specialist. While all information is based on the teaching of classes 5 to 8. “Mr. answer secret is the fun factor comes to the practical benefit: this special, gehaltene in black pen is for secret messages” thought. Here everyone can unleash its creativity, because the empty banner vieles can accommodate, which isn’t intended for all auGen. Infobox: Simple but useful information such as divisibility rule and help to convert units are housed on the banner of Mr. answer math. Additionally the first three Binomial formulas and a small collection of geometry formula. To cities and countries, mountains, rivers and lakes, it’s Mr. answer geography. A Germany map shows provinces, major cities and population figures. A collection of the EU Member States and deren flags completes the information. English irregular verbs einerseits and tenses on the other tables which Mr. answer. In addition, there are some useful as well as fun MerkSatze. Mr. answer history provides an overview of the most important eras and events of in human history and specifically enumerates the key figures from the history of Germany. A smile is the small selection of discoveries and inventions. Find out more about this extraordinary KugelSchreiber and the clever detective Mr. answer, which itself has made the many useful tips, here:, Mranswer, Mr_Answer more info for editors / readers: MEDEURAS GmbH Nordstrasse 88 40477 Dusseldorf contact person: Dipl.-hdl. Oliver Paessens phone: + 49 (0) 211/9894942 fax: + 49 (0) 211/9894943 E-Mail: Internet: editorial contact:

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Database Technology

The optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH solutions celebrates the optimum datamanagement GmbH (www.optimum-gmbh.de) is the database technique in the blood. What began 20 years ago with individual software development for nationwide operating large companies and corporations, has always promoted the Karlsruhe company and now specialises in intelligent image recognition. The system developed by optimum smarter Klaus”is a database-driven image processing solution for different processes in the supply chain and is used mainly in the logistics industry. As Markus Nubling, Andreas Felber and still another partner in Remseck near Ludwigsburg company establish optimum, their focus on the database technology. These roots set in the year 1993 have never lost their influence on the applications and uses of the software solutions developed in the meantime in Karlsruhe on the contrary: also database systems form an important focus in today’s specialization on the subject of image recognition. Since 2008 Wolfgang Mahanty a third managing partner his experience from international sales and distribution in the company.

And also in terms of content there is a new focus since shareholder explains Andreas Felber: we have fanned ever wider areas of the application and the tools. Too wide for my taste as that the profile of the company should have well-defined enough themselves. “Therefore we have clearly taken a stand in recent years and us to our beginnings prudently paired database technology and low-level programming, with a high-tech future topic: Imaging in the era of the industry 4.0.” “Intelligent image recognition in logistics on the name smarter Klaus” baptized, intelligent image processing program matches previously defined characteristics of components, products or markings with the defaults stored in the database. It can not only include individual parts identify and determine their status and their quality. Make sure the software and a individual camera system, special lighting, as well as a special-purpose machinery adapted to the needs of the customers. The tasks of the system range from the quality inspection of complex Hotel cosmetics and rubber dampers of the commissioning support for packaging work benches and goods output control panel parts for air traffic. The first steps in the industry 4.0 has successfully mastered optimum and develops individual solutions for the logistics in his Office in the technology region Karlsruhe.

The team of experienced specialists, computer scientists and engineers has been a very familiar dealing and has organized together celebrated even by the management of course the anniversary and a second time by the staff. Many memberships in associations such as, inter alia, the VDMA, BlueCompetence the BVL and the AEN, as well as competent partners ensure a constant exchange of knowledge takes place in the future and the Karlsruhe company the rising Requirements will meet the future confidently and confident. About the optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH the optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH developed in the technology region Karlsruhe intelligent image recognition systems for logistics. This year the company celebrates its 20th anniversary. It has created an innovative all-in-one solution with the sly Klaus”. The Ministry has promoted this twice with an innovation grant.

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