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Press Service

For example, in the town of Rybinsk management company replaced the pumps increase water pressure on the mup "West" and the mup "East." Domestic ecv replaced pumps grundfos series chv 2-80. This allowed reduce electricity costs by 8 times. Units, previously installed and worked continuously, consuming about 108 kWh / day, which is about 190 rubles per night (per year, this amount will be about 70,000 rubles). New pumps automatically only if the pressure drops in the network below a certain limit. As a result, to date, cost of electricity is about 13.6 kWh / day, or the cash equivalent – about 23 rubles per day (Less than 8500 rubles per year). In addition, the cost of repairs and maintenance of new equipment are much lower.

As an example, can also lead one of the high-rise buildings along the street in the first five years Chelyabinsk. Package of measures to improve the heating system, made in the framework of the program overhaul, now allows its residents to save on heating services 30-40%. In the process of implementation Project building equipped with energy-saving system of individual registration and regulation of heat, electricity and water. "The modernization of the Squirrel site was replaced with an automated thermal point Danfoss, Balance the heating system at the level of the risers, made panel heating. Also on each radiator mounted controls that allow you to control the temperature in the room "- says Michael Shapiro, ceo of Danfoss in Russia (the world's leading manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating and heating of buildings). A similar project of modernization was carried out in collaboration with Danfoss in a residential house Beloretsk on the street.

Lenin. As a result, the cost of improving the heating system amounted to 425,000 rubles. Through the program, only 5% of this amount paid for the tenants. Now they can save if you pay utility bills up to 35-40% (about 252,300 rubles) in comparison with pay according to the norm. Thus, participation in the federal program takes on new meaning: it is not just a way to "fill holes", but also a real possibility reduce costs. The program overhaul to be in full swing. It is very important that due to repair the apartment owners have the opportunity not only to significantly improve living conditions, but also reduce the "burden" utility payments. People's interest in such changes is obvious. But their implementation requires a personal initiative of citizens, without which the problem will not budge. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

29 Jul 2019, 9:33pm

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Tel Renovation

Symposium ‘Wind turbines – damage to structures and prevent’ the forces that work through wind and rotation of the load-bearing structures of mast and Foundation for wind power plants, are enormous. The consequences of a faulty design or construction also, because in the best case requires the decommissioning or irreparable damage to the system long downtime and a costly renovation, in the worst. The foundations are still vulnerable. Today, not completely crack free concrete is known. The problem is the uncertainty about when ingress of water leads to a degradation of the steel reinforcement and renovation is necessary. In the past, individual losses have already led to long shutdowns and downtime. When 25,000 wind turbines in Germany viable long-term concepts for waterproofing and renovation to an industry important success factor. “The Symposium wind turbines damage to structures and their prevention” is intended for planners, designers, operators, Insurance and employee of the technical monitoring and approval authorities.

Under the direction of Prof. Bellmer and Mr Klaus Deininger, the causes and solutions for static and dynamic overloading and the correct interpretation and choice of materials are illuminated. Practical examples illustrate the complexity and scope of faulty work. The event takes place on the 25th 26.5.2011 in the House of the art in food. The detailed event programme of technology e.V., Tel.

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LED Light Curtain – A Curtain Of Light

LED light chain are not only beautiful and colorful, they save a lot of power. LED light chain a bulbs of chain of lights have replaced long ago the old guzzlers in the form. Not to the the beautiful colorful lights at Christmas time you can see increasingly with their comparatively moderate power consumption. The appearance of an apartment, the living atmosphere, is determined not only by the furniture. Many factors come together, that determine the atmosphere of an apartment. Home Accessories, rugs and wall colors contribute significantly to the impression, which brought an apartment. A particular aspect is the lighting.

She can come to validity furniture or blur a corridor into eerie darkness. Light the most important piece of furniture and a criterion, searched apartments of is, along with wallpaper and floor coverings. Until a few years ago, the owner of the apartment was somewhat restricted in the selection of lighting fixtures. in discussions such as these. Not its form, there were always numerous variations, but in the colour and intensity of illumination. But since the LED more and more in the interspersed with field lighting, are suddenly completely new design possibilities achievable, which never previously existed. Since glass shelves are in cabinets to discreet background lighting in the living room.

A comfortable light radiate flower pots. A LED light curtain becomes a creative key element in establishing a space. Room divider in the form of a shelf or a wall unit or a wall of plants there will be in the future. However, modern lighting fixtures provide a wealth of new opportunities. So, rooms can be divided not only easy and creatively free with light curtains, at the same time you can realize new lighting variations. These new lights are used as window decoration. Such a lamp which is turned off, almost invisible, switched on in the evening but can give completely different characteristics the space in which it hangs, becomes window. So, at a reasonable cost and without large Umbaumahnahmen again on the new design ideas can be realized. just in rented apartments, an invaluable advantage, must perform no elaborate decommissioning measures at a parade. Any just lamps and luminaires in rental properties are a big issue, because complex installations must be installed again in elaborately. The easy-to-be and also space-saving luminaire with LED technology are significantly better. Andreas Mettler

21 Jul 2019, 3:26pm

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Internet Designer

Where to order an inexpensive and effective site? I, like many amateurs, long suffered in search of a suitable firm. Tried a few studios and web designers. All wrong. Whether are not professionals, the dishonest, the non-punctual. Today I call myself a dilettante pilot and give some guidelines for creating websites for small companies. First of all, I’m a supporter of simple design.

The simple design has many advantages to the designer, client and user. If the design does not work effectively, you need to think about what is clean, before considering what to add. User Benefits Quick – Fast display less wait Understandable – quickly browse Simply enjoy the benefits of rapid development of a commercial Rapid deployment of rapid redesign (in accordance with the wishes of the client or user) needs less resources server (lower price) Simply supported benefits for the designer all of the above, plus have more time for creativity Remember to always remember for the site and its users, write them down, every time before you start to refresh your memory. If you’re tired or feel that you lose the image of the site you want to create – stop! Take a break and then again go back to the goals. Think then do Look at your idea of an open mind. Say, “I want to get an inexpensive and effective website,” Then do it.

Trust yourself and your designer. I trust her. Where can I find this? Yes, easily. Need to shout – “Creating a low-cost site “. Shout, of course, need not in the street – on the Internet.

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