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Green Mountain Access

The company Fortinet – the leader in integrated security solutions, announces that the company GreenMountainAccess (GMA) – Internet provider of wide profile, a service provider in the state of Vermont, introduced a multi-purpose FortiGate unit to protect its network from blended threats. Previously, providers use a firewall to protect their users, but with the introduction of Fortinet products company received a further such features such as: web-filtering, virus protection and intrusion, as well as support for VPN-connections (IPSec and SSL). When selecting a new solution Green Mountain Access guided by the following requirements for it: The devices must operate at gigabit skorostyah.Neobhodima protocol support IPv6.Interfeys control must be intuitive and easy to use. After careful consideration of possible solutions, the company Green Mountain Access has stopped on the devices FortiGate, which fully meet these requirements, replacing them and Juniper firewalls, web-filters from Websense, which were used for separate functions. The project used two models: FortiGate-620B in active / active mode to protect internal network GMA and FortiGate-310B – in the auxiliary data center company. Virtual domains (VDOM) were arranged to segment the network, firewall protection and e-mail and web-servers.

Impressed by the work Fortinet products consented to share the Ring, Adam (Adam Ring), a systems engineer Green Mountain Access: Easy to use products Fortinet amazing! In this aspect can not be compared with any similar product. In addition, they have an undeniable advantage: a single FortiGate unit has several specialized functional foods. ” “We are increasingly confronted with surprise our customers, who buy FortiGate unit for a single function, but then learn about all the features of the product – says Brant Pete (Pete Brant), vice president of Fortinet corporate sales. – Companies of all sizes can benefit from a combined approach to the protection, because of their choice, they can use as one or several functions at once. ” About Fortinet (www.fortinet.com) Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) – a global provider of network security devices and the market leader in integrated security devices (UTM). Solutions and services subscription companies represent a wide range of integrated high-speed means of protection against dynamic threats. Among the customers of large corporations, service providers and government agencies worldwide, including the majority of the Fortune Global 100 2009 year.

Flagship solution Fortinet – the device FortiGate – uses a specialized coprocessor ASIC, which delivers superior performance, application control and multi-layered protection against network threats. In addition to the UTM-Fortinet solutions offer a wide range of solutions to ensure information security: security from the workstation to protect the perimeter and core, including applications and databases. Headquarters Fortinet is located in Sunnyvale, Calif., a network of regional offices located throughout the world.

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Microsoft Office

But it is. Apple has its own office suite – IWork, the latest version of iWork 09. And it comes with your Mac for free. It is very easy to use and compatible with all MS Office file formats up to 2007 version for Windows (except format Office 95). People are accustomed to work in Microsoft Office 2000-XP-2003, I suggest using NeoOffice 3.0. This package supports all formats of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and many more. Interface as similar to Microsoft Office 2003 for Windows.

By the way OpenOffice also has a version for MacOS – the last to date – 3.1. NeoOffice and OpenOffice are free of charge. So the question processing Documents resolved long ago. Myth 8 A Mac mouse and touchpad with one button It was a long time, and even MacOS support third-party mouse with 2 or 3 buttons. Now Apple itself produces mice in which four logical buttons (right + left + ball instead of a scroll wheel mouse + compression on each side) Myth 9 iPhone is not certified in Ukraine in March 2009, iPhone 3G was UkrSEPRO.

Although officially in Ukraine, he has not yet sold. Myth 10 iPhone does not support / can not … Functional capabilities of this device are endless. The only thing that can fix this hardware features such as lack of autofocus or flash. Everything else is added by rewriting the software and install third-party Software. Thus, iPhone today supports MMS, video, file transfer on bluetooth, birthday reminders, sending sms and contacts, all video and audio formats, use it as a modem, 3D gaming, viewing and document editing, reading books (including pdf and fb2), and much more. Myth 11 The original iPhone does not work in Ukraine, and cracked is not stable and slowly work If your iPhone even bought abroad, but without blocking under the concrete operator, he initially worked for us and once supported the Russian Language. But for a more complete adaptation, Caller ID with and without three of the early numbers, and other functions, the phone must be unlocked. Unlocked or hacked phones sewed the original firmware, and they work just as well as unbroken. Hacking is to open the user access to the entire file system and granting him the right changing system files and settings. Because of this, and then installed patches and software. Phone may fail to start in the result of poor installation program or the user’s actions. Myth 12 The iPhone has a weak battery, and it can not replace the iPhone 3G battery is quite powerful. 950mAch capacity, but the unit is extremely low power consumption, allowing him to work up to 5 h talk time on 3G and up to 10 hours at off 3G, networks in EDGE. This is a very a good indicator, especially given the size of the screen. Replace it easily, just need to unscrew the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone. The cost also is not terrible – about 20 25ue for the original battery.

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My Computer

It looks like this: Nero Express program, however, happens, your computer is running an older version of the program and it looks like this: An older version of Nero Express Instructions for those who have the Nero 7 software or higher (Figure 1) To start the program Nero offers you to choose the type of data you write to disk (Data, Music, Video / Pictures, image, design, copy). In this tutorial, we will burn to DVD disc with a data item. The fact that this item is generic: it can be written through to disk, and the text and pictures, and music, and video. And to open the drive on another computer (not just in your). A other types of discs (Music, Videos / Pictures etc.) we "try" some other time. Click on the item data.

On the right side of Nero have "asked" to what we're going to burn the disc – a CD or a DVD. Since we learn to record on DVD discs, then click on the item DVD with data." Just do not forget to insert a blank DVD into your computer. This opens a new window. Click the "Add" button to the right. Open the window overlapped the program Nero. Find in this box files and folders you want to burn to disc. Note that the left side, you can choose a different location (My Computer, My Documents, etc.).

When you find a window of the files and folders, add them to the disk. To do this click once with the left -click on the file or folder that you want to burn to a disc and press down the button "Add". You can add any number of files and folders, most importantly, make sure your disk is not full. For this is the bottom of Nero strip. While on the disk have enough space, this bar is filled with green flowers. Make sure that this strip does not become red. This means that the disk is full. Once you have prepared the files and folders to burn to disc Close the window, from which selected and click on "Next". After that, a window will change. Click the Record button (Burn). And wait. The process of recording to DVD. When the disc is written, it is likely he will jump out of the computer and in the center of Nero will have a small window in which to say "Burn successfully completed" or something similar. Click "OK" in this box, then click "Next" at the bottom right and close the program Nero.

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Accordingly, here – the following items: 5) I vacuumed vseredine everything I could. The fan over the CPU cooler I could not take off (thank God!), But vacuum as soon as it could get. In this case – may help some brush. Or vacuum cleaner, which can blow air out of himself. 6) pulled out a line of memory. They learn fairly easily. They are – almost the only thing that lends itself more or less simple extraction. They have on each side – two tiny little white tabs.

These latches relegated – and planochka pulled out. But of course, it must be done carefully and try not to touch your fingers to the set of very thin threads ogrooooomnomu-kontaktikov. That is planochku need to keep the sides. Best of all, if this procedure would make anyone who has ever seen this (similar) process. And now These have a little planochki memory clean. This can be done in two ways – either with alcohol (in cotton wool), or a soft eraser (rubber-school “stirachkoy”). Clean “legs” of memory. It is possible that they slightly oxidized contacts.

And this simple operation we remove this oxidation. Now it remains exactly the same place planochki back and flatten snaps. Turn on the computer. And then he said to me, so prolonged, so plaintively: “piiiiiik” 3 seconds, then 3 seconds of silence. Then again, “piiiik.” Oh Mama! Do not worry! Different “piiik” indicates a different hardware failure (for different motherboards and BIOSov – in different ways, these “mistakes piiiki” sound). But in my case – all clearly understandable – not the place Dodavah memory strip. Because computer and cried. And once I have them already Dodavah, finally put in place properly and again included the comp – UPA! Urrrya! Earned. Most of this error did not occur. The conclusion of this story is: this is the Dump of physical memory – is likely (and perhaps even always) this is a hardware and not software. Respectively – that’s a lot of these items could not do. And after trying to install new video card drivers (or at least someone has to swear on a black screen computer – you can find out by an inscription in which the driver error) – you had to immediately open the system unit and start cleaning his entrails, in general, and bars memory in particular. That is, could well do without reinstalling Wind.

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RAM Internet

As the virus gets on my computer? Options set: You download the file from the Internet. The site from which you get it written, it is necessary for you to program, and as a result there may contain a virus (or your program is infected with the virus) You receive e @ mail or post through ICQ with an attached file. The fact that many viruses infecting your computer starts to send to your contacts. And you may not even know about it. With the removable media. For example, you insert the flash drive into your computer.

On disc containing the virus, and it is automatically activated. Never noticed that if you insert a CD into the computer with the game, the game itself will offer to install. There is just as well, just put, is a virus and will not ask. Through a network. If you have a vulnerable program, the virus from the infected computer to the Internet can get on your computer. What to do if your computer is infected with a virus? First you need to determine whether this is true signs of infecting your computer are: Displays unwanted messages, pictures, etc. The output of unwanted signals computer Start any program without your participation. With the emergence of Firewall'a requests from unknown programs for Internet access Send e-mail from you without your knowledge (as with your ICQ messages can be sent and copies of the virus) Frequent freezes or crashes (although this may happen and not only because of the virus) Slow work programs, or computer in general (eg if the virus is "littered" RAM) The disappearance of the files or directories or the distortion of their contents (for example, the appearance of executable files with the name of the folder in which they appear) Internet browser behaves "inadequate" (for example, when entering on any site you find yourself constantly on the other) Inability to boot your computer if you sure that the virus on your computer is then do the following items: Disconnect the computer from the Internet and local networks Remove all removable media (flash drives etc).

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Internet Free

His spare time, important things might hold differently. Some gladly sits in front of his television, studying the advertisements, several others are sent to wander through the hot and dusty city. However, there is definitely a different category of people directly who definitely know how to best to take your free time. In order to be able to find for yourself what some adventure they do not need to leave your apartment or home, they just need to turn on your computer. With the inclusion of a computer, such people can plunge into the magical fantasy world, drive to a super-car to stop the countryside either metropolis, or simply be with someone to fight in a fair fight, but you can just kill the enemy around the corner. Anything is possible, thanks to a considerable amount of computer games. Actually the world Computer Games provides a unique opportunity, not leaving a cool room to be anywhere, not only our earth, but in different locations of the other planets and galaxies, or even in a fantastic location. Modern technology, in particular the World Wide Web, was able to make publicly available for users of all sorts of games for PC, and in addition to such toys can play not only yourself but in online mode with players from all points of the globe.

With the help of the Internet is quite possible to find and download any video games. In this case there is a huge number of sites, which is directly on an unlimited number of Computer toys almost all genres. It should be noted that, download the game from them, is absolutely free, as most of these toys on the Internet sites available for free download. In addition, there is another not least, the dignity of those sites, because for them, even before downloading interesting toys may read about them in general all the data. Ranging from simple descriptions and up to the secrets of using them You can easily run almost any game levels. In addition, you can at a special forum on this site to read a lot of reviews of other players on a specific game, or leave their impressions, and tell us about your experience with this to make new online friends.

After playing, you can be a little bit and rest, and at the same time see some sort of an interesting movie or the recently released animated film. Actually this is not sure to include your TV in search of something worthwhile. Because all the fun and new can be easily found on special websites. Any movies for all audiences, at any time available, mainly for free download from such Web resources. In addition, when there is no desire to wait until the actual movies downloaded from the internet, or there is no certainty that they will like, you can easily watch movies online, but if you want have a copy of a film in his video archive, start the download.

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PDF Letter

Give permission for this operation should only be the case if the letter was received from a trusted sender – Use a spam filter. If the email client is a function, enable it. Many postal services, as anti-virus software, have their own spam filter – a regular update e-mail program – this will increase the protection against spam. With the company’s website Agnitum (www. agnitum.ru / products / spam-terrier) can be downloaded free spam filter for Outlook Spam Terrier and Outlook Express. He automatically detects the flow of correspondence letters advertising, eliminating the need for users to manually browse and filter out unwanted messages.

The filter is self-learning. To determine which messages should be considered them as spam, you must specify a message from an existing mail that the user considers spam. Carefully you will be trained Spam Terrier, the more accurate the results will be. Effectively deal with promotional mailing can also use the tool Vade Retro from the company Goto Software (). The program is available for free download and free of charge as does the first update anti-spam database.

Further updates will cost base approximately $ 40 per year subscription. 3. Need to check e-mail attachments. Pictures, executable files with the extension exe, music, accounts – all this gets on your computer as attachments to emails. But not always in Embedding is what is written in the letter: there are often hidden virus or ‘Trojan’. Therefore, when working with attached files should be cautious and follow the main rules: – Never open attachments in emails received from strangers – unless the sender calls himself a member of the FSB, the bank officer or employee of the Technical Support e-mail server, it will almost certainly receive such a letter indicates tampering or cheating! It is better to immediately delete the message – make sure there is always a file extension such as it seems at first glance. For example, an attachment pretending to be a document PDF, showing the following extension, but in reality it can be located the executable file. Such a situation with a high degree of probability points to attack your computer. To avoid possible infection need to know exactly what you received. Include a map recorded in the type system extensions. To do this, open a Windows Explorer menu ‘Tools’ and select’ Folder Options’ tab ‘View’ and uncheck the box next to ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ then click on ‘OK’. Now enhanced with the resulting file will be shown in full. 4. Configuring your email client (software running on a PC, which allows you to receive, send and organize e-mail), for example, Outlook can move any suspicious e-mails into a special folder for spam. The user selects the level of protection from unwanted mail.

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Cloud Virus Protection Internet

What could be better than one guard? A whole army of good guards. This simple principle is based cloud protection technology (from the English. In-the-Cloud). Explain what lies behind this new concept. What is a cloud? Almost every developer of software packages to protect against Internet threats, has already launched its cloud on the Internet. It consists of servers, one of the developers of antivirus protection, and all Internet-connected PC, which software works this developer. For example, Kaspersky Lab calls his art a cloudy solution of Kaspersky Security Network.

How does it work? 1. I suspect the file has not yet been identified by the program security as a pest, shoot digital imprint, and on this basis creates a unique checksum. It is transmitted through the Internet connection into a cloud security developer. 2. Server checks whether the known cloud passed checksum, and therefore hiding behind her file.

If known – the data about malware being transferred back to the user's computer, and installed anti-virus solution on it enters the fight. 3. In Otherwise, the analysis software on the server examines in detail the file. If he is potentsialnuyuugrozu, the checksum as a new signature is entered into the database of the cloud. 4. Then cloud provides a new signature available to all connected computers. In subsequent queries, the cloud fraction of a second can confirm that we are talking about the virus. The main advantage of cloud technology: it allows faster detection of new threats, it is very important during virus outbreaks. Cloud technology has not only advantages. For example, the user should be the developer of a degree of trust – yet the PC and the cloud constantly exchanging files. The biggest drawback is that a brand new threat is revealed only if there is an Internet connection. But if computer is currently disconnected from the network, then hit a new pest, say, a flash drive, have used alternative methods of identification, such as behavioral analysis.

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