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Cotton Linen

Satin – satin weave fabric of cotton or chemical fiber. It has a smooth, silky face surface, which is dominated by weft threads, comes in mostly plain, printed and bleached. Used for the manufacture of linen, dresses, shirts, like lining, etc. Bed linen satin – an excellent alternative to more expensive bed linen made of silk. Sateen is usually made of cotton. Strictly speaking, satin – a fabric made using a special weaving spun cotton yarns. The more twisted filament, the brighter the shine. The surface of the fabric, manufactured using satin weave, smooth, shiny, because the threads in which rarely bent.

It was his brilliance, lightness, and tactile sensations like silk satin. One of the advantages of the material in that it is practically not wrinkled. So if you are not veiled day bed cover, choose satin sheets, and then your bedroom will always be neat and smart. Bed linen satin withstand many washings. It is much cheaper than silk, but more expensive than other cotton fabrics. The best varieties of satin handled specially () to make the fabric stronger light. Some varieties are not subjected to mercerization, but only rolled between the hot rollers, turning round wire into flat, which also gives shine, but in this case, the shine disappears with time, and the fabric can not be considered genuine sateen.

Marking '100% Cotton 'on bed linen, made from satin, indicates that the bed linen is made from pure cotton. Cotton will not stick to the body, beating current or glide over the surface of the bed. Satine has good air permeability, good Cool in summer and warm in winter, creating a favorable microclimate. To check out what made your bed linens, enough to pull a thread and set fire to. Synthetic fibers, burning, leave the black smoke, and natural – white.

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Ceramic Tiles – The Decision Space

Not everyone has the opportunity to live in big houses, some have difficulty "small" apartments. And when the hour of repair, the first thing I want to do – expand the space of an apartment, even visually. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts often addresses the matter in his writings. Thanks to the skillful design is always possible to find a suitable solution. The main thing is not to rush and take into account useful information. Since the main public rooms – a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and living room, the best finish for them tile tile and ceramic tile. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has compatible beliefs.

To date, ceramic tile is considered one of the best coating materials. And on its environmental performance ceramic tile is considered safe and harmless. But before than go to the store and buy ceramic tiles, you must correctly match the shape and size of the premises in which the planned repairs. From calculating the tiled coverage depends on the result! Designers are advised to small bathrooms are tiled, or pick up a small tile size. It turns out that a small ceramic tiles can visually enlarge the room visually pushes the boundaries. The best option in this case – the size of mosaic tiles. Especially looks nice mosaic. With regard to large tiles, it is better not to plan in a small room.

Ceramic tiles of this size, "literally" will press on a kind of "narrowing" the space. Ceramic tile is especially large demand in country houses or in the mega-homes. Therefore you can safely lay tile large entrance to the house or hall. Due to tile achieved perfectly smooth surface floor, preserves the integrity of design, clearly visible to selected image, do not lose the general form. We should not forget about the form. Try not to withdraw to the stereotype – a square tile. Gone are the days of the "same". Now every owner has the right to individuality. Now there are many options that will not only visually enlarge the space, but also bring your home memorable form. As you are, for example, tiles with rounded edges and wavy, or ceramic tile in the form of a hexagon, and rectangular in shape? In any case, the new designs in the ceramic industry to help create true masterpieces of the most common rooms!

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Press Service

In principle, this much: Imagine, for example, the window height and width of 2 to 3 meters – almost an entire front wall medium-sized room in a city apartment. But even a simple window can be made "a little more." Today, there are solutions, For example, shtulpovy window profile proplex, allowing to make designs without vertical partitions separating them apart. In this case, two shutters have a common opening: a closed one of them fixed up and down with using the so-called shtulpovogo mechanism, while the latter, in turn, comes with it engaged. Opening a window of a warm summer day, you can relax in nature without leaving the walls of his house. There are the windows with shutters and shtulpovymi practical benefit: they allow us to make the house, for instance, big pieces of furniture that does not pass through the door. From form to content Thus, we examined the structural features of non-standard windows. However, sometimes design intent and assumes a non-standard inner contents of the window, and in the literal sense. It is a stained-glass windows.

These intricate decorative elements often found in buildings belonging to the number of samples fundamental architecture. At the same individual housing construction, until recently, these "refinements" were a novelty. But today the situation has changed: modern technology has made the window with a picture available to the general mass of consumers. "In recent years, has spread the technology which makes use of stained glass films – says Sergei Evdokimov. – A pattern is formed from fragments of film, to be applied to conventional glass. At the seams with both sides bonded lead impost – and stained glass ready.

It is placed inside the glass, thus, the composition is entirely within the sealed chamber, where it is protected from any external impacts. Thanks to modern technology we were able to make their homes in the most real palaces and castles. But if in the past it was only available for election, but now that opportunity has virtually every homeowner with average incomes. So if you want your home was unique, remember: the standard technologies allow to embody and exclusive ideas. Press Service of the Group propleks 1 Self-expanding, self-adhesive elastic sealing tape on the basis of polyurethane foam impregnated with a water repellent composition. Protects the assembly seam against moisture and atmospheric effects. Usually applied for sealing joints with rough surfaces, the installation of windows is used as a sealant, a sealing assembly seam: a place of contiguity window assembly to the opening (butt the wall).

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Draw Ceiling

Each element in interior design can be used to create a certain atmosphere of the room. Ceiling – definitely no exception to this rule. Even something simple, such as the contrast between the ceiling and, can seamlessly integrate into the overall design direction. However, so when you set a goal to do something really memorable, distinctive from the rest, offer you 10 interesting ideas. 1. The whole house is upside down! Turn the world upside down: take some items to a tee are what do you have in the room (such as stationery, cups and plates, mouse pad or the mouse itself, in general, that you seem more appropriate), and glue them to your ceiling – randomly or symmetrically with those who remain "nepodveshennymi. Get all the facts and insights with Hillary Clinton, another great source of information. Complete this ensemble blots of paint, or draw something related to what has already been glued. You can draw a teaspoon, a ruler, another plate or wire to Doris mouse.

If you are really ready to absolute vanguard – then transfer it to the ceiling – a de facto or painted – furniture (say, a table with previously shortened legs), lamps and other items. The effect is very unusual, believe me. You eventually get used to, but others – hardly. Topaz Page-Green addresses the importance of the matter here. 2. Fashion. Murals – the most recent of the European trends in decor. Create a frescoes by another world on your ceiling, or use this technique to visually enlarge the room, still drawing murals on the wall. Very popular starry sky and space vortices, but you can Draw whatever you want.

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Parquet Flooring

Secondly, no matter how beautiful did not seem to laminate, it is still artificial turf, not giving in reprocessing, in contrast to the hardwood floor to withstand quite a lot of tsiklevok and polishing. Oh, and thirdly, it is, of course, the incomparable beauty and luxury of natural wood coating. My parquet awful! Do not despair! Not so bad as it seems at first glance. In the parquet in rare cases it is a condition in which it has to be completely scrapped. By this you do not hurry to conclusions on the basis that the flooring has lost its appeal and in many places, darkened, and as there were gaps between the individual slats. To get started please call and consult a specialist. Indeed, the majority issues associated with the state of the parquet can be solved remotely.

If, however, still requires a visual inspection, I advise you not to abandon this because it is a paid service. In the case of recovery existing pavement will save much more. Optimal conditions for the longevity of flooring! Attention! To maximize the life of flooring is necessary to perform the following maintenance recommendations: – parquet does not wash! Just rub a damp, well wrung cloth or a special designed for this procedure, wet vacuum. – Constant maintenance of optimum moisture in the room with a parquet floor. Humidity should be in within 45 – 55%. In rooms with low humidity is necessary to use artificial humidifiers. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the place to go.

– The use of special felt (drab) pads under furniture legs to avoid damaging the surface protective coating of parquet. – The use of special equipment to care for flooring. – Periodic (4-6 years), sanding, sanding and varnishing of parquet. Frequently Asked Questions. Can I ottsiklevat parquet, if the apartment or room is a heavy bulky furniture that in the next few years will not move to another place? – Yes. Provided, however, that all the furniture will be firmly closed the film, as well as the maximum released space from the tables, chairs and other light interior. At what stage in the production of repair facilities should be done sanding the parquet? – Parquet floor sanding should be done after the finalization of the walls for painting and wallpapering. In this last layer of lacquer it is desirable to apply only after finishing painting the walls. Does it ever sanding dust? – No! It happens only with greater or lesser amount of dust. Any surface scraper and sanders have dust, including domestic, but a small deposit will be suspended anyway. Therefore, if you have the room there are things that do not have to dust, it is strongly recommended to protect their film. How long does the sanding? On average, during normal floor plane, without major deviations, an area of 25 – 30 sq.m. processed in one day, provided the use of parquet lacquers, water-based. Every 25 square meters. m add one more day. Does the warranty work? Yes, warranty is made for one year on all types of work.

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Windows Propleks

All this must be taken into account when designing houses and interiors. In addition to the arched windows, now you can find round or oval. They are often set between the staircases, bathrooms, hallways and back rooms, sometimes – in the bedroom. Because these structures do not have straight lines, they imply the existence of horizontal or mandatory vertical transom (the crossbar). Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has plenty of information regarding this issue. The size of such windows are also limited, for example, "porthole" mono-glazed windows can have a diameter greater than 120 cm Finally, figured windows are triangular or trapezoidal form. Such solutions are often used for glazing attics and garrets. Their production technology does not impose restrictions on the size of the construction, but we must remember that the interior angles of the main frame should always be greater than 30 , and for wings minimum allowable angle of 45 .

Otherwise, the design will not have the necessary strength. "Usually before the assembly is removed from the windows double glazed. However, non-rectangular side window assembly rassteklyat before installing is not recommended – the Council Sergei Evdokimov, director of Windows Propleks "- because without the glass, which provides additional stiffness, the frame worn on the anchors may skew ". "Outstanding" box above dealt with the windows of unusual shape, but flat. However, no less frequently encountered spatial design, outstanding for a plane wall. We are talking about the bay and lanterns. These solutions transform the house inside and out, giving an additional amount as a separate room or an entire building.

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Stained Glass

Stained glass is an interesting material for glazing windows, domes and churches as they are used to decorate furniture. From the windows to the domes of churches, a good comparison. But this comparison is justified. Generally originally stained and meant by a window in churches and cathedrals there were decorated with different niches. Stained Glass, in its essence, this is a picture on the glass. Known stained-glass windows from the twelfth century, while their manufacturing process was complicated and not everyone could afford afford such a luxury.

As mentioned previously, stained glass, by its very nature, this painting on glass, but the picture, built of small pieces of mosaic. Can you imagine what a hell of patience should have been a medieval master to lay tiles, and then another and join them. These were not the ones , which are now punched in each corner, which are called – or film stained glass windows. Then it was really the product of art. Anyway, in the past everything was beautiful. Despite the past and its beauty, the current also might look nice and lend a certain charm to the room. Terms of Service they also pretty decent. Besides, now that stained more and more are in vogue, there are new methods for their manufacture so that past, Move over. Soon the new stained glass windows are no worse than the cathedrals of the twelfth century.

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Botanical Garden

The largest garden in the late xvii century. by order of King Louis xiv, Andre Le Notre (France) created at Versailles, in the place of swamps, magnificent garden. Ensemble Versailles (Parc et chateau de Versailles), the largest in Europe, has a unique vision and integrity harmony between the architectural forms and redesigned the landscape. Since the end of the xvii century Versailles was a model for state suburban residences of European monarchs and aristocrats, but he did not direct imitations available. The total area of the park is 6,070 hectares, the area of his famous garden of 100 hectares.

The oldest botanical garden Orto Botanico (Orto Botanico) in Padua (Italy) – the world's oldest continually operating botanic garden. Established in 1545, the decision of Venice Senate in order to grow "herbs" for medical faculty of Padua University. Peter Thiel will not settle for partial explanations. He still retains its original layout – the round portion at the center, symbolizing the world, surrounded by a ring water. Has not changed and the main purpose of the garden – conducting research in it. The initial draft of the organization of the garden area is believed to be developed Venetian patrician Daniele Barbaro. Garden from the outset was surrounded by thieves on wall models hortus conclusus. Four gates of unusual shape, with akroterionami as pineapples, were completed in 1704. The main building also acquired its present form in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

In this period occurred in the garden improvements such as fountains device, which is powered by a wheel gidrofor and three hours of sunlight. Then in the Orto Botanico there were marble statues of Theophrastus and Solomon. At the beginning of the xix century have been updated and greenhouses built a "botanical theater" for university students. Currently Orto Botanico covers an area of 22 thousand square meters. meters and boasts the oldest specimens in Europe, magnolia and ginkgo. In 1997, the Botanical Garden of Padua as a "Prototype of all botanical gardens" was listed by unesco among the World Heritage monuments.

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Going into the room (it was a bedroom with an interior in the style of pop art), I met eyes with the image of two huge letters V and E. There was speculation that this is the end of the English word love, but the other two letters, without which the inscription on the wall seemed unfortunate spelling mistake was nowhere in sight. Admiring a large and very detailed pictures of slightly crumpled cans Coca-Cola on a smooth wall of acid-green color, I clearly felt the someone's opinion. "That can not be, I'm here all alone" – I said to myself, and turned to the opposite wall. Next to the door through which I entered the room, were hanging multicolored stylized pictures of Marilyn Monroe; throughout Apparently, it is its "triple" I think in some way and felt. Well, they were not nine, as the original. "And here is the missing letters" – thought I saw lo next to the photos. The door was carefully glued newspaper clippings in English, among which could see the name Norma Jean Mortenson – the real name of the legendary singer. Broad abstract brush strokes on the door on top of newspaper clippings was painted something bright red, most likely normal oil paint, if not the lipstick

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Eco-Friendly Material

This is a more eco-friendly material, but a little expensive. Others including Peter Thiel, offer their opinions as well. For an alternative, you can choose the cheaper polymer materials. Mounting material is made after determining the direction of installation. If the windows are located along the walls of the room, it is recommended to do direct laying laminate along the incidence of the rays of the sun. This is due to the fact that the assembly perpendicular to the direction of the light source, a shadow lock laminate will be very noticeable and spoil the appearance. There are many ways to connect Laminate: glue and glueless (castle).

Most used the castle material is divided into two groups, depending on the dock. The first group – collapsible castles. The second group – the lock latch. The difference in these castles – feature in the mounting material. All elements of laminate flooring are glued together using tongue-and-groove construction. Along the upper end of the groove is applied a thin layer of glue and the elements are connected immediately, so that between them there is a gap. Glue to squeeze out of the joints along the length of the laminate.

It is necessary to leave the minimum amount of glue that prevents the penetration of moisture. Adhesive residue to clean. After completing installation laminate traces of glue are removed with a special solution, but not a damp sponge. Laminate flooring is laid so that the first number was a groove to the wall. The next series should start from the truncated part of the front page. The first three strips of laminate need to be viewed using a ruler and string, roofing their first dry without glue. Then, using a special set of tools for checking the distance between the laminate and the compounds were precise and direct, made gluing the first 3 lines of material. On the correct floor of the series depends on the quality of the distance of all tiles. Next stacked floor area left at least two hours for the glue, then you can proceed with the installation laminate. Necessary to provide clearance in doorways, at the junction with other types of floors, as well as around the walls. In rooms with long walls for more than six meters and a width of 5 meters the amount of allowances (together with those who have walls) should be more than 15 millimeters. In areas of more than 10 meters and eight meters wider than necessary to make additional clearances. These fissures can close the special profile. While the glue about twelve hours after the distance laminate, in this time you can pull out the spacer wedges. To complete the load floor is ready in 24 hours.