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Distance Education

Educational needs of our contemporaries are accompanied by specific requirements of the conditions of learning such as accessibility, openness, efficiency, flexibility, democracy, along with individualized needs a high level of qualification of teachers, quality education, etc. These requirements are difficult to achieve only through the traditional educational techniques. Looking for new ways and means to work with trainees. At present, education has a place of education and integration of information and communication technologies on which to base and form a new group of technologies – distance education technology. Distance learning demanded by the population of many countries. This is a fait accompli, not only overseas but also in our country.

For the democratic development of any country in the Information Society necessary that every citizen has a choice of different periods of his life depending on the prevailing circumstances, full-time, part-time, part-time forms of training, external studies and their various combinations with distance learning technologies. Traditionally, distance learning technologies are understood, tools, methods and ways of learning, assuming a constant, reproducible formalized representation, transmission and control knowledge in an open information environment. Information and communication technologies are a means to implement distance learning technologies. In Russia, the introduction of a new group educational technology into the learning process, despite the unconditional successful progress in this direction of leaders of education, as MESI, USTU and others, yet is extremely slow and not as effective as it could be. It is not only the inertia of pedagogical thinking in the absence of thorough or ad hoc regulations at appropriate levels. In regions far distant from the center, training needs with the use of distance learning technologies, mainly arise from citizens, a large percentage of whom live in rural areas. As a general rule, information and communications infrastructure in such places is not developed enough internet connection or totally absent, or its quality is poor.

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Personal Development

The personality of the members Blue needs an open and social atmosphere to be able to work well. The relations are very important for them, and need the freedom to be able to foment the relations with companions, prospectuses and leaders. The conflicts and the intense competition are painful for a blue one, but they are developed very well in a positive atmosphere, creative atmosphere, oriented to the service. A member with Green personality more is recognized by the experience instead of its personal abilities. They are excellent of work with facts, data, projects of investigation and analysis.

The green ones shine in their capacity for the design, the understanding of complex systems and the strategy. The facts are of extreme importance for the green one, but they have a weakness by the routine to follow ahead and are a little insensible in the social interactions. The members of the equipment with personality Orange are remarkable by their energy, ability and creativity. A key factor for an orange is the freedom of being able to use its abilities and capacities. If there is too much structure, or his head is very authoritarian, the orange personality feels blocked and it does not work well. Personalities as the orange and work well in a spirit of work in equipment, the competition and camaraderie.

They are oriented to the action, nevertheless and they are impatient with the prolonged administrative activities. A leader, when knowing the colors his equipment, can use this knowledge to mix the members of the equipment in an image unified and coordinated and to guide the equipment towards the success. When facilitating to each member the atmosphere to work efficiently in its areas, the leader is in the good way to obtain extraordinary results.