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Electric Motorization

The Conversion of I propagate the combustion for electric motorization, in the Brasilainda is privilege of few, lack to incentives the production of eequipamentos parts, what it would have to be a commitment of clean energy, we only can make with engines and imported parts, we approach nesteartigo as to carry through the conversion using a motorization for 50 umaautonomia of km, walking to a 80 average of Km/h, to a cost of U$1.900, being that for importation we must increase 60% of sobrevalor taxes of produtos+frete, the too much item can be acquired nomercado internal. Introduction This is a kit for electric motorization for vehicles with platform and mecnicVW, the materials necessary for fazero car to twirl only with batteries. Estekit can be installed in one day, will have a little of experience mechanics. He was projected to work normally with VW of the Fusca types and Brasilia, which had to the low cost I propagate of it in the market, This kit was conceived for utilizaode potentiometer of the type ' ' Cloud Electric Throttle' ' 0-5K, Estepotencimetro is much more sensible and can be installed next to on motoreltrico and to the handle to the accelerator, with screws tranferred for cabode steel. The USA handles armored for connection to the controller, the armored handles reduzema interference of other electric components and high-voltage. Mounted in a box ABS one becomes has led reducing the weight and increasing proteoda box against high next temperature to the engine. This unit can be montadaem some positions and requires an assembly stand. You also can use you colaou velcro, depending on its will and preference. This kit uses an engine of tipoMotor ADC 6.7 #L91-4003 72-120VDC 13 HPDouble Shaft, Kelly Controller 24-120V 500 the Programmable one I OPT, potentiometer tipoThrottle ' ' Cloud Eletric' ' Light Weight Shilelded 3 wire 0-5K, ten bateriaschumbo acid of 100 the 12 V, flange deadaptao, electric motor adapting axle to the differential, and materials as handles, fixing, keys Motor etc.

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Google Adsense

With this niche to in line make money with surveys, that has majors volumes search, considered major average of the CPC, and the smaller competition . They do not misinterpret to me, has the competition slightly more discharge in fact, I am going to explain later why I do this although the competition is high. So we paid attention to the following image: To win Money Doing Surveys in line Key word We can see in the result of the investigation of key words, to make money in line doing surveys has considered of CPC an average of $ 2,46 and 4,400 searches, that are of approximately 110 searches to the day. I decided by the word to make money doing surveys online like key words, due to the results search. Higher estimation in average of CPC and the volume search does not mean that you can be making more money by each click of Google Adsense, Must watch in his results search and of verifying the easy thing that it can arrive at TOP 10 with the key word. From several key words in the result of the investigation of key words, in my opinion, to make money doing possible surveys in line are the more profitable key word. We are going to throw a look to the results search: To make money doing surveys online Results of the search I have been reviewing in the 3 first places of the results search, I tried to look for in the sites and to more see what surveys are writing about to make money in line doing, Although make money in line doing surveys have a high competition of 25.900.00, seems that Google cannot obtain any the 25.

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Trehshtangovy Turnstile Work

I work in an area where people without a permit or authorization can not go. Previously, all passed through the turnstile is the most common, showing a pass guard. In addition, the arrival time workers guard said in a magazine. Sometimes, late for several minutes, and the guard starts to stare in your face, asks who so why, because either it's a brand new, or simply not see well, and yet it happened at a place not turned out – had to wait, well, a magazine write that I'm late. But bosses later this magazine explores and bonuses can deny. Strictly we do with it.

But recently we have finally established the modern trehshtangovy turnstiles with electronic access control (such as in Moscow metro), distributed to all employees registered electro keys. Now, when we come to work, just rest my card (a magnetic key) to the wicket, to freely pass through, so more and as card inscribed somewhere in the computer automatically notes how many who came to work and left with her. So that we can not wait for a guard and did not prove to him that you are here to work. But now visitors, of course, pass the old-fashioned, but a new beautiful turnstile!

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Voyage Astral Time

Technical new for travel astralmente, how to make an astral journey. As you know there are many techniques to make an astral journey, here I will cintar a combination of the blue wave and the lifting of coup. Normally to begin in astral travel are followed guidelines too at the foot of the letter, that sometimes is a consequence of the failure of many attempts at projection. Many of you have heard me thousands of times say that there no better technique than another, that depends on the person can go you better one or the other. As well, I propose you guieis by intuition in your session of ghosting. STEPS to make an ASTRAL journey:-the first thing is to relax, if we are lying in bed and sleep much better. This can take an hour to two.

We hope that it invades the dream, every time we feel our body more relaxed. If we concentrate we will see that we can endure this state of drowsiness without sleep and also be awake. -Important to maintain the State of relaxation, we will see that on occasions we will be tempted to sleeping us, not you sleep. Still conscious to your state of drowsiness, if you see that you go to sleep you don’t wake up suddenly because that would break the process, tries to gain consciousness thinking of the sensations your body that lives in that time. -Little by little (if resist enough) you will notice as it gives you a sense of mobility, as if a light breeze te balanceara or te dragging a wave. Prolongs this feeling until it becomes more notable, if staying relaxed and not you desconcentras come a time in which you will feel that you are no longer within your body, as you swinging a few meters of the, just at that moment without you time to think nothing, stand up!! You’ll be the astral plane with 100% of consciousness that you conservaste during rolling. Visit throughout your House or outside salt, try to not sleep during the trip, but will become a dream lucid, and polished to a conventional dream sleep. LeyCosmica.org all about techniques astral travel. WWW.LEYCOSMICA.

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Record Number Of Visitors To The Ceremony Of The Telematics Awards 2013 At The IFA Berlin

The formal announcement of the winners of the Telematics Awards 2013 Berlin, 08.09.2013. In this year, and yesterday telematics Markt.de, the leading media group in the telematics industry in German-speaking countries, the telematics Award awarded for the telematics the human. Representative venue and partner of the organizer of 2013 is the international radio exhibition in Berlin. Over 200 event guests and media representatives have registered for this award as visitors and observers. To document the increased importance of this innovative industry for which the Organizer advertises for years, with their interest. Already following the announcement of the companies nominees for the telematics award 2013 interest emerged, which would arouse the award ceremony this year and as the organizer for the ceremony showed a record number of visitors. Already a few minutes after the inlet, all seats were occupied. This was further interested guests from business, science, as well as users and press yet, the Standing to attend the ceremony.

Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Board of the gfu (organizer of the IFA) opened the ceremony, once again emphasized the role and importance of telematics for the economy and said the organisers, the media group of telematics Markt.de in Berlin and at the IFA in Berlin welcome… The round of talks with excitement and interest, the guests of the event followed the subsequent talk of telematics. This almost one-hour round of talks is very popular with the visitors and for the promoter already fixed become tradition. That it was pretty tight in the Marshall House of the Red Lounge, was also quite possibly with the participants of this year’s round: Dr. Uwe Engelmann founding shareholder, CHILI GmbH Prof. Alfred Iwainsky of Chairman of the Board, GFal Katharina Klischewsky Publisher, media group telematics Markt.de Michael Pulmanns Managing Director, GeoCompanion GmbH Dr.

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