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Basic Instructions

Perhaps an initiation for the new times you already have explored the vast field of study of a religion, of an esoteric area, Metaphysical or espiritualista in some way, but that for some reason she feels that lacks something to it in its form to live and of if relating. You want to understand yourself better, to understand its conflicts, action, limits and to perfect its process of choice before the uncertainties of the life. Ahead of this interior impulse of if wanting to more know concerning the mysteries of the proper existence to create the type of life that if longs for he is that I present our process that takes for another level of conscience and understanding of the proper LIFE through the concept of ‘through the times, but these today need to be reformulated the Light of the Dimension of God Father/Mother (ALL) that we reach. This process INICITICO still is only can guarantee, is alone to confer, therefore it is what it approaches the aspects of ALL and its Dimension pass-the-I pass through teachings that if they complete gradually, having a Material all organized by some subjects that will go forming a pretty one It emends. The lessons understand emend in format pdf sent for the Internet (email) in a course that if auto-explains in general in form didactic, reflexiva and opened the questionings and doubts being divided with basic teachings, intermediate and advanced.

But, this process is not as to go to a school every day and to frequent a course simply. It is a private process to ones few that are truily made use to enter in the temple of knowing. This study INICITICO he is something that in the mark for all the life. My initiation appeared of the proper inquiry and experience of life without sectarismo some, that grew with gone and comings between meeting with people, friends, masters, groups, courses, initiations and in the great familiar and religious experience. In this context of study and initiation it is that I was organizing some teachings ahead of a holistic vision serious, consistent and including of the life with regard to ‘ ‘ TODO’ ‘. Knowledge that had been despertando and if consolidating through the time and since then, if perpetuating and growing in knowing, virtue and wisdom, that hour I look for to share with all interested parties, ahead of a proper pedagogia of ‘ ‘ TODO’ ‘ I call as it now. It is enrolled to participate of our lessons and entirely receives GRATIS our Digital Book on Basic Instructions on ALL. Bigger Information with Prof. Mauro: (11) 9572-8378 email:.

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However, using a stick, the monkey immediately cease to perceive it as a weapon could be thrown or breaking it, and at other times in the same situation again, would act by trial and error. The man in the minds fixed the need to maintain the tool. Then, in case it is lost, he will like it. Then he will improve a weapon in relation to the purpose of, share acquired skills with others, etc. This description is sketchy, but it gives an idea of how, in the course of substantive work in human form memory, motivational sphere, as well as visual-effective thinking begins to develop visual-figurative and abstract thinking, ie, the most important mental processes from the sphere of consciousness. Another important factor in the development of consciousness is the formation and development of language.

It With language, there was a fundamental change in the reflectivity of the person. Becomes possible reflection of reality in the human brain not only in the form of images, but also in verbal form. This allows us to plan their action, because, in terms only way, it is extremely difficult. With language, the person receives the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with others. New generations are in concentrated form to gain experience earlier. The man has a chance to acquire knowledge of such phenomena with which he personally has never met. Summarizing the above-described interaction of human consciousness, its activities and language, we can distinguish the stage development of consciousness. 1. The initial stage when consciousness exists only in the form of a mental image that opens the subject of the world around him.

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Friction Paint

As is well known, well-chosen colors can expand the space to create any style of room and give the owner the right mood. Allow us to play the color of paint on the market in such a wide range that long and confused. So today we will touch upon practical considerations when choosing paints, knowing that you dobetes best results – both for design and for the purse. Four Any element of paint comprises four main components that determine its properties. First, a pigment, without which the paint is difficult to name any – he is responsible for the color. The second component – binder, which provides adhesion (cohesive).

Third – filler – determines what will be the color – matte or glossy, giving it a particular reflectivity. The fourth component – Solvent – it depends on the consistency of paint and its coverage. It is from these four independent then how each fits into a particular color are your plans for its use. Of course, the main task paint – to provide the desired shade of the surface on which it is applied. But let's not forget that the paint is still a protective layer, saving the basis of the effect of external influences. The high degree of resistance to Friction can do wet cleaning of floors and walls without dire consequences for their appearance. Usually, reliability indicators paint are specified in the instructions. But here has a little trick nb: do not take one and the same floor paint, walls iotolka, even if you want to paint them in one color. Agree, the degree of mechanical action on the floor and the ceiling is different in a lot of time and, consequently, for the latter you can buy a less expensive paint with a relatively low rate of wear. Water resistance – the second important property of paint material, which is especially important when painting kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

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Field Emission Display

The TFT is a component of LCD TVs. Is a matrix that handles varying transparency of glass. It is a kind of network switches (one for pixel). In street language are used almost interchangeably TFT or LCD stands to identify this type of flat TVs. Plasma or PDP (Plasma Display Panel) A plasma screen consists of a matrix of cells which in turn are composed of three subpixels (red, green and blue). The gas, xenon, in the plasma state reacts with phosphorus in each subpixel to produce colored light. Each subpixel is individually controlled by a processor.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) organic electroluminescence points are simply placed in a matrix display and the light forming the image. They are shorter than the LCD but also consume much less. FED (Field Emission Display) and SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) These very similar technologies can be understood as a combination between CRT and LCD. This involves applying miniature cathode ray cell at a flat screen, as if each cell were a minitelevisor. DLP (Digital Light Processing) This calls the technology used in televisions projection and rear projection. Basically a wheel of light emitted primary colors (red, green and blue) and they are redirected to the screen by a mirror system (one per pixel). Some models can display up to 35 trillion colors LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is a technology very similar to that used in DLP and rear projection.

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