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Analysis Of Usb Sticks

USB is an interface plug & play between PC and certain devices such as keyboards, mouse, printers, modems, plates of sound, digital cameras, etc., which in the past were connected differently for example through ports serial or parallel, which require different drivers to operate and were many slower in what transfer rate refers. This interface is also widely used in data storage devices as they can be the USB memory or as a safety device so that our PC is locked and not be able to access our information such as USB keys we can name several benefits of Usb port: 1 one of the most important features is that allows devices to work at speeds on average to about 12 Mbpswhich is more or less 3 to 5 times faster than a device of parallel port and 25 to 40 times faster than a serial port device. 2 Has a more simple connection, since it has only one type of cable, by the tantopracticamente not errors shall be recorded at the time of install printer, camera, or even a storage device such as a flash drive, because there is only one type of cable (a-b USA) with different at each end connectors, so it is impossible to connect it wrongly. 3 Is cross-platform, it can be used both in different operating systems such as Windows, Linux or OS2 and different hardware as a PC or MAC platforms. This benefits significantly to compatibility, since eliminating the risks in offers a range of products, enabling the creation of innovative PC combinations, manufacturers software and peripherals that meet the needs of specific market segments. Remember that in the past, each device had a different port, the printer parallel port, serial port mouse, as well as also the keyboard used different port called ps/2.

4 Is Plug and Play, that is when we connect a printer or scanner via the USB interface, is not necessary to shut down the computer so that the new hardware is detected as the system automatically recognizes the connected device and installs the appropriate drivers, which allows it to be Hot Pluggable, it is saying that the user can connect and disconnect USB devices as often as you want without having to turn off and turn on the machine. 5 Is of great benefit for people with less experience in the world of computing, and to connect certain devices such as for example a network or a modem, plate years ago they had to if or if recourse to open the CPU to install the device, all this is much more easy and simple because now these devices are connected externally via USB. 6. USB technology allows connections in operation, so that users can easily incorporate a printer and when they need it, in USB, it is possible to connect up to 127 devices to our computer. In the photo we see a device to expand the connection for devices quantity.I say goodbye leaving so they visit a page which has many interesting utilities for USB devices and in particular want to recommend a totally free to be able to test the speed of your USB and can scan if the USB memory. Original author and source of the article

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Blackberry RIM

One of the best mobile operating systems that never existed is dying, is giving its latest gigantic before his inevitable demise; one of the companies most envidiadas and most imitated throughout the industry is holding its allies to not succumb and die, but that step?, because one of the strongest brands: Nokia, and one of the most revolutionary operating systems: Symbian, could not maintain its leadership position and now kneel before Apple and Google? As developer and producer of mobile solutions for years I present my views in this respect: 1. first Europe and Asia and then USA. Please, we cannot simply ignore the large and hungry of the world consumer market. Traditionally the new models of Nokia phones, threw first for the European market, it is enough to mention that these phones 3 G bands worked only with operators in Europe. When they threw the equivalents for the American market, they already arrived at the wrong time or they were overwhelmed in technology by other brands.

This He showed also a clear incompetence to establish relationships with local operators. 2. Attention to the corporate segment at the wrong time. Nokia left Blackberry acaparara the corporate segment and did very little to give competition, failed to take advantage of its technology, nor the advantage of being a giant competitor to establish alliances and solutions of mobile office similar to those who have Blackberry RIM; When he wanted it to do, it was too late. 3 Nokia did not want to take risks, at the appropriate time. The first iPhone was a serious gamble for Apple, ran much risk at its launch, the little battery durability, did not support multitasking, single 2 G without front camera, etc.

Etc., but… bet to a fast interface, full touchscreen system, and a powerful 3D platform. If at that time Nokia had released a similar cell phone, risking more, with more multimedia features, perhaps another would have been history. 4. The sale of unlocked computers did not obtain the expected success.-the strategy of selling smartphones to the just as computers through retail chains, with the advantage of not being locked to any operator, not convinced the public; Yet consumers prefer to be bound to the contract with the operator, but this being funded much of the cost of the equipment. Nokia launched the first cell phone with OS on 32-bit, multitasking, in December 1999, a decade before the iPhone 4,…

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