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Cover Increased Transportvolume

The Department of Stassentransport has received a number of heavy and light trucks in March 2013. TELS cargo, the Department of road transport of the Group of tels companies, expanded its fleet to transport more heavy and cases. The fleet of the company has been through some new tractors DAF XF105. purchased 460 EURO 5 with the semi-trailers Schmitz SCS 24/L. The expansion of the fleet takes place this year at a rapid pace. In comparison to the year 2012, in which the company has bought 19 heavy and light trucks, the first quarter 2013 with 15 new vehicles has been marked. Heavy and cases, extra transport operations are required. TELS offers transportation of these commodities, using various means of transport can be used.

The Transport Department of the company used special equipment to handle transportation of heavy and oversized. All TELS cargo vehicles are equipped with additional cargo fastening systems to prevent financial risk and To strengthen cargo security. The drivers of tels companies consists of trained professionals with average experience 13 years. The drivers are constantly trained and tested. They also undergo psychological Vertraglichkeitsteste interpersonal conflicts within the Department for transport of the company to avoid. We expand our fleet to be able to make more transportation of heavy and oversized.

Customer satisfaction and quality of services have always been among our main priorities. Additionally, we strive for us to expand our area of activity all over the world, a transport manager says the Group of tels companies. About the company the Group of TELS companies is an international transport company, such services, how uni and multi modal transport by sea, road, railway or in the air, as well as groupage and transport hazardous cargo. The company has a huge network of warehouse and a fleet of vehicles for fast and secure service.

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