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World Bank

Therefore, the current power struggle is more like not a fistfight, and a friendly rematch in a foreign field. In this situation, most experts agree that in the next 10-15 years, despite the weakening of its role, the U.S. loss of world leadership. First, the chief financial asset the United States continues to be the dollar and Treasury bonds. And although today all distinctly heard talk of a new reserve currency, the practical implementation of this the idea is still unlikely. In reality, the world does not exist a competitive alternative to the "bad" American debt instruments, and investors continue to invest even in a weak U.S. economy.

K Moreover, the U.S. virtually control large financial institutions, which, in fact, can go to such drastic measures as the introduction of a new reserve currency. The dominant role of the imf and World Bank will allow the U.S. and follows a policy of dollarization of the global economy. Secondly, the U.S. economy, and today the largest and most competitive in the world. Country's share in world gdp is about 20%, almost twice the economy nearest competitor. As for the leading industries of the future such as nano-and biotechnology, the U.S.

is practically a monopoly in this area. Already, revenues from the use of new technologies in the U.S. up 76% of the global total in this field. Such a huge potential in conjunction with the privilege of making key decisions on the level of international organizations will provide U.S. leadership in the preservation of the future.

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DrawingML Example

DrawingML Example DrawingML graphic made by DrawingML is the markup language for vector graphics used in Office Open XML documents. Its main role is to render graphics elements of text, vector-based graphic forms, tables and diagrams. DrawingML is the third model of tables in Office Open XML (after models in WordprocessingML tables and SpreadsheetML) and is optimized for graphical effects like shadows and reflections that can be used in various graphic elements. It was created for use mainly by PresentationML language. You can create 3D effects by DrawingML for example, display various graphic elements through a flexible viewing angle. You can also create design motifs separated by a container DrawingML Office Open XML.These themes can be applied to graphic elements across all content within the container Office Open XML. The language DrawingML is not related to other vector graphics formats like SVG, but can be converted to DrawingML to include natively in a Office Open XML document. This is a different approach to the OpenDocument format, which uses a subset of SVG and vector graphics features in separate files. The dimensions of a graphic are specified in units DrawingML Metric English (the English English Metric Unit or EMUs). This unit is defined as 1/360.000 of an inch and thus there EMUs 914,400 in an inch and 12,700 EMUs per point. Was selected with the interests of unity that could use integers to represent most accurately the dimensions found in a document.Floating point operations can not adequately represent a fraction that is not the result of the sum of powers of two and that error is amplified when the fractions are added together several times resulting in a mismatch. Since one inch is 2.54 centimeters, or 127/50, the inch must be split into 127 for the inch and centimeter values become integers. To accurately represent two decimal digits, you need a splitter 100. To represent a point, you need a splitter 72, which also allows for divisions 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36 to be exact. Multiplying these values results in 127 72 100 914,400 units per inch (the least common multiple of 228,600 would give values per inch and 90,000 per cm). According to Rick Jelliffe, programs and activities of standards (ISO, W3C, IETF), the EMUs are a rational solution to a set of design criteria.

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Technological Innovation in Family Business

The face is that Spain is one of the most dynamic economies, the cross that we one of the European Union countries with the worst productivity figures. Neither the economic development experienced in recent years seems sufficient to achieve a better use of resources within the company. Therefore, there appears to be a chronic problem of productivity in the Spanish companies that ultimately end up affecting the economic situation. If previously competed for cost, it is clear that the current economic environment characterized by competition from Asian countries, this is no longer possible. If we descend to the regional level, these approaches are even more certain.The question we must ask ourselves is why we seem to be as entrepreneurial but yet so very efficient in the management and use of resources Productivity problems are associated with low levels of innovation and lack of professionalism in management and organization of the company. Of course it is essential to entrepreneurship of our businessmen but also companies need to have leadership cadres trained and able to innovate in the broadest sense of the word. The family business is not immune to these deficiencies in professionalism, on the contrary, the relationship between family and business sometimes results in managerial positions and unsuitable persons, ultimately, to low levels of innovation. One of the most crucial innovations of good corporate governance are the information technologies.Spain is ranked 24th in the world ranking of technological competitiveness, according to the findings of the study ‘The means to compete: benchmarking IT industries’, produced by the “Economist Intelligence Unit’. For the World Economic Forum (WEF) Spain is in 32nd-place ranking on the use of information technology and communication (ICT) in the world, one less than in 2005 and seven least since 2002. According to the European Monitoring Technologies Information for 2006, Spain is the second lowest in the EU 25 in terms of IT spending as a percentage of GDP. These data make clear the Spanish technological backwardness, but why does this happen There are several reasons as well as the perspectives from which addresses the limited use of information technology.Then I detail which, a priori, closest to the field of small-scale family business: Low level of awareness of the benefits of information systems. The centralization of functions by the manager / owner explains traditionally low technology-driven SMEs. Normally the computer activities are outsourced and are reduced to a purely operational role. Investment in information systems, low cost and low risk. The limited financial resources and dependence on short-term investments decline leads to some entity that is the company that truly transform These barriers explain the technological backwardness Spanish.The companies do invest in information technology: computers, phones, Internet, website, computer applications, but fail to capitalize on these investments. One other thing to have and use. The real use of IT involves a determined bid for a new business model by transforming internal hierarchical relations and relations with the environment.

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