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The Spanish Association

Madrid, 23 December of 2010. – The Spanish Association for the Acoustic Quality (Aecor) has abierto a new communication channel thanks to the creation of an exclusive space of the association within the vestibule of YouTube videos. In him, the associates of Aecor will be able to include their videos related to the acoustics, soundproofing and the noise to present them ampler public. Also he will serve as platform to pick up some appearances of the association in television. The name of the channel within Youtube is asociacionaecor and just by to introduce it in the seeking intern of the vestibule, the channel of the association becomes visible. The direction URL that gives direct access to the new channel of AECOR, is. Official site: Tom Waits. Thanks to the technology of the vestibule, any video of AECOR will be able to be included in others blogs or pages just by to insert the code of the video that appears underneath the visualization window, which multiplies the possibilities for its diffusion. On YouTube YouTube is the platform of video in streaming more widely spread and than to it revolutionized the concept of the video through Internet. mation.

In him any user can raise and share videos. Its creation goes back to 2005 when three extrabajadores of Paypal in February of 2005. In November of 2006, powerful it acquired it to Google Inc. by 1650 million dollars, and now it operates like one of his branchs. YouTube in line uses a reproducer based on Adobe Flash to serve its content. For more information: Pablo Vargas/Marta Turio RMG & Associated 91 597 16 16 Original author and source of the article.

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The Gas

You – the gods as you can afford it: how you use the divine nature, its creative energy. First of all, realize that you – the gods most beautiful thing in life you get for free: air, sunshine, aromas of flowers, the colors of the world. Why? – Because you – ye gods! You were born – you have not made any effort for you to bother the divine creative energy. Every morning sun – what do you do this? – You just open your eyes and enjoy the colors of the sunrise. You are surrounded by all the singing, flowers, plays, dances, smells – what efforts you make to this? No! – All this creates a divine energy. Your body works – every moment is an infinite number of biochemical processes.

How can you participate in this? No! Operates energy – and everything happens by itself. Moving stars galaxies, universes, worlds. What part did you take this? – No! You do not even think about it. You gods, for you have already created all things. You do not need to do. Except for one thing: to understand that you – the gods, and to use his divine opportunities. You get into a car, train, airplane, elevator, turn on your computer, mobile phone – and all you're lucky, bears on its wings, helps, supports, serves, works for you.

What do you do to the car came to movement? One – you press the gas pedal and the car moves you wherever you wish. You – the gods, and you just need to get behind the wheel of your life and choose your destination. Everything in this world operates this way. You do not need to push the car – just get behind the wheel and press the gas pedal. You do not have to run ahead of or behind the engine – just enter the car and you will carry wherever you wish. You can relax, relax, contemplate and bliss, for you – the gods. As successful rich people achieve fame and realize their dreams? – They released the creative energies of their divinity in free flight – and she brought them fruit, opportunity, came the proposal projects, which they skillfully used as tools, to do his magic, fantastic reality. God is not going to work – he creates his own world, using the creative energy of your divine essence. What did great people, who became the rulers of nations and peoples? They expressed their desire, and sent his divine power to journey through the universe, and she sang their dream. All the most ambitious in the world is written, drawn, composed, is open without effort – came as a revelation from above. A man cut off the mind and for a time became God. After all, God does not think, do not break my head – he knows. For you, for the gods, there is a universal bank information, which has all the answers. Just to be God and receive from the bank ready-made answers, inspiration and enlightenment. In this world you got it all. Only need to be able to take advantage of.

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Sharpening Chisels

Sharpening chisels for carving. Acute chisel cleanly and easily cuts the tree, run with it – fun. Good sharp tool leaves no rough edges, cut gives smooth, with a slight sheen. Depending on the degree blunt grinding process is divided into three types. The first type of sharpening applied when necessary to restore a chamfer or spalled edge. Therefore, grinding of the first kind in the blunting spend winepress, grinding wheels different granularity. In order to prevent spalling of the metal, it is necessary to remove thin layers of a few passages. Bevel, filmed during grinding, becomes slightly concave, the concavity of the radius depends on the diameter of the grinding range: the lower range, the deeper the cut.

When enchanted by a circle with a large grain size are deep longitudinal risks that it is desirable to remove the fine-grained abrasive at the same diameter as the coarse range. That the metal sliver less, better to grind at low speeds of the machine, if it is regulated by the speed. Sharpened tools to move smoothly over the surface of the grinding wheel is strictly at a right angle, that achieved by proper installation of paintings on podruchnike grinding machine with respect to the circle. After machining grinding by hand to keep sticks of different grits and finish grinding on the touchstone. Burr.

On the burr should pay special attention, it has a significant impact on the quality of grinding, and as a consequence, the subsequent process of carving. In the process of chamfering metal is shifted to the end of the wedge and remains on the cutting edge in the form of jagged stripes – Burr. The particles are connected to the burr blade. When sharpening must ensure that a smooth burr thread separated from the blade came down himself. If it will break off, then on the cutting edge Risks remain that will leave marks on the treated wood. The second facet. A role in sharpening plays second facet. As mentioned, when sharpening a chisel blade bevel is formed, the concave radius of the circle, This is the first facet, it is relatively wide, depending on the thickness of the fabric. The second facet is a narrow ribbon on the end of the first bevel and blade forms an angle slightly greater than the angle first bevel. The second facet has to be polished to a mirror finish on fine whetstone and brought up at the end of the severity of the razor. We have examined in detail the first type most grinding from coarse emery wheel on the stage before the final polishing and editing on whetstone, and skin. The second type is used for sharpening the blade dulled on average, when the facet has retained its shape, and considerably dull blade. In this case, a bar on fine-grained sharpening until slightly noticeable burr and reduce it to the above method, and then rule on the touchstone, and skin. The third type of sharpening is used with a slight edge is dulled, that is performed only on the touchstone of correction and skin without removing the burr.

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