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Charles Taylor

Taylor already approaches the bem-estarismo concept, that is, the culture of the bem-estarismo, where everything is justified under the allegation ' ' it supplies-bondosa' ' of general well-being, that can be understood as a characteristic of the utilitarismo. The first form of utilitarismo alerted for the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor is the conseqencialismo. This nothing more is that the act of if placing the purposes above of all the things, annulling itself it legitimacy of the ways; above even though the ethical universality. Ironically, the same and only ethics that guarantee the freedom politics of the conseqencialista to say what it thinks. Soon, in last analysis, to be a conseqencialista is not to import itself with the right of being a conseqencialista. It is clearly that as public personalities and well-informed, the conseqencialistas know of the risk. For cynicism, they dissimulate not to know.

The second form of utilitarismo proper is estimated the utilitarian one. For Taylor the utilitarian estimated one is an illness that takes gen of the conseqencialismo the same. third symptom of the utilitarismo is the atomism. ' ' The atomism is treated on the utilities to be weighed in the states of things is of indivduos.' ' This, paved in philosophical roots, aims at exclusively the individual goods, that is, all it is formed by the parts. Without parts it does not have all. Thus, the society is formed by the men. Without living well previously established of each man the society if he ruins, therefore the man is ' ' tomo' ' of the society. In accordance with Taylor, is entered there in the following problem. The individuals logically contribute with the thought of one determined nation or region. But the structure of such thought exists immersed in one ' ' cloth of fundo' ' social, stuffed of meanings and verbal terms constructed by all a collective cultural process.

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Bar Code Scanner

A computer program inventory and trade for a private entrepreneur Softion complete solution for the shop and warehouse based on bar codes and computer program sheet 'Softion' is designed for warehouse accounting and commodity trade to the private entrepreneur. The program is very easy to use and requires no accounting knowledge. The work program based on a consideration of movement of goods and money (easy credit and debit scheme). The basis of accounting is the use of bar coding products. The program has been successfully used in the trade of clothing, footwear, toys, gifts, household appliances, stationery, cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc. The program works effectively in some stores and in retail chains, ensuring the integration of information with built-in data packets on any media. Key features programs 'Softion' identification of goods and customer discount cards can be made reading a barcode with a scanner, which speeds up the work. The program allows you to organize the shop flexible discounts using the discount card customers.

It can be used on one computer and a LAN in multiplayer mode and ensures reliable trouble-free operation, as well as data protection from intrusion and destruction. The program is very easy to use and allows you to start work after one day of training. The program allows for the qualitative account of not just one store, but also in commerce: information gathered on a central computer, perhaps a unified coding system of goods and a single discount at all stores trading network. Flexible configuration allows role-based access for free sellers to access only those features of the program, they need to work. Electronic Equipment: scales, cash registers, bar code scanners, bar code printers, bank equipment

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Survey Construction

Expertise in building expertise in a general sense – the definition of object of examination of conformity with the requirements. Forensics – proceedings, consisting of research and giving expert opinions on issues whose resolution requires specialized knowledge in science, technology, art or crafts and are presented before the court, the judge, body of inquiry, the person conducting the inquiry, investigator or prosecutor in order to establish the circumstances to be proving a particular case. Non-judicial expertise – as opposed to the judiciary is appointed is not in connection with legal proceedings and the proceedings and performed in non-procedural form. Non-judicial examination can be performed on request of an individual. Expert activities – professionals with the necessary expertise, skills and knowledge aimed at addressing these issues requires knowledge, experience and qualifications. The essence of an independent construction expertise lies in ascertaining the fact of their absence or defects, construction site inspection and / or documentation for compliance with existing rules and regulations, site restoration cost estimate / design, as well as expert recommendations on further action by the project participants. To whom and when they need independent construction expertise? Answers to this question can be set: * in disputes between members of the construction project (an investor, customer, contractor, subcontractor, etc.) * during the trial (pretrial and legal expertise) * when assessing the market value of assets / business; * for an insurance valuation of the property / construction, and * when disputes arise in the operation of facilities; if possible * / of emergency situations, etc. This list can be completed and detail indefinitely because the building process is very versatile, not only at the stages of its life cycle, but also in the process of further exploitation and interaction with the environment. The experts put a variety of tasks: * Survey of technical condition of buildings, structures and utilities to assess the operational status of the object and making decision about the necessity of current and capital repairs, reconstruction or modernization of buildings; * survey of real estate for the purpose of identifying, fixing and determining the cost of removal of defects produced during construction and operation of the facility; * inspection of technical condition of buildings and structures before making decisions about their sale or purchase * to analyze the possibility of redevelopment areas in accordance with current building regulations an example (one-room apartment redevelopment) * definition of the reasons causing structural damage to buildings or structures; * Analysis (prices for construction work) is often carrying out construction expertise is accompanied by an-finding work.

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