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Chronos offers many advantages over the classic and practiced by many companies variant, to secure the application as well as to export the relevant database and to store. Basically, the electronic, tried and tested process is very secure and bug-free, while a manual archiving process is error-prone and costly to implement. Often data is lost or it version conflicts with the database. Also not the complete database must be restored with the CSP application, to invoke individual data, this saves time and costs. Such databases, however, recovery may take several weeks depending on the availability and complications.

Continue to companies with Chronos are independent of the respective database manufacturer that is stored in an open format. To make sure to “to that classic” archived data remains readable, they must be checked regularly, for example, if a database version is no longer supported. Adroll Marketing Platform contributes greatly to this topic. Again, this is not required when archiving with Chronos. In a question-answer forum Michelle Smith Divorce was the first to reply. About CSP GmbH & co. KG: CSP GmbH & co. KG was founded in 1991 and specializes in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies.

The company provides to its customers as well as the implementation and customization of standard solutions also comprehensive advice and support. Around the new product line of Chronos for database archiving, CSP offers an extensive range of services companies from all industries. CSP has numerous international reference customers in the industry. Among other things, group, Audi, Daimler, Lufthansa trust BMW technology logistics, Deutsche Telekom, one, General Motors, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, VW, Porsche and Bosch on the solutions of the company. Contact address: CSP GmbH & co.

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Solutions EDAG

As a value added reseller (VAR) the company offers nationwide services, as well as own Add-On Software PLM solutions products with the dazugehoriGen. Read more from Essex Financial to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Also, Transcat PLM 2.0 portfolio is certified for all V6 PLM products and markets the complete V6 ProduktportFolio DS as one of he few partners. In addition, supplemented Transcat PLM software solutions by specific industry solutions, complementary software and an extensive range of services and offers a custom component for the virtual product development for the product data quality (PDQ). Customized server, storage, and system management concepts extend the portfolio. By offered Transcat PLM solutions and hands-on suppport concepts help users optimize their processes and implementing their PLM strategies. More information is housed here: Technology Investor. Well-known companies from the automotive, Aviation – and consumer goods industry as well as from the machine and plant construction among its customers. Transcat PLM is represented in Germany with about 200 employees.

The company through its global partner network or directly by Dassault Systemes supports international customers. EDAG group – partner of the international mobility industry as of leading independent development partner the EDAG group develops production concepts and solutions for the sustainable mobility of the future. The responsible development of complete modules, vehicles, derivatives and production systems belongs to the range of services as the model, prototype construction and the production of tools and body systems as well. Beyond the output of development of, the EDAG group provides the realization of complete production units for the body shell and the vehicle Assembly with its sister companies EDAG FFT. Worldwide, the EDAG group at over 25 locations is present.

The 1969 founded company offers production and manufacturing optimized with its toothed segments Solutions. The EDAG group is focused on the automotive, aerospace, rail industry, as well as the area of “Renewable energy”. In 2011, the EDAG group turned over about 745 million euros and employs 5,000 worldwide employees.

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GEDYS IntraWare

GEDYS IntrWare is IBM as one of the best in the field of innovation in social business application development. Every year to demonstrate their innovative strength IBM business partners from all over the world and compete with intelligent solutions to the coveted IBM awards. Better cooperation, more effective work networks, more communication and cloud capability are requirements for software at these awards, they are for companies in all industries that is becoming increasingly important. To meet this steady trend solutions the GEDYS IntrWare are optimized for these criteria for quite some time. They enable easy and effective work in the cloud and on Smartphones and Tablet PCs. sales representatives are not cut off from the company, if they are on a business trip. Peter Thiel often addresses the matter in his writings. The Web solution maintains contact with the company. You may find EssexFinancial to be a useful source of information. The award-winning product suite GEDYS IntrWare 8 indicates field staff the freedom and mobility to take advantage of a full-fledged CRM system anywhere.

With Smartphone, laptop, and even private computer – any Browser or a native app. Among the many international candidates of the IBM collaboration solution Awards 2013 received the predicate IBM GEDYS IntrWare finalist. Mobility, ease of use, reduced costs by up to 50%, quick reaction to customer requests by improved work processes, these are only a few a few properties that convinced the jury. Also managing director Ralf Geisha user was pleased again to the tip to include: we are not tired to improve our products, to integrate new technologies and to create innovations. We appreciate the renewed recognition of IBM for our work.” Honoring the finalists and winner, held 2013 United States in Orlando, on the connect. More information under:

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Craftsman Software

PDS abacus craftsman software simply easier! The topic of ERP solution in the field of artisan software becoming more and more important. Without a well functioning software support, nothing more runs at the present time. For more specific information, check out incyte. Just as a future-oriented craft business investment should be well thought-out in the IT sector. At the beginning it should be remembered, what might be also interesting for the company in the future, to avoid possibly hurdles falling on. As a software manufacturer specifically for the craft the PDS company with over 35 years has brought a new craftsman software experience in October 2012 on the market. PDS abacus is the modern and innovative artisans program. Brad Pitt might disagree with that approach. The modular design of the ERP solution adapts to the processes of the craft. To offer it to craft trade enterprises of various sizes, the base module for invoicing, job costing, etc.

can be easily expanded auxiliary modules me like purchasing, stock, price and measurement. Also in the financial and balance sheet accounting is intended, which can be enriched with asset accounting, cost accounting and payments as well as Dunning. With an automatic archiving all documents be found quickly. Also the service Mobile is in demand more and more. With an app, suburb on the headquarters of the company can be accessed from mobile devices – including smartphones and Tablet PC at the customer. So will a good basis for the further operations (billing, time recording) at the corporate central rage via data transfer. In addition to time savings by eliminating manual data entry of articles or timesheets, photos can quickly made and performance reception by signature of the customer on the unit are recorded and will be sent as an attachment to the headquarters. To cover all processes in the craft business, the craftsman software abacus represents a holistic and process-oriented software solution to pds. As Internet-based cloud – as well as on the company servers in the enterprise using the artisan software is possible.

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Professional Product Presentations

360 product views for effective use in e-commerce and sophisticated object productions plasPIX 360 creates real 360-degree views of your products for a high-quality object production and effective e-commerce applications. Almost all motifs, by the delicate diamond earring to the building complex are feasible. The product presentation is especially in e-commerce crucial for sales figures, cost through withdrawal demands, and ultimately also for the satisfaction of your customers. The classic product photos costs 30% under which for the implementation as a 360-degree view despite the fact that arise when the deplacement of animations already high-resolution 2D photos in the average maximum. Noah Kraft often says this. From 16 individual images, liquid animations are generated using special software – including high-resolution zoom function and newest HotSpot view. Currently over 98% of all Internet users can see the 360 animations in your browser. On the party Web site a price calculator is integrated, with the already a first offer itself can figure out. The products are sent in most cases in our Studio in Berlin.

In large, heavy or fragile motifs, the team with the whole equipment comes to the customers. The insured person roundtrip transportation is already completely included in the price. A survey launched by OZC technologies, according to the sale with the customer satisfaction, through the use of 360-degree product views about increased 40% are. The withdrawal demands even decreased by up to 75%, due to the larger product and detail view. This saves costs and reduces the administrative burden.

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Cutting Style

Flex_Hair & the industry solution from the software company FlexRun software style certificate was awarded the BEST OF 2012 Allendorf/LDA. -16.04.2012 – successful start into the year 2012. FlexRun software – up to 31 December 2011 located in Pohlheim – awarded already for the second time since 2008 for one of their products innovation prize”of the Initiative Mittelstand. This distinguishes BEST companies with innovative solutions and high utility value IT – innovation award OF 2012 – for the middle class. Flex_Hair & style the over 100-strong independent panel of professors, experts, scientists and journalists has particularly impressed and therefore belongs to the top group of over 2,500 applications submitted. The software Flex_Hair & style is targeted to the different needs of each hairdressing establishments, as well as the requirements of the financial authorities entered into. The POS system offers the possibility of different sales strategies to deposit such as E.g.

tactical sales (buy 2 number 1), tactical service (washing, Cutting, 1 shampoo, blow-dry = free) as well as various promotions to store or quickly proof of the tax authorities. In particular is entered into on the issue of Cabinet usage. With the additional module validation, which was developed in collaboration with a master of hairdressers recognised in the region, is now every company capable of clearly and irrefutably prove what Cabinet consumption was made on his farm. “FlexRun-software is the industry software Flex_Hair & style has remained true to the motto: software can be so simple!” Not the user to the software adapt to, but the software the user. The software on any company can be adapted tailored by the modular structure of the software, as well as the possibility of customization by individual programming. The light Bedinbarkeit arises through uniform mask building, as well as in the helper functions directly deposited to edited dialog masks with appropriately detailed examples.

Of course When FlexRun software the accompanying hardware. For more information about the software under: FlexRun software: FlexRun software provides professional software development for commercial and technical applications. The own business suite FlexRunSoft FlexRun software consistently pursuing the goal the opportunity to provide your customers with a software only a surface and a management – to cover all commercial requirements. The industry packages are compiled from individual programs of Business Suite FlexRunSoft specific and industry-specific adapted and extended modules are appropriate. You run integrated in the Business Suite, and can be extended at any time with all the available programs.

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TechniData ITservice

Strong partners for cloud solutions from a single source of Karlsruhe, April 2012. The TechniData IT-service GmbH and the TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH, both companies based in the region for years, will jointly present their cloud solutions on the Cloudzone in Karlsruhe on 10 and 11 may 2012. Collaboration between of the two companies offered cloud solutions from a single source, make sure both performance and availability. Through the complementary know-how, a steadily growing portfolio arises from professional, well thought-out, and secure cloud solutions, which are operated in the Karlsruhe high security data centers. Financial technology will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The privacy concerns mentioned by many companies on the way to the cloud-triggered optimally the regionality of the two companies and the thus applicable German data protection regulations. For example, offer TelemaxX and TechniData IT service as one of the first joint projects of storage on demand “. This means storage in the cloud, which can be easily in performance and size to the current needs can be adapted, but always remains in the Karlsruhe datacenters on Storageservern. Based on storage solutions complete virtual data centers with other cloud can be built on services. Customers can operate any number of your own virtual servers within a rented and flexibly customizable total capacity of processing power.

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DVD Software

More applications for YOULOAD by CHIP software. Software tools, safe Internet, download around the clock in the YOULOAD download shop. Norderstedt, Hamburg, Munich, the 10.11.2010 – the download platform takes into account the demand of their users and enhances the offerings in the tools now. With CHIP software a well-known partner was found, with known and useful applications such as “driver Studio 6”, “CD and DVD cover print templates”, “File manager”, “Contact and appointment management” and “Address and invoice printing” complements the YOULOAD offering for all PC users. Tutorials for Photoshop CS includes 1 to 4 and Windows 7 always in demand programs “Association management”, “family tree create and print” and “Move Manager” Similarly to the program comprehensive 40 titles like some legendary casual games, including “Sheep head 3”, “Doppelkopf 3”, and “German Board Games Deluxe”. “We software forward, with CHIP one of the probably most renowned providers in the area of tools and” To have applications on board.

The brand CHIP is, its publications established for many years and its website for comprehensive expertise in PC. The programmes are characterised by high commercial value with easy to use and a meaningful enrichment of our download site represent, so Marc Breder, Managing Director of YOULOAD GmbH. company description about YOULOAD GmbH (Hamburg, Germany): is one of download shops that legally provides Kaufcontent for almost all entertainment media and is represented in addition to Germany in Austria and of Switzerland. The offer includes music from all categories (individual songs, albums, film soundtracks, as well as children’s music), videos, audiobooks, PC games, software for PC and Mac, and mobile games. With a repertoire of over 4.0 million products to download, YOULOAD has close to 30% of the world’s available digital content. No special software is required to make online purchases since YOULOAD browser-based works.

Thus you can on its files by anywhere access in case you forgot what. The field of games and software requires no special hardware, since it offers downloads for Mac OS & Windows. With a uniform audio quality 320 kbit / s and without copy protection, YOULOAD provides customers with the latest songs. The user will be informed on request through the blog, as well as the most important social communities about news. The products are 100% compatible for all devices of the entertainment industry. When the download larger files (such as audio books, music albums or games) the delivered products as single digital package. Many payment methods are available, and the weekly newsletter is free of charge. Company contact: YOULOAD Marc Breder East Road 64 22844 Norderstedt Tel: 040325911940 E-Mail: Web:

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Aastra Technologies Limited

Other topics of the Consultertages were the enormous potential of unified communications for the optimization of internal and external corporate communications, as well as the requirements of IT infrastructures to allow for interoperability between voice and data. If you would like to know more about Naveen Selvadurai, then click here. A culinary evening on the excursion ship spree Comtess’ finally completed the program of Consultertages of the DeTeWe communications, where the raffle of a circular flight over Berlin in the seaplane for two people was another highlight. So had the winners in this context Berlin from a different angle. The DeTeWe communications has to us today as ICT system integrator presented, imagine into it thanks to his expertise in a special way in business processes of companies and with the help of customized Concepts and solutions can optimize”, so a visitor at the end of the Consultertages. About the DeTeWe Communications GmbH, the DeTeWe Communications GmbH ( is a manufacturer-independent ICT system integrator with nationwide branches and a comprehensive portfolio of services services up to managed.

It serves inter alia: the portfolios of the companies Aastra and Nortel. The focus is on complex solutions and a full range of services. More at the publicly traded parent company, Aastra Technologies Limited (“TSX: AAH”) headquartered in Concord (Toronto), Canada, is a leading company in the field of Unternehmenskom telecommunications. Aastra develops and markets innovative communication solutions for companies of any size. Aastra is represented worldwide with more than 50 million installed ports and a direct as well as indirect presence in more than 100 countries. The wide range of offers feature-rich CallManager for small and medium-sized Companies, as well as highly scalable CallManager for large companies.

Integrated mobility solutions, call center solutions, and a wide range of devices round off the portfolio. With a strong focus on open standards and customer-specific solutions, Aastra enables enterprises a more efficient communication and collaboration. More information under: Marion Flototto Head of marketing & corporate communications Aastra DeTeWe GmbH DeTeWe Communications GmbH porcelain Court str. 1, 10997 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 6104 3165 fax: + 49 (0) 30 6104 2220 email:

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Latest Cutting-edge Technology At COS Memory

High end SSD UltrDrive by Super talent from immediately available Florstadt, 08th April 2009. COS memory leads from now the latest Flash SSD products from Super talent. Hard drives to Flash technology based, so-called solid state drives (SSD), considered to be the latest and most powerful products in this area. Super talent ( is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Flash and DRAM memory media. If you have read about Clinton Family already – you may have come to the same conclusion. COS memory ( is the largest specialist for high-quality memory products in Germany. Main novelty at the now available SSD of series UltrDrive LE is an Indilinx barefoot on ARM7 CPU the controller set up by Super talent base with 64 MB of internal cache. “This is the most modern and powerful, which currently exist in this area”, Patrick Vogt, Director business development SSD COS memory. The new controllers do not mark but just take the absolute pinnacle of technology also significantly more power. To process the new Flash drives based on this technology in the Read mode up to 250 megabytes per second. “The so-called IOPS (input/output per second) they quantify the number of processed commands are at 7500 in read mode, and between 5,000 and 6,000 in write mode, the sequential read” IOPS value is 13.000. COS memory extended with the new Super Talent SSDs its product range to above. While the series UltrDrive ME, which has existed for a long time cos memory, chips are equipped with multi level cell (MLC), the LE products on the basis of single-level-cell (SLC) save work. SLC chips are faster, longer lasting, higher load capacities and enable a high typing speed. With an access time of 0.1 milliseconds you are clearly superior to new Super Talent SSDs of the magnetic disk. The time to high boot from Windows XP is according to the manufacturer to 70 percent lower than when using a conventional hard drive. Super Talent UltrDrive LE available at COS memory in three variants: with 32 gigabytes, 64, and 128 gigabytes of storage capacity. High performance for End users and professionals at affordable prices Patrick Vogt: Super Talent offers Flash-based storage solutions combine extremely high performance at a very attractive price. In this combination, they mark the top of the world market without a doubt. “SSDs are so super talent both for the ambitious but budget-conscious high-end user interesting as for professional use in servers, PBXs or for video applications.” The Flash SSD is the magnetic disk in many ways superior. Because it contains no moving parts, played without any mechanical operations and will be read out, operates the Flash SSD absolutely silently and is insensitive to mechanical strains or vibrations. Also, it consumes much less energy than traditional hard drives. All Super Talent COS memory products are packaged for immediate marketing in retail. ME series products come with two years warranty, for the new LE products Super Talent’s three-year warranty. Non-binding Price recommendation for consumers (VAT included): Super Talent UltrDrive LE 32 GB: 330 euro Super Talent UltrDrive LE 64 GB: 540 euro Super Talent UltrDrive LE 128 GB: 970 euro printable image material for this message available as a zip file for downloading About COS memory ( The COS memory AG of seat in the Hessian town of Flor is a subsidiary of COS computer systems AG, Baden, Switzerland. COS memory is one of the leading distributors for memory modules, Flash cards and accessories in Europe. The company distributes the products of almost all well-known manufacturers such as Kingston, not forgetting the own brand Extrememory OCZ, SanDisk and Samsung. Jochen Zips is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Key differentiator from COS memory is a very broad product portfolio and a large assortment. Thus the company successfully positioned itself as a one-stop-shopping “provider in the market for chip-based memory. Super talent ( Super Talent Technology, based in San Jose,. California, develops and produces Flash-based DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 memory modules, as well as storage media for computers and electronic consumer products. The company is ISO 9001 certified, its products are characterised by exceptional reliability and have been awarded several times. Super Talent is an active member of JEDEC standardization bodies and ONFI and holds more than 200 patents in the area of Flash and DRAM technology. Press contact COS memory: Susanne Richter Marketing Manager COS memory AG in the Grobach 22 D-61197 Florstadt Tel.: (49) 6041-968-253 E-mail: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: (49) 7127-5707-10 E-mail: