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Social Insurance Fund

Ltd. is ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses. The founders may be either one or several persons, but their number shall not exceed fifty (Clause 3 of Article 7 = 3 “the LLC” dated 08/02/1998). The authorized capital of the company divided into shares, the size of which are defined by the constituent documents. Participants in the society who have made contributions to the registered capital is not fully and severally liable for the obligations within the amount of the unpaid portion of the contribution of each of the members of society. Ltd. owns separate property, which is recorded on its own balance sheet. The Company may on its own behalf to acquire and exercise property and personal non- law, serve, sue and be sued in court. To open an llc you need to:

Prepare the constituent documents of the Open Society savings account (if the share capital shall be paid agents) to register and agree to the accounting company to the tax authority to get the codes Rosstat Produce printing company to register with the Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund, a fund of compulsory medical insurance. Open an account at the bank Inform Ltd. ifts on opening a current account. Documents required for registration of the LLC: Extract from the register of Incorporation; Copy of certificate of registration; Certificate of tax accounting; Letter Goskomstat on assignment of codes; Constituent documents (Charter, Foundation Agreement, the Protocol or the decision to appoint the Director-General). Important: If one of the founders is foreign entity, it is necessary to provide an extract from the register of foreign legal entity to determine in advance the name of the registered company determine the size of the share capital, which can be made in cash or other tangible items. To date, the minimum size is 10 000 rubles. Determine the ratio of shares between the founders Opredelit legal address registered company. The state registration of legal entities, registration of changes in the registry, changes in the constituent documents, the eradication produced in ifts N 46 in Moscow within 7 working days. A temporary Certificate of Incorporation carried out on the next day after the request to the registering authority. The author of the article: Circus A. Source:.

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Professional Netting

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