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March 25, 2009, Canon has officially unveiled its latest digital slr camera eos 500D, where the main features and advantages are: low price ($ 899 abroad), the ability to shoot video in hd quality (Similar to Canon eos 5D Mark II); and 15.1 megapixel sensor from the more expensive model Canon eos 50D. Studying the technical characteristics of Canon eos 500D confront us with the "brainchild 50D and 5D Mark ii. In addition to the 15.1 megapixel Canon matrix equip its advanced camera photodiodes and microlenses, which are combined into an array without any gaps, thus the system noise becomes much more efficient, and the index increases sensitivity up to iso 12800. Continuing to talk about kinship and 500D 50D, it should be noted that the Canon eos 500D Digital borrowed a fourth-generation digic processor, which was first used in the 50D. The only thing that distinguishes them, this rate of fire. The new 500D it is 3.4 frames / sec, while the 50D – 6,3 fps. And what connects the budget model 500D and not the budget camera 5D Mark ii? This mode records video in hd quality with a resolution 1920h1080p, where the duration of the movie is 29 minutes. 59 sec.

And up to 4 gb. The disadvantage is the difference between the 500D recording speed, which is 10 extra frames per second (500D – 20 frames per second, 5D Mark ii – 30 frames / sec). During the video might make a good quality picture with just one touch of the shutter button. In our novelty comes built-in microphone and a miniature speaker, which are involved in movie mode and playback of movies. Also merit 500D is built-in flash that can illuminate objects on the distance of 3.7 meters with the standard lens 18-55mm. Along with this set of necessary power, depending on the distance to the object. And finally, we can not say about the system of protection against dust, which includes: anti-static coating matrix, an ultrasonic vibrator, which is when the camera comes into effect for a short time. And if the sensor motes stuck, it comes with the camera software detect and correct images. Digital Camera Canon eos 500D is designed for anyone who seeks to capture the important and interesting moments of his life, regardless of whether you are a beginner or amateur photographer.

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Cloud Virus Protection Internet

What could be better than one guard? A whole army of good guards. This simple principle is based cloud protection technology (from the English. In-the-Cloud). Explain what lies behind this new concept. What is a cloud? Almost every developer of software packages to protect against Internet threats, has already launched its cloud on the Internet. It consists of servers, one of the developers of antivirus protection, and all Internet-connected PC, which software works this developer. For example, Kaspersky Lab calls his art a cloudy solution of Kaspersky Security Network.

How does it work? 1. I suspect the file has not yet been identified by the program security as a pest, shoot digital imprint, and on this basis creates a unique checksum. It is transmitted through the Internet connection into a cloud security developer. 2. Server checks whether the known cloud passed checksum, and therefore hiding behind her file.

If known – the data about malware being transferred back to the user's computer, and installed anti-virus solution on it enters the fight. 3. In Otherwise, the analysis software on the server examines in detail the file. If he is potentsialnuyuugrozu, the checksum as a new signature is entered into the database of the cloud. 4. Then cloud provides a new signature available to all connected computers. In subsequent queries, the cloud fraction of a second can confirm that we are talking about the virus. The main advantage of cloud technology: it allows faster detection of new threats, it is very important during virus outbreaks. Cloud technology has not only advantages. For example, the user should be the developer of a degree of trust – yet the PC and the cloud constantly exchanging files. The biggest drawback is that a brand new threat is revealed only if there is an Internet connection. But if computer is currently disconnected from the network, then hit a new pest, say, a flash drive, have used alternative methods of identification, such as behavioral analysis.

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