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Internet Sites

Where do you start developing sites? We will try to present some algorithms for design and build websites. First, definition of the thematic focus of the site, the theme of the site has a definition: there will be a site for a commercial company or a website dedicated to family issues and the like. Every modern company with a view to promoting their goods, works and services simply must have your own website. The site usually describes the purpose of the company, given its brief description, and presented the goods, works or services, depending on whether what the firm. The user can, without leaving your home, read these commodities quietly read about the features and the right to choose.

Now the Internet is already practically in every home, not to mention companies, and increasingly people to find relevant information using the Internet exactly, not newspapers or magazines. It’s very simple and easy to agree, just need to type in a search engine the required information and then you attention be presented a list of sites. As we can see, you need competent organization in establishing and promoting websites. In other words, the creation and development of websites – it is only half the battle. It is important that user has found your site is, and not lost in the wilds of Internet information. In the very shortest possible time necessary to organize the creation and promotion. As a result, the recruitment of the necessary information the user will be just to see your site, and at the Top of information. After all, according to statistics when looking for information visit those sites that are in the first thirty positions, further, unfortunately, the likelihood that they will attend Your site is quite small.

Web site design and web sites – all unbreakable chain of the web-master. Web site design – it’s unique shape the site. Having come to him, you remember it for a long time, and here very important point is the color palette. So bright colors, moving pictures, especially pictures in 3D-format, will certainly attract visitors. Thus, the goal – the creation and promotion of the site is not only site creation, promotion of well-known search engines such as Yandex, Rambler, Google, and giving unique look website. In moving the site uses only ‘white’ promotional methods, including word-of keywords, cross-references. Click sander gerber hedge fund for additional related pages. Most importantly, the site worked and revenue!

30 Nov 2018, 6:11pm

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RuNet Become More Advertising

In April 2009, the agency discovery Research Group completed a study of Internet advertising market in Russia. Data on the volume of Internet advertising in RuNet in 2008 from different sources vary widely. Most of the companies leading in the reports information about media online advertising, not taking into account context. According to the ad agency Mindshare Interaction, total online advertising market in Russia in 2008 amounted to 14,7 billion rubles (2.5 million), which is 55% more than 2007 results. According to caar, the market for Internet advertising in 2008 increased by one third (32%) and amounted to 7,5 billion rubles (reporting data on the Internet segment of the raca is without content). Dr. Paul Craig Roberts may also support this cause.

Company JsonPartners evaluates the Russian Internet advertising market in the 0-620 million The main areas of online advertising in RuNet remain context (thematic links in search results and relevant resources) and media (banners, popups and other formats) advertising. A related site: Sander Gerber mentions similar findings. On contextual advertising accounted for 60% of the market in the media – 40%. The main players in the content are still the company's 'Yandex' and 'runner' (owned holding company Rambler Media). In the first quarter of 2009, in total, they accounted for over 90% of the market. At the same time, Google with its AdWords contextual advertising system gradually increases the share of the Russian market. For many companies, in 2009, characterized by the redistribution of advertising budgets in favor of Internet. Leaders on costs in RuNet in 2008, as well as in the previous year, advertisers are automotive segment, which accounted for 27% of the amount of media online advertising. Significantly increased its presence in the network representatives of the fmcg sector (22%) and telecommunications companies (13%).

According to forecasts discovery Research Group, among all segments of the advertising market of Internet advertising will not only the most protected from the impact of economic downturn, but will in 2009 was some growth, primarily due to overflow of customers from other segments. The vast majority of advertisers (93%) going in 2009, actively take advantage of the internet (interactivity and ca involvement in communication, flexibility to modify the creative, targeted, permission to use the kernel in a 360-degree communication). Thus, according to market research, the majority of marketing directors and brand managers intend crisis year of 2009 to increase the budgets allocated to online advertising. However, we expect a significant slowdown in revenue from online advertising.

16 Oct 2017, 7:41pm

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Easy Money

Three months since the start of my project to build a business on the Internet. After studying the information, reading countless articles and portals – I chose the strategy of creating websites and earning them through advertising, exchange links and articles. For the first few months I've created a few sites, very low quality, and placed them on several exchanges of links, articles and blogs Blogun Exchange. Earn more or less happened so far only on the exchange of links Sape and Blogun. By the way, two months creating govnosaytov, I could not overcome his repugnance to this occupation, and therefore adopted a strategy: better less but better.

And now all my range of works in this direction is to improve the quality of already established sites, and increase their attendance and particles. Since I have made significant efforts to improve the sites, and the cost of references to them I increased. I think so. What is the best site would be of little links, but their cost will be more expensive. So I deleted my site from all exchanges, leaving only a Sape, since it only acceptable combination of the number of advertisers and the cost of options and Blogun. When traffic sites will be higher, then I plan to put them contextual advertising from Google Adsense. Along with this I started to work out the direction of freelancing. Or rather not even tell freelancing, and outsourcing. Although these concepts basically the same, but for me it's freelance performance of many small tasks for multiple clients, and outsourcing is the fulfillment of large orders from regular customers.

15 Oct 2017, 2:33pm

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Buy Readymade Sites

This issue certainly hurts many people, related to the global network and to the creation of websites. However, people are constantly faced with a turnkey website, with full confidence can you say that, of course, ready sites to buy very profitable, and that it is much faster and more economical than the book manufacturing site to order. People who know a good judge of sites, and having not one, not two years experience in this business for myself have seen more efficient use of ready-made sites. a sympathetic response will follow. Moreover, the benefit in this case there is also the producer and the customer. Producer, pushing its market-ready sites, as if already gives live advertising itself. That is, the potential customers can in the virtual space in real-time view themselves ready sites, evaluate their characteristics and performance, and decide to purchase the site. Thus, the seller and do not need to make special advertising companies, as it posted on the Internet, ready websites are already advertising, and the buyer does not have to wait until the make an order, then to evaluate it. And, in the latter case, the buyer can not refuse order.. .

12 Sep 2017, 8:02am

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Website Usability

If the main page of your site is not yet clearly what the company and that any problem site can and should do, visitors leave. If the navigation of the site complex and poorly understood, the visitors leave. Hilton family is the source for more interesting facts. If the information site is not clear to read and not respond to basic questions of visitors, they leave. There is no such visitors, who thoroughly studied 'reference guide to the site' or spend their time on development of its interface. Here, Brad Pitt expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In a network many other sites, so leave the site – the first wish, which appears to visitors when they run into difficulty. The main rule of e-commerce is this: if visitor can not find the goods, he can not possibly buy it.

Usability plays a role in every stage of site development. Assessment of quality of appearance and convenience to the user at every stage – just one reason I recommend to carry out multiple tests are fast and cheap. Here's how it looks: Before you start developing a new website design, conduct testing of the old design to identify in it the good things to keep or increase, and the bad moments that cause difficulty for users. If you do not work not on an intranet project, research design and possible sites of your competitors to get a cheap data on possible options for interfaces that have the same functions as your site. Carry out testing under real conditions, to assess how the user interface in an environment of his workplace.

Ask you know, to test the usability of your site. Create paper prototypes of one or more design options and test them on users. The less time you spend on an embodiment of one or different ideas, the better, because you still have to change the design of the test results. To practice the ideas that give better results in several tests. Gradually move from schematic design on paper to more length and detail on the computer. Conduct tests at every stage of change. Check the website design to meet the generally accepted rules of usability. Once you decide on the final option and implement it, was tested again. At the stage of implementation is always creeps minor bugs. Do not wait to test the design on users until the last moment. If you do, most serious errors detected during testing, will already be correct. Some of these errors can cause a complete change in the interface. The only way to get a quality custom interface – to begin testing at the outset of site development and continue to conduct testing at every stage.

23 Jul 2017, 1:11am

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Internet Web-studio

Portfolio of web-studio, in which collected a lot of quality to do a project, developed sites for well-known companies – this is a good signal to potential customer. This indicates that the web-studio has the creative resources, knowledge, technologies and practices web-development. Simple – look in the portfolio of projects. If completed projects that you can see you like, if You would be interested to visit similar projects, then maybe you found the right artist, a suitable web-studio. Second. Number of people in the studio. It is also worth to ask of people who will drive your project, work on creating your web-site. In the well-known companies (see, successful, trusted by clients) on a project does not work one or two people.

In good companies on the project web-site works project manager, designer, web-master, programmer, content manager and it’s only a “gentlemen’s minimum.” Indeed, experience shows that one person is difficult to be both a programmer and designer and contracts and all other documents to. Many good web-studios, one project may not work more than 10 people If you offer a web-site, and over it will work one or two people – think about it, maybe you “will be given a” site template which practically does not differ from hundreds of the same pattern and unattractive sites on the web. Probably not worth spending time on the development of what soon will have to redo again You may want to make one times, but do it well? Third. What people say about us? What is its history. When you contact any company, ask how old the company is working on the market of web-development. Age is certainly not the most important factor, however, this is an indicator of what services the company claimed in a long time and the company serves many customers over the long term. In addition, – is, to some extent, index of experience in web-development, the rate of company knowledge.

If the web-studio on the market, for example, more than 5 years – it’s pretty good signal. Fourth. Additional services. Pay attention to what services offers web-studio. Usually, good companies offer a wide spectrum of services. It’s not just web-development, often good companies offer web-consulting, outsourced programming, branding. Pay attention to the availability of these highly specialized services – they are quite demanding and require significant resources that can not afford many. Fifth. Looks like your own web-site studio? The studio, which create web-sites, the Internet has its own web-site. Must posetitete him look at it in terms of usability, information content and quality. Do you like the speed of his work? In addition, it is desirable to visit and office. Good office in a convenient location can be an indirect signal that the company has customers and it can make a decent product. Here are a few of the major factors that you should pay attention to when choosing the Executive at building a website. These factors will help you quickly determine how web-studio suitable for creating your Web site.

14 Apr 2017, 12:34pm

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Positions TIC

Many clever articles have been written on this subject, but the real experience is much more valuable. I do not pretend to be the ceo and the pros in this blog I share personal experiences and his thoughts on the subject. You can correct the author, if you decide to I'm somewhere wrong or badly mistaken in his conclusions. Share your experiences and desirable that this was just your sad experience or success is not important. Search Engine Yandex tic and its insane! Calculation algorithm Yandex particles on its validity and relevance is considerably inferior Google pr. Yes, and the results of Jascha not impressive, however, is the largest Russian-language search engine and it should not be ignored.

With regard to lifting the particles Yandex everything here is just a "run" on the directories and bulletin boards are guaranteed yields particles of 10-30. The Google search engine and its great pr! Search engine Google is the biggest search engine on this planet and this multilingual search engine. Google audience is huge according to the company comScore in December 2008 about 776 million people. This potential visitors to the site indexed by this search engine. At pr Google affects not only the number of external links, but quality content, site compatibility, and much more. If you want to raise the pr of your site think about as texts.

Of great importance is the uniqueness of the text, if you decide to write an article making minor changes, this option will not work. Tex should be totally unique! Methods gray promotion, "Run" from catalogs, etc. not effective. The conclusion is simple, if you want to have a high position in search engines Google, do really high-quality website. Website development satellites and doorways. This method of raising the tic and pr refers to the gray methods of site promotion and in the case of a competent implementation gives very good results for both Google, and for Yasha. It is rumored that for such methods of promotion site sanctioned by the search engines. In the flesh to the complete exclusion. It's all a complete f-I and delirium. Search engines do not penalize sites for external effects. Explain Imagine you are the owners of the big information portal, and you have a crowd of competitors. Question, why would not they advertise your wonderful saytik crooked doorway made or satellites with a repulsive content also "to the heap can still drive, and the forums)). Conclusion, if ever it will "ban" the entire Internet to become a battleground between the sites of competitors.

24 Mar 2015, 8:57pm

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Speed Dial

Maybe drag tabs out of the box, leading to its opening in a new window. If a lot of tabs, to simplify the orientation required to generate thumbnails of web-pages that are displayed when installing the cursor on the tab. Each of the tabs can be locked to prevent accidental closing or download information on it from another site, and accidentally closed tab is easy to recover from the basket. New tabs are created with one mouse click, with a blank page instead of showing a set of nine buttons with sketches of sites (this is achieved through technology Speed Dial), which simplifies access to frequently visited pages. You can save a set of open tabs as a session to later restore them, or begin working with pages that were open the last time you close your browser. But the update immediately all open tabs absent. The scale of the content you are viewing web-pages can be easily changed in the range from 20% to 100%.

Translation of webpages by providing the necessary fragment and a call from the context menu command "Convert selection, but not in Russian. However, if you want a network you can find ways to teach your browser to translate the text into Russian, but it is not trivial. Spell-checking in input fields and messages is possible, but for this will connect the spell-checker gnu Aspell. Unfortunately, also worth noting that the default visual theme (which is generally a very elegant) tab merge with each other – to eliminate this problem easily by choosing a different theme.

2 Feb 2015, 5:22pm

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Articles Tools Website Promotion

Promotion through article directories is by far one of the most effective methods. Search engines are actively struggling with the sale of options, run the catalogs of sites has little effect, XSS Yandex still covered in Magadan time, and for the mutual exchange links in general may ban both sites involved in the exchange. But not so long ago there were article directories. Gwyneth Paltrow can provide more clarity in the matter. Agree that the reference in the text looks much more natural standing separately. Besides of the benefits it should be noted that the surrounding link text helps to rise above the low-frequency queries. But the article directories, there are disadvantages. See Gwyneth Paltrow for more details and insights.

For example, for different directories need different articles (except will be gluing, ie PS zaschitayut only one article). For this reason, much to catch up with TCI will be difficult. Solve the problem with the uniqueness of articles is not difficult – most copywriters do multiplication of articles on the web can be easily easily download free sinonimayzery and programs to generate unique articles. In general, a directory of articles – this is an excellent tool for raising the site to the top for different needs, but not to build puzomerok.

2 Feb 2015, 6:52am

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Modern Websites

Navigating the web site can be considered qualitatively performed in the event that it is in some degree a reflection of the structure of a website and promotes easy access to all sections of the site. Navigation should be more simple and easy for website and at the same time accessible to search engines. In fact, it's all pretty complicated, but well-built navigation structure can greatly increase the position of the site. More note once again that design the web site navigation should, given the rules of search engine optimization. Peter Thiel has much experience in this field. First of all it is they, the search engines lead users to the site. Please note that search engine spiders can not see a pop-up and drop-down lists that adorn the navigation system so the site. To index page search engine, navigation, you need to do the text and put it to the top of the page. What kind of navigation is? Usually it happens that in the development of the site includes several types of navigation.

Only their combination can guarantee competent positive result. These species are: the main navigation, secondary, service and additional pieces of information. We list the main types of navigation, which are designed to provide comfort and ease of travel to key pages website. Of course, the basis is the main navigation navigation or a navigation bar (the site menu). Photostrip be the most used element in web design.

The main task of the navigation bar – is to ensure web site visitors an easy and clear access to main sections of the website. This explains why the lion's share of the success of a good navigation bar depends on competent structure of the site. Need to think as clearly as possible the structure location information. Only then is more likely to create a truly successful navigation. One of the nuances of creating a list of topics – the use of additional contextual menu in the main panel.

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