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For sealing threaded and flanged compounds allowed the use of other sealing materials, providing leaks. the situation. The flanges are connected with pipes welding. Deviation from perpendicularity welded to the pipe flange relative to the tube axis is allowed up to 1% of outer diameter of flange, but no more than 2 mm. Not allowed embedment heads of bolts and nuts into the holes of flanges. Head bolts should be placed on one side of the connection. On the vertical sections Pipelines must be located at the bottom nuts. The ends of the bolts should not protrude from the nuts by more than half the diameter of the bolt or three steps of the thread.

End of the tube, including the seam weld the flanges to the pipe must not protrude behind the mirror flange. Gaskets in flanged connections must not overlap the bolt holes. Installation between flanges more or beveled strips are not allowed. Deviation of the linear dimensions of the collected sites should not be exceed 3 mm in length and 1 m and 1 mm for each subsequent meter. Nodes pipeline engineering systems must be tested for leaks at the site of their manufacture. Knots of gas pipelines and piping systems, heating, heating, domestic hot and cold water, including those designed to seal in the heating panels, the cluster pans, taps, valves, sumps, air tanks, silos, etc., should be subjected to Test- hydrostatic (hydraulic) by at least 3 minutes or bubble (pneumatic) by a period of not less than 30 s in accordance with gost 25136 and gost 24054. Under hydrostatic test method for leakage from nodes completely remove the air is filled with water with temperature below 5 C and maintained under positive pressure test pnp = 1,5 Py, where Py – conditional excess pressure that can maintain connections with normal temperature of the working environment in the operating conditions. Nodes and internal sewer drainage steel pipe should withstand a test overpressure of 0.2 MPa for at least 3 minutes. The pressure drop is controlled technical means. The pressure drop in the tests are not allowed.

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Press Service

For example, in the town of Rybinsk management company replaced the pumps increase water pressure on the mup "West" and the mup "East." Domestic ecv replaced pumps grundfos series chv 2-80. This allowed reduce electricity costs by 8 times. Units, previously installed and worked continuously, consuming about 108 kWh / day, which is about 190 rubles per night (per year, this amount will be about 70,000 rubles). New pumps automatically only if the pressure drops in the network below a certain limit. As a result, to date, cost of electricity is about 13.6 kWh / day, or the cash equivalent – about 23 rubles per day (Less than 8500 rubles per year). In addition, the cost of repairs and maintenance of new equipment are much lower.

As an example, can also lead one of the high-rise buildings along the street in the first five years Chelyabinsk. Package of measures to improve the heating system, made in the framework of the program overhaul, now allows its residents to save on heating services 30-40%. In the process of implementation Project building equipped with energy-saving system of individual registration and regulation of heat, electricity and water. "The modernization of the Squirrel site was replaced with an automated thermal point Danfoss, Balance the heating system at the level of the risers, made panel heating. Also on each radiator mounted controls that allow you to control the temperature in the room "- says Michael Shapiro, ceo of Danfoss in Russia (the world's leading manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating and heating of buildings). A similar project of modernization was carried out in collaboration with Danfoss in a residential house Beloretsk on the street.

Lenin. As a result, the cost of improving the heating system amounted to 425,000 rubles. Through the program, only 5% of this amount paid for the tenants. Now they can save if you pay utility bills up to 35-40% (about 252,300 rubles) in comparison with pay according to the norm. Thus, participation in the federal program takes on new meaning: it is not just a way to "fill holes", but also a real possibility reduce costs. The program overhaul to be in full swing. It is very important that due to repair the apartment owners have the opportunity not only to significantly improve living conditions, but also reduce the "burden" utility payments. People's interest in such changes is obvious. But their implementation requires a personal initiative of citizens, without which the problem will not budge. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

9 Sep 2017, 10:11pm

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Control Cable KVVG

Brief description of kabelyKontrolny kvvg cable designed for fixed connection to electrical appliances, devices, and assemblies of clamps electrical switchgear with nominal ac voltages up to 660 V with a frequency of 100 Hz or dc voltage up to 1000 V Cables kvvg used to strip outdoors, indoors, channels, tunnels, in an aggressive environment, in the absence of threats mechanical damage. The design of the cable control cable kvvg designed to operate in a steady state at ambient temperatures from -50 C to +50 C, relative humidity up to 98% (at temperature to 35 C). In operating mode, the maximum allowable temperature for a long time of heating cable cores to + 70 C, in an emergency mode or overload – + 80 C (heating duration is not more than 8 hours per day and 1000 hours for the entire lifetime). Short-circuit (up to 4 seconds), the maximum permissible temperature of the heating wires (up to 4 sec) – + 160 C. Cables kvvg for 5 min. ac voltage withstand test of 2500 V. The insulation resistance was living at 20 C under section 0.72 – 1.5 mm2 is 10 mw / km, under a section 2,5-4 mm2 – 9 mw / km, with section 6 mm2 – 6 mw / km. Nominal thickness of insulation for core cross-section 0.75 – 2.5 mm2 – 0.6 mm, section 4 – 6 mm 2 – 0,7 mm, cross section 10 mm 2 – 0,9 mm.

Laying and installation of cables without kvvg preheating at a temperature not lower than -15 C. The minimum bend radius for cabling in diameter and 10 mm – 3 Dn in diameter from 10 mm to 25 mm – 4 Dn diameter of 25 mm – 6 Dn (Dn – outer cable diameter). Warranty period Operating cable kvvg – 3 years, life at laying in the open air and in the trenches at least 15 years old, while laying on the premises, tunnels, canals – at least 25 years. Follow others, such as Essex Financial, and add to your knowledge base. Building cable length of at least 150 m. At a single gasket kvvg cables are self-extinguishing. Scope primeneniyKontrolnye kvvg cables are intended for installation outdoors, indoors, channels, tunnels, in an aggressive environment, but in the absence of mechanical impact on cable. While ensuring protection of places of an exit to the surface of the cables kvvg can be constructed in soil (trenches).

7 Dec 2016, 4:19am

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Design Houses Settlements

Especially popular in the form of enhancing the private construction, uses the services of design houses. Principles of our work is based on constant contact with the customer to maximize the technical meeting his wishes and requirements. Design houses include a development of technical documentation – drawings and floor plans. The project developed a cottage in the light of utilities – electricity, water supply and sanitation. Designing cottage communities – a service which uses quite a lot of our customers. Enough to come to our office once to make sure that we have great weight, but our clients do not just ask us for help and trust us and respect us. The company "Stroyproekt, as a general contractor and the customer, which can be and you will always find a common denominator of successful cooperation. The same can be said about the construction of cottage settlements, because it is also one of the many services we provide.

As is known, the construction of cottage settlements often held outside the city, because today more and more people seek to escape from the bustle of the city and our company is happy to fulfill your dream. Enjoy clean and fresh air, quiet and beautiful landscape – that is what now wants every second resident of the city, which is why the construction of cottage settlements especially in demand. We know this and are ready to assist in carrying out this type of construction work. You are already slightly higher were able to find a list of all the services we provide to our customers, but we would like to assure you that it is – just strictly a schematic representation of our work, because any service – designing facades buildings or construction of industrial buildings – not only requires a serious approach.

7 Oct 2014, 10:41am

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Frame Construction Technology Cottages

The most affordable option for private traders at the moment is the frame house. Houses of this type are assembled from prefabricated elements, just as we were building a child's constructor. Exterior walls of the structure formed from individual panels and frame, usually made of solid or laminated wood. Recently, some manufacturers are offering for a private low-rise construction, metal frames, characterized by a strong and longevity, but the cheapness and ease of wooden frame houses allows them to remain popular among private owners. Framework elements combine with nails or steps and coated on both sides of sheet materials (Plasterboard) or boards. The inner space is filled with insulation panels based on mineral wool, such as plates lite batts . Interior walls, floors and ceilings are also made of framed panels insulation. Thickness of the insulation in external walls is calculated depending on the region construction.

If we use the thermal insulation based on mineral wool, the wall of a frame house at 200-250 mm thick thermal resistance can be equated to a brick wall two meters thick. Even in severe cold this house retains heat for a long time. This will reduce heating costs up to 50%, compared to the brick house. To build a frame house requires 2-3 times less wood than a log or wooden logs, respectively. The construction is roughly the same times lighter, which is important when constructing a foundation. Prefab homes can be build on the pier foundation or foundation "floating bars".

Property (or rather, build) this house is a few days. Another advantage is that the owner may at any time to increase the area home due to additional extensions. Serve such homes, subject to the quality of assembly and use of quality materials, up to 70 years, and comfort are not inferior and even superior to wooden logs and wooden buildings. Among defects of frame houses usually called the restriction of the height to 2 storeys (increased number of floors leads to considerable complication of the skeleton and reduce its reliability) and the lack of seismic resistance (up to 5 points). Kind of frame houses are panel houses, which are used to build ready-panel-boards. Panel houses require particularly careful assembly to ensure the spatial stiffness and windproof. Outside panel houses often brick veneer, providing ventilation gap between the shield and a brick wall. Most of frame and frame-panel houses built in the U.S., Canada and northern Europe – in Scandinavia. In Russia, in view of its efficiency and speed of erection of such houses are also becoming more popular.

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