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Blue Angel

In the business field of A long-lived and short-lived in the business field B products are offered. Product groups. Includes the business unit global motors, so the individual product groups can be subdivided according to performance, application, or Assembly. Single products: Identified by article or order number. Product variants: Standard single products that are modified. 3. appreciation of the range of the icing on the cake of your strategy.

An appreciation of your products is performed for example by: registration of property rights: thus the image of your product being upgraded and innovative performance externally visible. Mark and awards. “Example: the Blue Angel” for good environmental performance. Conveys the User a sense of security. Product name.

In rational thought, their impact is often underestimated, but emotionally hugely valuable. Defining a product name, you can emphasize actual benefits (E.g. eco-Turbo) or specifically appeal to the imagination of the consumer (E.g. Omega). Distribution strategy of great importance, because this strategy open access to the market, create the conditions for an optimal distribution of goods, serve the customers and establish itself as a competitor. 1. market access direct sales channel: either via multimedia (from the classic telephone marketing via teleconferencing to the use of the Internet) or via local operation: in the classic way (sales offices, sales representatives) is increasingly complemented by new methods such as franchising or key account manager. Indirect sales channel: first and foremost by the classical trade, where by the emergence of new forms (example: tele-shopping) a change is taking place. Increasingly through partners: foreign representations,. Cooperations, OEM products (original equipment manufacturing). 2. distribution channels geographic size of the market: they serve only the direct sales channel offers companies in the regional environment. Act national or international, a multilevel network of distribution channels is necessary. Nature and extent of the range of the song: The easier parts sales all sales channels are suitable for. Complex products, such as high-tech machines, require technical, methodological and social competence, i.e. the direct sales through seller. It’s the same with the price. While products are good multimedia settle less than 50 euro, a personal interview is necessary at higher prices (but not mandatory). Number and structure of the target audience: The higher the number of potential customers, the more likely you should trade involving. Size of your company and structure: distribution channels cost money and require systematic care. Worth a separate field? 3. active management success is the distribution until smooth Processes are guaranteed. That the following prerequisites are required: clear objectives. Market objectives must be precisely defined. Measurable budgeting: which markets can be served which products in which time with? Motivational leadership: environment and staffing must be. Qualitative and quantitative incentives (example: performance bonuses) as well as the extension of scope to pay off. Intact information flow: the field must summarize briefly and clearly his findings that implement these information office in relevant offers and services. Effective controlling of distribution: outdoor and indoor Service staff should periodically sit together, develop results analysis and common perspectives.

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Corporate Identity

The very concept of corporate identity emerged relatively recently, he was not even a hundred years. It all started back in ancient times, with nomadic peoples who imposed a sign of ownership of cattle – a stigma. So, they differed from their own livestock another, and it was also a kind – the logo. In the Middle Ages was the stigma of belonging is artisanal craft. And in an era of scientific and technological revolution with the growth of population and development of market relations, it became clear that not only produce quality goods. It is necessary to somehow distinguish among other similar products. Based on this, and began to take shape corporate identity.

On this day the company, providing services at the initial stage its existence without foundation branding themselves do not represent. Since this is essential. Western companies have long understood the effectiveness of branding in fight for customers: recall only companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, as immediately recognizable visual appears, and then taste and image. Corporate identity and what it is? Design Studio 13 Corporate identity – this is set, certain elements: art and graphics, font, colors, acoustic, video, etc. All this creates a unity of style and personality of a visual image as a successful embodiment of the company and its products and services, as well as creating confidence in the company, its products and services. Corporate identity is needed to To: 1.Posredstvom individual visual identity and unity of the graphics, font and color constants, etc., apart from the competition and become a recognizable and well remember.

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Ernest Dichter Design

Or, for example, true connoisseurs of wine who are interested design quality is not cheap stuff kupyatsya to that which the inside. Come to the conclusion that the package must fully comply with the goods. Packaging carries and also communicative function, and this is very important criterion. For alcoholic drinks packaging plays almost dominant role. This is a product that is unthinkable without the packing.

And wonder if you at least occasionally, what motivates man when choosing a drink. Price range here does not even take into account even though it is relevant. And people choose very simply on the basis of several principles: 1. Packaging should be beautiful, 2. Interestingly, 3. Packaging must not be 'container' for product, and if possible to serve the consumer for a long time, performing third-party functions, carrying the outer trappings of a brand. 'Packaging – Ernest Dichter wrote designer, is an expression of our respect for consumer '. Proper design of a positive effect on sales results and the mind of the consumer! Development of packaging design – giving it an additional product of competitive advantage – a bright distinction.

In the first turn when designing packaging for alcoholic beverages must be remembered not only the aesthetic side, but also for protection against counterfeiting. Bright successful incarnation and creation of obstacles to counterfeiters here the main task of the designer. For the first time making a purchase, a customer subconsciously focused on the extent to which stylishly decorated with a drink and meets the graphic design of his notions about the product, that is, how well packaging conveys natural wine, utility or other properties important when selecting the priority product.

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Design Studios

Loyalty to the brand as a strategic and tactical decisions, and in its elements that ultimately will create a strong brand that has become a leader in its category and whose name will be in tune with the idea that you put into it when you first create. Vladimir Lukyanchuk 2K Design Studio today's advertising market is full of infinite number of attractive messages, promises and statements. But somehow, out of hundreds of similar, in my head constantly spinning, 'I love Tse!', 'Clean krasche', 'Just do it' and others. Looking at today's global brands can be safe to say that preceded their success. This is certainly a bright and powerful idea, the concept of goods, which is able to infuse into the minds of consumers, to live and evolve with it. The slogan in this case is only cover ideas, and capable, in conjunction with other tools, the idea of infecting millions of consumers. And when the idea pops into your mind people, is the number of well-defined, specified by you sensations and images, the stage of fetal development is complete! To light a new brand is born.

James R. Gregory, author of many books on branding, said: "The brand – it's not a thing, product, company or organization. Brands do not exist in the real world – A mental construct. Brand is best described as the sum total of human experience and its perception of things, product, company or organization. Brands are in the form of consciousness, or specific people, or the public.

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Google Adsense

With this niche to in line make money with surveys, that has majors volumes search, considered major average of the CPC, and the smaller competition . They do not misinterpret to me, has the competition slightly more discharge in fact, I am going to explain later why I do this although the competition is high. So we paid attention to the following image: To win Money Doing Surveys in line Key word We can see in the result of the investigation of key words, to make money in line doing surveys has considered of CPC an average of $ 2,46 and 4,400 searches, that are of approximately 110 searches to the day. I decided by the word to make money doing surveys online like key words, due to the results search. Higher estimation in average of CPC and the volume search does not mean that you can be making more money by each click of Google Adsense, Must watch in his results search and of verifying the easy thing that it can arrive at TOP 10 with the key word. From several key words in the result of the investigation of key words, in my opinion, to make money doing possible surveys in line are the more profitable key word. We are going to throw a look to the results search: To make money doing surveys online Results of the search I have been reviewing in the 3 first places of the results search, I tried to look for in the sites and to more see what surveys are writing about to make money in line doing, Although make money in line doing surveys have a high competition of 25.900.00, seems that Google cannot obtain any the 25.

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Information Site

Information. Even if not for professional work, we still like zombies 'stuck' in speeding ribbon event, the thread completely useless information, advertising, zavlekalova and other stuff. All advertising is – is not it? Even our clothing and behavior all the time that it advertises. Themselves, style, fashion, manners … What is already talking about the information environment – on the Internet.

One gets the impression that there is information imperceptibly turned into advertising. Like free, accessible, but at the same time, low-standard. Also, sorry for the time that all taken away from other activities. Every day the Internet becomes like a garbage pit. Number of websites grows inexorably. Not really straining can create a site for the day, there nakopirovat information – and you're done. A little effort in the promotion and now he was hanging out under my feet along with the rest look like junk, every time getting into our search for a nuisance. Unique information, which is really necessary – is diluted to such an extent that it still needs to identify a person to get to the source.

Slowly even create immunity, mind filters out most, abstracted from all that fuss. Antibodies triggered a sense of self-preservation instinct. In such harsh conditions necessary to create information sites. I had to give this case most of the time. I began with 09 regional site of Vinnitsa. In the network there are lots of directories, but want to experiment first and foremost for myself, to gather the required information in one place. Doing purely informational site Directory 09 Vinnitsa. Much he like – just a minimum of publicity. Find the right choice by rating, address search, but that's another story. Information – not advertising, but the possibility of a correct choice (I hope the phrase will be cruise) …