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The effects of the production of energy by oil, become unsustainable product of poor regulations, lack of experience which globalization could not observe long ago, with the environmental and social cost on natural resources (desertification, extinction of species, etc.). However against these practices recommendations exist in some international legislation and doctrine, as the arise dynamic measures by means of the right energy Integrator, technological and sustainable energy policies as the need for approximations to the polluting effects of oil for the purpose of prevention. Energy sustainability within the exploratory activity of oil is basically oriented to reduce risks and environmental impacts; When you are programming or are planning to search for oil primarily as source of world energy, and commercial economic activities; through the development of policies to meet the average environmental, social principles without paralysing the activity of the oil industry. 5. Towards measures of energy sustainability in the exploration of hydrocarbons. State planning activities which will also have support from industry and population who must assume the leading role of sustainability as part of governance. Use and promotion of innovative technologies that will prevent contamination of the surface, in the phase of oil exploration. Establish systems of compensation on measurable damage to those affected by the exploration activities, even those who underestimated the marketplace.

Establish registration and measurement systems of biodiversity for the calculation of the damages that are incommensurable due to the absence of complete knowledge on biodiversity altered or destroyed and by the difficulty of establishing measures or appraisals about social impacts such as the loss of a culture. Develop techniques for recovery of the object lands exploratory activities. Internalization in the costs of the externalities of activities resulting from the extraction of oil. These are one challenges that all institutions of the State related to the extraction of petroleum, convert it as a sustainable energy resource, and the fundamental role of the oil companies to solve the security measures and make innovations in the technology.

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National Convention

All of these names are very old, they correspond to the history of the America before 1492. The arrival of the Spanish in particular, some Castilian voices are transfonetizaron Guarani, nominating foreign objects into native culture (kavaju, vaka, ovecha, kavara, kamisa). If you would like to know more about Clinton Family, then click here. The Spaniards, particularly missionaries (Jesuits and Franciscans) not could meet initially its mission of evangelization because the vain attempt to do in Castilian. So they decided to develop the entire process of catequizacion, but in the language of the reduced. There more words appear to name phenomena, facts, circumstances and Christian characters, but in Guarani. So yvaga, anareta, pa i or avare, mongarai, tupao, angaipa, etc. 3.

THE PARAGUAYAN situation the following points They demonstrate the interesting news of the Guarani in the Paraguay. 1 ) Data from the latest national census, practiced in 2002, showed the presence of 50% of Guarani-speakers in the Paraguay; followed by almost 25% bilingual (Guarani-Castilian) and less than 10% of Spanish speakers. This is important, because if we compare the percentage of Guarani-speakers with practiced in 1992, we perceive that the percentage of Guarani-speakers was lower in that census. Indeed, the 1992 census said 37% Guarani-speakers. Specifically, today, Paraguay 87% of the population speaks and understands Guarani. 2 ) The Guarani is the official language of the Paraguay since 1992.

Indeed Guarani achieved that rank after many years of marginalization by certain legal bureaucracy that remains embedded in the spaces of power but with less force. We must not lose sight of those who formed the constitutional National Convention which adopted the current Constitution (1992), came from different strata: games politicians and social, Trade Union, student, peasant, indigenous, cooperative, business and industrial organizations, etc. and that all of them – representing their parties and organizations – adopted unanimentemente Art. 140 declared Guarani as official language of the Republic. 3 ) El Guarani is part of the national educational system since 1994.

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Euros Real

More than 50 charts, four subjects (ice, tropical, lava, etc.). NPC and millions of real opponents from around the world – the latest technology strimming, fascinating history of the game world. Levels updated with a bunch of quests and missions – each month for each pirate has a chance to win ten thousand (10,000!) Euros. And this treasure is real, not virtual – More than 30 000 guilds – and yet you can not just join someone's guild, if you wish, you can organize your own guild, and become the head of a pirate clan! 6) Deepolis Deepolis – a new three-dimensional browser-based game that will grab you with the first minute. You'll have to dive to a depth of 20 leagues for the passage of missions in different styles.

This game compares favorably with other online games, due to the bulk three-dimensional graphics, a fantastic battle scenes and lots of different possibilities for the players. Immersed in this game you will find that deep calm can be deceiving. Here, at every turn are the bastions of the enemy at any moment on you can attack and capture. Especially intriguing that in these depths hide thousands of real opponents and the players. As for difficulty levels, then begin to exist in Deepolis can any player, including those who still have no idea about the rules. It is rather simple and it is clear from the first minute. The game combines elements of not only underwater battles. You'll have to feel like a scout, marketer and member of a team.

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That poses a problem of timetables. It can two classes take place at the same time and therefore you will have to choose another time for this class, or even change of subject. It also poses a problem. If the career that you are still in your country of origin is composed of such varied subjects, it is likely that the level of information technology that is acquired is not the same as the level acquired in a career specialising in computer science. Therefore, can be a little tricky sometimes follow the class. In addition, if you are still a third year class for example, you’ve not followed the first two courses before and some knowledge that the teacher will instead consider miss you as acquired.

On the implementation of the ECTS system: it is assumed that the ECTS system is used for recognition of classes followed abroad. Works in the following manner: each course is worth a number of credits based on the number of hours per week and personal workload that represents for the student. An academic year is worth 60 credits (one semester, 30). Therefore, when going on Erasmus, you write your plan of study and upon reaching the 30 credits per semester, have the number of sufficient subjects. The problem arises when the host University and/or the origin do not apply this system. Assumes that all have to apply but for being a recent system, certain universities do not implement it properly yet. What can can move? One example among others is that your home University is not based on credit but on subjects. If your career (in your country) is composed of 10 subjects of a weekly duration of 2 hours each, you have a weekly schedule of 20 hours a week.