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The Age Of The Radio

Age great jump happened thanks to the perception unquestioned politics of president Getlio Vargas, who I eat call CIACCIA and MANHANELLI (2007) in> the History of the Radio in the Brazilian Politics. The authors determine that the rupture occurred in 1932, with the promulgation of Decree 21,111 of 1 of March, in which all the radios from that moment would start to announce commercial products, the objective of the senders became mercantile, the cost of the announcements was related with the hearing, became necessary to please the consumers. Even though a nationalized radio, as powerful the National one, of Rio De Janeiro was not stolen to dispute the market, using itself most intense Populism. This change attracts money consequently and sic the competition and stimulates the market. The characteristics of the programming suffer great changes, passing of the scholar the popular one and searching to take to the people leisure and diversion. Industry and commerce discover the potential of the radio in the incentive to the consumption and the classroom politics perceives that it could also be a great vendedor of ideas. the government of the union will look for to understand itself by the way with the states and way cities that exactly in the small agglomerations are installed receiving provided with loudspeakers in conditions to facilitate to all the Brazilians, without sex distinction nor age, moments of education social politics and, you inform useful to its businesses and all luck of tending notice to interlace the interests diverse of the nation. … To radiotelephony is reserved the paper to interest all for everything how much is transferred in Brazil (CIACCIA, MANHANELLI, 2007) Doubtlessly, the year of 1932 watershed was the Chieftain in Air, in 1936 (…) the focus of the attentions is turned toward the proper Mau Square, when, in the last floors of the famous building A Night, has beginning the transmissions of the National Radio of Rio De Janeiro (…) Singers from the Radio composed for Carlos Braga (the Braguinha, that adopted the pseudonym of Adobe Joo), Lamartine Babo and Alberto Ribeiro interpreted for the sisters Carmem and Aurora Miranda that said: We are the singers of the radio We take the life to sing Of night we pack your sleep,/Of morning we to wake up we go you.

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Reiterating History

From this vision of education and the proper historical knowledge, the chance slight knowledge had led, many times, to a teleologic and intentional perspective of History. Without losing of seen the complexity of this question, it is important to make possible to the pupils the understanding of that the historical events cannot be explained in simplista way. It is necessary to make to understand them that numerous relations, of different weights and characteristics, intervene with its accomplishment. However, it is known that if the professor really wants to construct one practical one of education of History that privileges the understanding of the subject pupil while of History, of a history that is not given and yes constructed, hardly it will obtain to work the content all programmarian. 2.3. Methodology Reiterating the affirmation from that the history education has suffered some transformations, is observed that the traditional boarding has yielded place the new forms to teach History.

Before, it fit to the pupils the memorization of names, dates, places among others points that added to the pupil only one momentary knowledge. In accordance with (MOREIRA and VASCONCELOS, 2009, P. 36), the good pupil was not that one that wise person to express its creativity. In contrast, he was better evaluated that one that she knew to reproduce ready formulas from a project of questions and answers. This traditional model of education was so impregnated in the mind of the people, who many do not believe that History must be understood and not simply decorated. The new presented boardings have contributed for a redirecionamento of practical the pedagogical ones in the history education. What one expects of educating is that this knows to establish relations between different facts or structures in order to form a vision of set of the historical reality. In this perspective, the pupil leaves to act as a passive being and passes to be understood as a constructor of the knowledge.

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