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Scientific Methodology

The search of knowing becomes important and pleasant when the child learns playing. It is possible, through playing, forming individuals with autonomy, motivated for many interests and capable to learn quickly. To conclude, playing it could be enrolled as practical illustration instrument complementing the theory, however, pedagogically very enriquecedor, therefore when displacing the citizen defying if putting into motion it and to interact with its pairs, its space and its environment, in the measure where determined game, or proposal playful is related to the subject and the learning proposal that the professors are presenting at that moment, other knowledge enter in action; as respect the rules, the communication clarity, the reinforcement of the affective bond between the group, the desinibio, the confidence of some stops with the others, among others questions of values, as solidarity, friendship, understanding other knowledge that if articulate between itself, on for a teia or a great net becoming incorporated itself one in the other. In fact, a proposal playful, centered in playing in the educative space that includes and receives to all, that the tolerant convivncia with the differences articulates, leagues in this subjective and singular net, where in the exercise of the human meeting, each moment is only. Full of incompressible mysteries, encantamentos, disenchantments, conquests and challenges. However, it is important to know that the society is made per item and each one that circulates for our lives during one year, some years and thus successively. It is to provoke a daily metamorphosis, transforming and leaving if to transform. thus to go touching the life, as a boat that sails, to the times in calmer waters, for other turbulent ones, but with the certainty and confidence of that it will arrive at the destination.

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