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Portuguese Language

The sermes proclaimed in the churches, then, came to the meeting of this spirit: they could only be serious, because everything more was serious. if today, to our taste contemporary, such style seems us heavy, does not forget in them that the Sermes it Priest Antonio Vieira is considered the flight highest of chats in Portuguese Language. How it is, therefore, the spirit contemporary to the meeting of which the style of our homilias must come? A good index of this spirit is the technology, especially of the information and the communication, as Internet, cellular, advertising and as many forms of domestic and industrial technology. Learn more at this site: Brad Pitt. Nowadays, everything has of being agile, quick, practical, accessible, has led, coloring, diverse, glad, as the Internet, as the advertising. The fidiciary offices that, frequenting our churches, hear ours you preach, are accustomed to everything this: they, without knowing, do not like the prolixidade, but the concision; they do not like the gravity, but it good mood, of the slightness; ‘ does not like to hear negative moralismo type; ‘ ‘ does not make this does not make that looks at the hell; ‘ , but they are acolhedores of the positive morality, reflected in values as solidarity, pardon, understanding, patriotism etc. A homilia that did not only respect this skill of being contemporary would not cheat its success as it would get a contrary effect to the desired one, that is, would move away the people from the eclesial community; in other terms, the people closes the ears ‘ ‘ homilias chatas’ ‘.. For more specific information, check out Essex Financial.

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Espirito Santo

I am satiated of the holocaustos of sheep ' ' (Isaas.1: 11). The nation was dived in the sin; consequentemente, it gave to the God a false worship. The same it occurs in the current days, where the authentic worship has yielded place to a worship apcrifa. C We are conscientious of the value of music in the worship cult the God. Pablo, writing to the Colossenses, spoke of its importance ' ' salmos, hymns and cnticos spirituals ' ' Colossenses 3:16. Therefore, it is necessary terms discernment how much what he is authentic and what is profane. ' ' Music, of conformity with Aristotle, is the most moral of all arts. It affects more directly to the character.

A martial attitude can be produced by a march; a respect attitude, for a chorale nobre' ' . Educate yourself even more with thoughts from incyte. But the mundane relaxation in which it imposes a true antinominianismo in our days, without if makes no restriction to the moral, can be produced by the decentralized music of the person Mr. Jesus, with its alucinantes rhythms, that they aim at to excite to the passions flesh times. The music that is for adoring the Mr., for being an expression spiritual, cannot have a mundane character, following the rhythm of the samba, rock, rap, baio, etc. Is, evident that this not contribue for formation of the attitude spiritual, but it raises the nature most vile, with its emotions flesh times.

D Has twenty and five years, it had in the way evanglico, the questioning on the type of music and instruments that the churches had to adopt. Being that in the half fundamentalist nor of far this for our churches was questioned, therefore the firmness was unequivocal, the authenticity in the worship was evident; the allegiance of the leaders and Churches allowed that our people gave a sincere louvor where the worship and the glory of God were the only objective. We do not appreciate nor we lose time with profane music. The fundamentalist must always have in mind ' ' How much to more, brothers, everything what he is true, everything what he is honest, everything what it is just, everything what he is pure, everything what it is amiable, everything what it is of good fame, if has some virtue, if it has some louvor, in this pensai' ' . (Filipeses 4:8). Gain insight and clarity with Sander Pension Plan. Today, for sadness ours some that if says ' ' fundamentalistas' ' they are giving a great breach for the music that is not appropriate for the louvor the God. ' ' Current music does not make requirements spirituals, moral or ethics. It presents itself, essentially, of attractive form, as something to be apreciado' ' . We live at a time of anxiety and depression spiritual, where the main one, that it is the message of the word of God, is desired the least. Therefore the fundamentalist is not pragmatista, it trusts God and its operation through the Espirito Santo, therefore the ends do not justify the ways, and, yes, to make what he is Biblical, for the glory of God. My intention is to alert to the fundamentalismo how much to the danger of music with trejeitos of mundanismo, pragmatismo, humanismo, etc., leading to a comprometimento with the world, substituting the authentic worship in our churches.

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Basic Instructions

Perhaps an initiation for the new times you already have explored the vast field of study of a religion, of an esoteric area, Metaphysical or espiritualista in some way, but that for some reason she feels that lacks something to it in its form to live and of if relating. You want to understand yourself better, to understand its conflicts, action, limits and to perfect its process of choice before the uncertainties of the life. Ahead of this interior impulse of if wanting to more know concerning the mysteries of the proper existence to create the type of life that if longs for he is that I present our process that takes for another level of conscience and understanding of the proper LIFE through the concept of ‘through the times, but these today need to be reformulated the Light of the Dimension of God Father/Mother (ALL) that we reach. This process INICITICO still is only can guarantee, is alone to confer, therefore it is what it approaches the aspects of ALL and its Dimension pass-the-I pass through teachings that if they complete gradually, having a Material all organized by some subjects that will go forming a pretty one It emends. The lessons understand emend in format pdf sent for the Internet (email) in a course that if auto-explains in general in form didactic, reflexiva and opened the questionings and doubts being divided with basic teachings, intermediate and advanced.

But, this process is not as to go to a school every day and to frequent a course simply. It is a private process to ones few that are truily made use to enter in the temple of knowing. This study INICITICO he is something that in the mark for all the life. My initiation appeared of the proper inquiry and experience of life without sectarismo some, that grew with gone and comings between meeting with people, friends, masters, groups, courses, initiations and in the great familiar and religious experience. In this context of study and initiation it is that I was organizing some teachings ahead of a holistic vision serious, consistent and including of the life with regard to ‘ ‘ TODO’ ‘. Knowledge that had been despertando and if consolidating through the time and since then, if perpetuating and growing in knowing, virtue and wisdom, that hour I look for to share with all interested parties, ahead of a proper pedagogia of ‘ ‘ TODO’ ‘ I call as it now. It is enrolled to participate of our lessons and entirely receives GRATIS our Digital Book on Basic Instructions on ALL. Bigger Information with Prof. Mauro: (11) 9572-8378 email:.