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Survey Construction

Expertise in building expertise in a general sense – the definition of object of examination of conformity with the requirements. Forensics – proceedings, consisting of research and giving expert opinions on issues whose resolution requires specialized knowledge in science, technology, art or crafts and are presented before the court, the judge, body of inquiry, the person conducting the inquiry, investigator or prosecutor in order to establish the circumstances to be proving a particular case. Non-judicial expertise – as opposed to the judiciary is appointed is not in connection with legal proceedings and the proceedings and performed in non-procedural form. Non-judicial examination can be performed on request of an individual. Expert activities – professionals with the necessary expertise, skills and knowledge aimed at addressing these issues requires knowledge, experience and qualifications. The essence of an independent construction expertise lies in ascertaining the fact of their absence or defects, construction site inspection and / or documentation for compliance with existing rules and regulations, site restoration cost estimate / design, as well as expert recommendations on further action by the project participants. To whom and when they need independent construction expertise? Answers to this question can be set: * in disputes between members of the construction project (an investor, customer, contractor, subcontractor, etc.) * during the trial (pretrial and legal expertise) * when assessing the market value of assets / business; * for an insurance valuation of the property / construction, and * when disputes arise in the operation of facilities; if possible * / of emergency situations, etc. This list can be completed and detail indefinitely because the building process is very versatile, not only at the stages of its life cycle, but also in the process of further exploitation and interaction with the environment. The experts put a variety of tasks: * Survey of technical condition of buildings, structures and utilities to assess the operational status of the object and making decision about the necessity of current and capital repairs, reconstruction or modernization of buildings; * survey of real estate for the purpose of identifying, fixing and determining the cost of removal of defects produced during construction and operation of the facility; * inspection of technical condition of buildings and structures before making decisions about their sale or purchase * to analyze the possibility of redevelopment areas in accordance with current building regulations an example (one-room apartment redevelopment) * definition of the reasons causing structural damage to buildings or structures; * Analysis (prices for construction work) is often carrying out construction expertise is accompanied by an-finding work.

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