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Basic Instructions

Perhaps an initiation for the new times you already have explored the vast field of study of a religion, of an esoteric area, Metaphysical or espiritualista in some way, but that for some reason she feels that lacks something to it in its form to live and of if relating. You want to understand yourself better, to understand its conflicts, action, limits and to perfect its process of choice before the uncertainties of the life. Ahead of this interior impulse of if wanting to more know concerning the mysteries of the proper existence to create the type of life that if longs for he is that I present our process that takes for another level of conscience and understanding of the proper LIFE through the concept of ‘through the times, but these today need to be reformulated the Light of the Dimension of God Father/Mother (ALL) that we reach. This process INICITICO still is only can guarantee, is alone to confer, therefore it is what it approaches the aspects of ALL and its Dimension pass-the-I pass through teachings that if they complete gradually, having a Material all organized by some subjects that will go forming a pretty one It emends. The lessons understand emend in format pdf sent for the Internet (email) in a course that if auto-explains in general in form didactic, reflexiva and opened the questionings and doubts being divided with basic teachings, intermediate and advanced.

But, this process is not as to go to a school every day and to frequent a course simply. It is a private process to ones few that are truily made use to enter in the temple of knowing. This study INICITICO he is something that in the mark for all the life. My initiation appeared of the proper inquiry and experience of life without sectarismo some, that grew with gone and comings between meeting with people, friends, masters, groups, courses, initiations and in the great familiar and religious experience. In this context of study and initiation it is that I was organizing some teachings ahead of a holistic vision serious, consistent and including of the life with regard to ‘ ‘ TODO’ ‘. Knowledge that had been despertando and if consolidating through the time and since then, if perpetuating and growing in knowing, virtue and wisdom, that hour I look for to share with all interested parties, ahead of a proper pedagogia of ‘ ‘ TODO’ ‘ I call as it now. It is enrolled to participate of our lessons and entirely receives GRATIS our Digital Book on Basic Instructions on ALL. Bigger Information with Prof. Mauro: (11) 9572-8378 email:.

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