13 Jul 2013, 11:10pm

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New Content On The Internet

Current publication and distribution of content through Internet technology allows users on the network can share, view, use, and generate all types of content. In particular, the audiovisual content has become extremely important, and social networks like facebook, myspace, tuenti, etc, as well as publication of videos like the famous Youtube technology have led to a large participation by users and the consumption of these contents. For example, viewing of films, series and videos online among Internet users is gaining popularity. For example, it is possible to see videos de Patito Feo, the famous Argentine series of the young Patito Feo, videos of animals, music videos, full-length movies, etc. On the other hand, while users enjoy these contents, usually free of charge, proliferate the web pages and companies that use them as business model or form of marketing. So important is the area of advertising and marketing on the internet every time there is more activity and money in the sector.Increasingly emerging initiatives that allow the users themselves benefit from this boom of advertising on the internet in addition to enjoying the services offered. In this way, it is possible to earn money with Facebook.Sin doubt, Internet continues to change and generate new ways to enjoy, do business, make money, communicate and share.

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