20 Jul 2013, 3:12pm

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GM Link Cadillac

If you are looking for a big pickup truck the best is the Escalade, want to know why? Cadillac always has been and will be the best brand of cars, as all have very good engine, they are very safe, luxurious and elegant, so could not be left behind with the Escalade. The Cadillac Escalade has a super 6.2 l engine, an automatic transmission of 6 changes and addition semi-manual mode, so use prefer it. The safety of this truck is excellent, because account with the drive system AWD which relies on stability and traction sensors to give you control over when going at high speeds, so when it comes to swerve and swerve not lose control of the truck. Also the Cadillac Escalade has the latest technology, since it has 3 screens so you can see your favorite films and one of them is touch. The platinum version has 5 screens and 2 of them are recessed in the headwaters of the front seats. If you want to acquire this impressive pickup, you can get it in black, dark grey metal, metallic gold, metallic silver and white diamond. Interiors can be chosen between black, cashmere and cocoa in the Platinum version. Also remember that if you want to buy the Cadillc Escalade best choice is do it with cars agency that offers you the best price of all Mexico, besides that have financing plans and get 1 free year of GM Link. Original author and source of the article

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