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How To Control Binge

The binge eating disorder or compulsive eating is eating large amounts of food out of control very quickly. Surely many of you know what we mean, because, despite not being the most popular, it is the most common eating disorder. Stress, anxiety, anxiety can be triggers for this disorder to be diagnosed as such should occur at least twice a week for six months. The consequences of this disorder are: i, Overweight and obesity, since there is an overconsumption of calories, mainly from foods high in fats and sugars. i, Feeling guilty about the lack of control over what and how much is eaten. Please visit Expa if you seek more information. i, upset by the huge amount of food eaten. Here are some strategies to overcome this compulsion food and improve their relationship with food: i, Forget the strict diets. The very low calorie diets will increase their anxiety, causing moments of chaos, worsening the situation.

i, Make a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients necessary to meet their requirements and nutritional balance. i, Establish regularly scheduled meals and stick to them. This will help create a healthy eating behavior. i, Record everything you eat. One of the best ways to take control of your diet and identify days and times problematicosa a , is to write down everything you eat. i, Think about the situations or emotions that cause binge.

Identify the triggers is the first step to avoid them. This disorder, like other eating disorders can be controlled with proper diagnosis and correct treatment. Therefore, in addition to these tips, please consult with your nutritionist to receive personalized guidance. Degree in Nutrition. Nutritional Consulting Partner Director where he developed activities nutritional counseling business and personal level. /