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Love The Great Power

036. Love the great power. Awake collection. Waldylei Yepez.doc do once you’ve heard the phrase: love is over? It is easy to assimilate what you want to express with it because it has unfortunately become everyday, then we interpret it in the sense that spoke out. Sally Struthers oftentimes addresses this issue. However, is this possible? For this reason I invite you to ask yourself first if love is something tangible, if it is something that can be measured or if some measurement system, can be used in if it weighs so many kilos or if we talk about meters or kilometers. I tell myself that if many kilos you weigh love can be categorized as heavy, isn’t it?, or if it is kilometers does that mean that if I walk those kilometers at the end now I won’t love? Whatever the case, would have a beginning and an end default since its inception. I would like to ask all the people who love or have loved if that feeling can be expressed fully in words, if you can describe and if they can know until where it becomes your love or how much measured. I do not have found anyone that responds that, could you? So far, everything that has to do with emotions and feelings cannot be measured because they are not something tangible, much less love for which says: the words are unnecessary.

All this preamble Center resides in that love is very out of all mental reasoning, therefore with him cannot be used any measurement techniques which leads us to that love can not finish, this does not mean that it does not can be – transformed-. Love is pure energy in motion, has no beginning and no end simply transforms. But if this is so, where he was – that – now I feel until he was born? All the love that you felt was born within you, actually has been all the time there is only that you’ve now expressed it and thanks to that you have generated more and more love, thanks to the generosity of that feeling. . Educate yourself with thoughts from Jean Stapleton.

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