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World Wildlife Fund

" World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia) said that welcomes the announcement made by President Dmitry Medvedev statement on climate change climate change and considers it one step to solving this global problem. French people prefer cleaner bioproducts Caring for your health, and taking into account the fact that production must be environmentally friendly and with minimum harm to the environment, the French are increasingly environmentally friendly bio-products. Source: James Woods. And in supermarkets and wound more often you can see people who prefer products labeled ab (agriculture biologique). As Typically, organic food – is organic food grown on the farm without any chemical additives in the ground. Tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, beans and much more is grown by farmers in the natural environment.

Even pigs, chickens, geese are raised in natural biousloviyah, eat natural foods without additives, and live in their intrinsic biological rhythms. Image of organic food in France in recent years has changed significantly. Eco-friendly products come to the fore and noticeably pushed ordinary goods in stores and markets. Polling results show that four out of ten French people at least once ate organic food. Should noted that the French – a nation that loves to biotechnology and cares for the environment and cares about its ecology. In addition to food, biotechnology in France are widely used for manufacture of cosmetics, textiles, children's goods, furniture, shoes and clothing. Because the French are known in Europe for its meticulous attitude to the whole 'green' In Australian koalas found aids Scientists sound alarm: some of the Australian koalas were sick with aids.

Deadly virus similar to hiv in humans, was detected in a few koalas, falling to the hospital for wild animals. Scientists theorize that in the wild, the virus is widely distributed to these lovely animals that are a symbol of Australia. In addition, the koalas virus works a bit faster than hiv in humans. It should be noted that these cute furry animals are harmless and without that are close to extinction. Scientists theorize that perhaps in 30 years koalas may disappear entirely on the Australian continent due to the destruction of human habitats of koalas, as well as due frequent forest fires and to reduce tons of reducing the quality of basic food koalas – eucalyptus leaves. If, however, have koalas in the wild will spread more and aids, it is further accelerate the disappearance of this species. As it turned out, many animals are susceptible to infection with human immunodeficiency virus: for example, monkeys, cats, and even calves. However, virologists say, all the viruses of animal origin, similar to hiv, to any person practical danger is not present. Scientists have proved that the contracting aids from domestic or wild animals can not.

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