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Tourism Site

If you have in mind that: more than 85% of people uses the Internet (search engines, especially Google) to search for information before you travel; that only 4% of people using the mouse scroll down to information that underneath the page that you have approximately 10 seconds (or less) than to capture the attention of the visitor and that, if you do, you lose it forever. Owe then perhaps see if the pages of your site from tourism are being really effective in fulfilling the goal that you had when you created them: sell more and better your products and services. If you consider the following 3 tips, I assure you that you’ll see how the sales and bookings improve notably. I say this from experience! (a) Firstly, keep in mind that the information the visitor is looking for is presented in a clear and simple way. For example, imagine the indignation of the user who comes to your site looking for information on flights and is located with the proposals of the hotels. And this when not it reaches a page blank. Therefore clear information (at points, like these) concisaordenadaatractivasin many graphics (only necessary) will be greater liking for the visitor. It also has an additional benefit: the page load faster.

(b) that your site is not a mere grout information. The visitor does not want to buy a book of travel, you want to know something about that place that you offer, about the hotel, and that is why you must give, in subtle way, reasons emotional so you have finished buying your products and services and that hold it with rational reasons (for example, price). To learn about this click here: how mentally influence the traveller who visits your site. c) Besides load quick, places the most appealing elements above everything. I.e., on each page of your site you should have the header that highlights the benefit for travelers, and some particular photo that invite to stay onsite and continue reading what you are by counting.

This way you will be able capture your full attention in those 10 seconds defining. If you go on making things simple, bearing in mind that the visitor is looking for information and benefits, and giving this in an accessible format (easy to read and quick), you can assure that you maximize notably odds finished contacting you finally close your travel with you. Marketing consultant Internet tourist. Any consultation on positioning, how to increase sales by internet, purchases of travel packages, booking of hotels and more, enters my site:. com / Blogs related the hours lost criticism and news film driving motorcycles, Physics (1) playa Fuerteventura Elba Carlota Hotel Hotels Fuerteventura tv4internacional107 Blog Archive report from the 05.03.10 6,7,8 The Next Freak Show Blog Archive LAS sales sleeves in the leak: principles of iPad sales could exceed original iPhone Minister Von Baer reiterates that there are no official figures for Chinese Google Plans to Wave White Flag on April 10?

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