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Accordingly, here – the following items: 5) I vacuumed vseredine everything I could. The fan over the CPU cooler I could not take off (thank God!), But vacuum as soon as it could get. In this case – may help some brush. Or vacuum cleaner, which can blow air out of himself. 6) pulled out a line of memory. They learn fairly easily. They are – almost the only thing that lends itself more or less simple extraction. They have on each side – two tiny little white tabs.

These latches relegated – and planochka pulled out. But of course, it must be done carefully and try not to touch your fingers to the set of very thin threads ogrooooomnomu-kontaktikov. That is planochku need to keep the sides. Best of all, if this procedure would make anyone who has ever seen this (similar) process. And now These have a little planochki memory clean. This can be done in two ways – either with alcohol (in cotton wool), or a soft eraser (rubber-school “stirachkoy”). Clean “legs” of memory. It is possible that they slightly oxidized contacts.

And this simple operation we remove this oxidation. Now it remains exactly the same place planochki back and flatten snaps. Turn on the computer. And then he said to me, so prolonged, so plaintively: “piiiiiik” 3 seconds, then 3 seconds of silence. Then again, “piiiik.” Oh Mama! Do not worry! Different “piiik” indicates a different hardware failure (for different motherboards and BIOSov – in different ways, these “mistakes piiiki” sound). But in my case – all clearly understandable – not the place Dodavah memory strip. Because computer and cried. And once I have them already Dodavah, finally put in place properly and again included the comp – UPA! Urrrya! Earned. Most of this error did not occur. The conclusion of this story is: this is the Dump of physical memory – is likely (and perhaps even always) this is a hardware and not software. Respectively – that’s a lot of these items could not do. And after trying to install new video card drivers (or at least someone has to swear on a black screen computer – you can find out by an inscription in which the driver error) – you had to immediately open the system unit and start cleaning his entrails, in general, and bars memory in particular. That is, could well do without reinstalling Wind.

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