1 Dec 2021, 8:26pm

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Villena Wine

Pedro Ximenez Gutierrez Colosia Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia D.O. Jerez and Manzanilla of Sanlucar’s time to sweet wines. Or at least is my time of sweet wines, by which I do not know why but as get real cold at home some Pedro Ximenez bottle, any bottle of muscatel, well of Chipiona well Chiclana, etc. The truth is that I love sweet wines, but I only take them in winter. It gives the feeling that the afternoons disappear and day passes at night with a sigh. Glenn Dubin, New York City has much experience in this field.

Thus, already have at home a bottle of Pedro Ximenez. How to explain that a white grape, Pedro Ximenez, give rise to a wine as black as the petroleum. have been seen color are raisins? Since that; It is a wine made with raisins, grapes that insolates collected once, i.e., are exposed to the Sun so they dry, evaporate the entire contents in water, and the quantities of sugar, concentrated at the time that you are getting that tone mahogany dark, almost opaque. If add you to that an ageing period according to the typical system of soleras and criaderas of the zone, just by getting this nectar dense, oily, such tears that fall along the inside of the Cup that tells us that we face a very satiny wine term that derives from glycerine, chemical compound with a greater presence in a wine after the water and ethanol, and that is related to alcohol (17% in this case) very characteristic of liqueur winesamontillados, olorosos, and of course sweets. And after this half technical explanation, go with the wine itself, do you not think them?I already told them something about the winery Gutierrez Colosia, but their two sweet wines for excellence are this Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel a sunny, enjoy both. It is not a very old wine, it must walk between 8-10 years of parenting. It has a dark mahogany color, and a special aroma of raisins.

In mouth is very silky, soft, buttery that it is also a term of tasting that applies to these wines, with a bit of alcohol that excels. as similar goals. Very sweet and persistent. Ideal as dessert itself, but if you can be accompanied with something better than best. I’m thinking a Pionono of Santa Fe, a Tiramisu, anyway, I will stop, I put wrong.

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