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Dow Jones Stahl Day

The medium-sized steel processors as the backbone of the German economy. Frankfurt am Main, 30.07.2012 on the German market of steel the trees no longer grow in 2012 in the sky. The middle of the year, steel prices due to the global economic cooling are clearly under pressure. The world’s largest steel group ArcelorMittal gave in the second half of the year only behaved views the development and thinking out loud, temporarily to shut down more factories in Europe. Contact information is here: Adroll Marketing Platform. The European steel Association EUROFER anticipates a recovery in the demand for steel at the earliest in 2013. Not reason to the whining in Germany anyway. In particular the steel industry has developed a position as world market leader with its technological expertise in many niches? The medium-sized steel processors as the backbone of the German economy can not comfortably sit back in these uncertain times.

You must confront new challenges: the European steel industry is increased international competition pressure. New players from India, Russia and the Ukraine pushing onto the market. Sander Gerber: the source for more info. Europe in terms of debt crisis will not be easy. Does the crisis soon in Germany? Will the impact on the real economy worsen? Almost every company knows the problem: If there are uncertainties about future developments, then investments are once stopped or moved backwards in time. Where steel prices going up to the end of the year, which is probably in September prove if all market participants from the summer break are back and the moment of truth: how it looks actually with the orders until the end of the year? Are steel producers because of falling profit margins with their backs to the wall? Continues the decline in steel prices? Schwachelt the German automobile industry? Where is the travel in China? In the heart of the event, old, but new questions are: what are the implications of the energy turnaround for the company? Will of steel raw materials scrap to the scarce? How can the new challenges in logistics I overcome? Ticking with the increasing shortage of workers due to the demographic development of a time bomb in the company? 7 Dow Jones Stahl has used day 2012 aims to clarify as many open questions and to give important impulses for the daily business.

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Record Number Of Visitors To The Ceremony Of The Telematics Awards 2013 At The IFA Berlin

The formal announcement of the winners of the Telematics Awards 2013 Berlin, 08.09.2013. In this year, and yesterday telematics Markt.de, the leading media group in the telematics industry in German-speaking countries, the telematics Award awarded for the telematics the human. Representative venue and partner of the organizer of 2013 is the international radio exhibition in Berlin. Over 200 event guests and media representatives have registered for this award as visitors and observers. To document the increased importance of this innovative industry for which the Organizer advertises for years, with their interest. Already following the announcement of the companies nominees for the telematics award 2013 interest emerged, which would arouse the award ceremony this year and as the organizer for the ceremony showed a record number of visitors. Already a few minutes after the inlet, all seats were occupied. This was further interested guests from business, science, as well as users and press yet, the Standing to attend the ceremony.

Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Board of the gfu (organizer of the IFA) opened the ceremony, once again emphasized the role and importance of telematics for the economy and said the organisers, the media group of telematics Markt.de in Berlin and at the IFA in Berlin welcome… The round of talks with excitement and interest, the guests of the event followed the subsequent talk of telematics. This almost one-hour round of talks is very popular with the visitors and for the promoter already fixed become tradition. That it was pretty tight in the Marshall House of the Red Lounge, was also quite possibly with the participants of this year’s round: Dr. Uwe Engelmann founding shareholder, CHILI GmbH Prof. Alfred Iwainsky of Chairman of the Board, GFal Katharina Klischewsky Publisher, media group telematics Markt.de Michael Pulmanns Managing Director, GeoCompanion GmbH Dr.

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