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The Energy

The power plants, exactly receive prominence for its great importance in the process from creation of the sustainable development of any nation, and for its importance as source competitive advantage for the productive units in the market. You vary clean power plants are being developed and used to cure this Brazilian deficiency. But one of these power plants calls the attention for its efficiency as alternative source of energy, in the containment of costs with electric energy and others in the process of generation of auto-sustainable energy, promoting redirecionamento of energy comings of hydroelectric plants and diminishing costs of energy for the companies, is the solar or fotovoltaica energy. The fotovoltaica solar energy, fruit of the direct conversion in electricity, the form that has presented the development more notable in recent years. (A valuable related resource: foursquare). The fotovoltaicos systems have received great attention from the community international technique. As consequence, they have been pointed as ones of the great chances in the energy sector in this principle of millenium. Gain insight and clarity with Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Systems of fotovoltaica generation have been used of two forms: separately and in co-generation. In companies who are in remote localities, that not they count on supply of conventional electric energy, in regions of difficult access to the electric net, and in great urban centers that search alternative power plants for the high indices of consumption, isolated fotovoltaicos systems can be the solution. In this in case that, the generated energy must partially be stored in banks of batteries. The excess of energy generated during periods of raised solar radiation, or low consumption, can be stored, for use during the night, for example. Fotovoltaicos systems can be the principal source of energy for enterprise consumption. To another possible situation it involves the use of a fotovoltaico system of generation as a source of electricity hardwired in parallel with the electric net, in co-generation. In this system, the consumer primarily uses the energy generated local in fotovoltaicos panels.

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World Bank

Although the industrial activity to correspond about 14% of the American GIP, in the world-wide economy it corresponds 18%, and 33% of the Chinese GIP, according to World Bank. This means that emergent China, Brazil, India and other countries that had escaped of the worse ones consequncias of the credit crisis go to suffer each time more, knocking down the demand in more advanced economies exactly when the stimulaton packages to start to give resulted. This effect of depression functions in both the directions. Although the maken a mistake notion of that U.S.A. does not produce more nothing nowadays, the fall in the demand for articles produced in the country – as turbines the spurt, locomotives, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products and articles of high technology – goes to harm the perspectives of growth of U.S.A. Although the problems of the industries automobile and weighed to have received most from the attention, the suffering also reaches the manufacturers of products as artesanato, fabrics and jewels. The industrial sector of India, that corresponds about 16% of the GIP of the country, saw its first decline in quarterly production in more than one decade. although the cuts in the taxes and of a package of stimulaton of US$ 64 million announced in February, the textile industry Indiana pressure the government to get more aid.

Disturbances in the industrial sector worry in such a way for its paper in the counting of the GIP of the countries how much in the devastador potential of its resignations. Much if has spoken in the banking market, but the industry can finish disclosing sufficiently ackward surprises in short term. Bibliography: The State of So Paulo, edition 42,158 of 21 of March of 2009, article ' ' World-wide economy: fall of the industry remembers depresso' ' of Nelson D. Schwartz of the New York Times

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