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Frame Construction Technology Cottages

The most affordable option for private traders at the moment is the frame house. Houses of this type are assembled from prefabricated elements, just as we were building a child's constructor. Exterior walls of the structure formed from individual panels and frame, usually made of solid or laminated wood. Recently, some manufacturers are offering for a private low-rise construction, metal frames, characterized by a strong and longevity, but the cheapness and ease of wooden frame houses allows them to remain popular among private owners. Framework elements combine with nails or steps and coated on both sides of sheet materials (Plasterboard) or boards. The inner space is filled with insulation panels based on mineral wool, such as plates lite batts . Interior walls, floors and ceilings are also made of framed panels insulation. Thickness of the insulation in external walls is calculated depending on the region construction.

If we use the thermal insulation based on mineral wool, the wall of a frame house at 200-250 mm thick thermal resistance can be equated to a brick wall two meters thick. Even in severe cold this house retains heat for a long time. This will reduce heating costs up to 50%, compared to the brick house. To build a frame house requires 2-3 times less wood than a log or wooden logs, respectively. The construction is roughly the same times lighter, which is important when constructing a foundation. Prefab homes can be build on the pier foundation or foundation "floating bars".

Property (or rather, build) this house is a few days. Another advantage is that the owner may at any time to increase the area home due to additional extensions. Serve such homes, subject to the quality of assembly and use of quality materials, up to 70 years, and comfort are not inferior and even superior to wooden logs and wooden buildings. Among defects of frame houses usually called the restriction of the height to 2 storeys (increased number of floors leads to considerable complication of the skeleton and reduce its reliability) and the lack of seismic resistance (up to 5 points). Kind of frame houses are panel houses, which are used to build ready-panel-boards. Panel houses require particularly careful assembly to ensure the spatial stiffness and windproof. Outside panel houses often brick veneer, providing ventilation gap between the shield and a brick wall. Most of frame and frame-panel houses built in the U.S., Canada and northern Europe – in Scandinavia. In Russia, in view of its efficiency and speed of erection of such houses are also becoming more popular.

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