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Physics For Children: Approaching Physical Concepts Through Situation-problem

It is well-known that the schools of Basic Education, especially public schools, deal with the physics and phenomena related to the nature. This is because in it disciplines which it would have to be inserted (sciences) the approach biggest is given to biological sciences. However, it is in this phase that the child can have the contact with certain scientific concepts that will be able it to awake the taste for science. Thinking about this, and aiming at the scientific spreading in the first years of school, this work had as proposal to investigate the situation-problem use involving experiments in a group of the initial series. The work was developed in a group of 4 year of a municipal school of Gandu-BA. After the accomplishment of the activities, as register form, was asked for that the pupils drew and wrote the used strategy to decide each situation-problem that was presented to them. Connect with other leaders such as James Woods here. In one another moment was opened a quarrel and given explanations, with adjusted language, regarding the involved physical concepts in the developed activities.

During the activities it was possible to perceive how much the inferences made for the children if approach to the related concepts the physics. Moreover, other aspects related to the development of its abilities as for the inquiry had been noticed. Although to use simple and typical language of its age, the children had obtained to decide the considered problems and to explain them, what we evidence in its speaks, in its writing and the drawings. A surprising point was to hear the questionings that left of them and that they not only said respect to the physics as well as to the other areas of knowledge. This and other factors lead us to believe that, in spite of the age, already maturity exists to work with definitive content. this is because of an accessible language that it makes possible understanding and initiation of these children in activities with investigative character. as fits scientific activities.

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The objective of this study is to protocol a process of desinfestao of plants and establishment of cultures of nodais segments for the micropropagation of Mentha pulegium, determining half the most efficient ones for its growth, pertinent development and studies to the effect of growth regulators. 2? MATERIAL AND METHODS For the establishment of the culture in vitro, had been used as explantes, nodais segments with approximately hum cm of length, proceeding from Pira, RIO DE JANEIRO. The degree of desinfestao and the reply of the explante can vary as used material (CID & ZIMMERMANN, 2006). 1 Desinfestante Process: The dumbs had been washed with soap of coconut, immersed in commercial sanitary water solution 2% per 10 minutes. After enxague in current water the segments had been cut (totalizing 43 SN), being submitted to the magnetic agitation per 15 minutes in water barren and inoculated in culture in vitro in the aseptic chamber of laminar flow: 23 SN in half MS/slido and 20 in half activated MS+Carvo/solid. After 14 days the nodais segments had been evaluated, verifying if the desinfestao process was efficient.

Others three changes of same origin, had been submentidas to following the treatment: 2 Desinfestante Process: The changes had been washed with soap of coconut, immersed in commercial sanitary water solution 80% per 15 minutes, submitted to the agitation per 15 minutes, in the aseptic chamber of laminar flow, the nodais segments had been isolated totalizing 47 SN implanted in culture in vitro: 25 in half MS/slido, 20 in half MS/lquido and 2 in MS+Ca/slido. After 21 days the nodais segments had been evaluated. 3 Process (Transference of way): All SN cultivated in MS/slido, had been introduced in half solids contend different regulators of growth: 5 in MS+ BAP/2 mg. L, 3 in MS+ANA/2 mg. L and 3 in MS+TDZ/2 mg. L. After 8 days the nodais segments had been evaluated, verifying the vegetal development.

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