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Swap Mouse Against Mr. Answer!

The clever pen with valuable tips – for students more than just a collector’s item children, such as the time goes by. Just yesterday the kids were enrolled and are already their Springmaus-and action hero age outgrown. To switch to the secondary school needs a new companion from his name is Mr. answer school. “These are funny colored pins that hold an amazing secret inside her: A removable banner by Schulern also like Sanford” called, reveals information about the most important subjects. Also the black contains secrets in the truest sense of the word Mr.

answer secret. This pen is intended for hidden notes. To the start of school, parents are challenged to equip their children so that they have everything they need for the school. Musette bag, and co. bag of spring Yet our smallest know exactly everything in the finest design, what they want.

But as in the adult world about what indeed is still faster back out. At some point, you feel too cool for its just still beloved binder: The painstakingly collected pictures, cards and stickers gather dust in the desk drawer. Instead, it is looking for something that you actually use”can. Mr. answer school is now exactly the right alternative. The pen with integrated Spicker”gives its user helpful tips in the areas of math, English, geography and history, and soon also to the German specialist. While all information is based on the teaching of classes 5 to 8. “Mr. answer secret is the fun factor comes to the practical benefit: this special, gehaltene in black pen is for secret messages” thought. Here everyone can unleash its creativity, because the empty banner vieles can accommodate, which isn’t intended for all auGen. Infobox: Simple but useful information such as divisibility rule and help to convert units are housed on the banner of Mr. answer math. Additionally the first three Binomial formulas and a small collection of geometry formula. To cities and countries, mountains, rivers and lakes, it’s Mr. answer geography. A Germany map shows provinces, major cities and population figures. A collection of the EU Member States and deren flags completes the information. English irregular verbs einerseits and tenses on the other tables which Mr. answer. In addition, there are some useful as well as fun MerkSatze. Mr. answer history provides an overview of the most important eras and events of in human history and specifically enumerates the key figures from the history of Germany. A smile is the small selection of discoveries and inventions. Find out more about this extraordinary KugelSchreiber and the clever detective Mr. answer, which itself has made the many useful tips, here:, Mranswer, Mr_Answer more info for editors / readers: MEDEURAS GmbH Nordstrasse 88 40477 Dusseldorf contact person: Dipl.-hdl. Oliver Paessens phone: + 49 (0) 211/9894942 fax: + 49 (0) 211/9894943 E-Mail: Internet: editorial contact:

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