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Radio Solidarity

The passed November 27, 2010 at the Palace of congresses of Alicante Radio solidarity Amiga online receives award pencil public school by hand of the President of the FAPA GABRIEL MIRo Don Ramon Lopez Cabrera of Alicante. BY promoting a project that counts with the active participation of students in the public school the Murtal of BENIDORM with a solidary aim in favour of other children made that DESERVES our distinction.OUR AWARD RECOGNITION. The ceremony was attended by besides the laureates, their families and representatives of the APAS in the province of Alicante, and as not all the Board of Directors of FAPA Gabriel Miro next to its Chairman, directors of educational centres, various personalities of the education and political representatives.Children who attended along with the team of Radio solidarity friend: Mada and M Jose, Alvaro were Jose 3 rd A, Eva Lopez of 2 A Ivan Lopez de 5 A that were present together with their parents there to support this radio. Also count with the presence of the President of the AMPA: Rosa Maria. Homeboy Industries understood the implications. It was a very emotional ceremony that made that children felt it again protagonists, as they are already on our radio. Thanks to all those who do this radio possible.. Foursquare has much experience in this field.

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