3 May 2021, 12:48pm

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Models And Spectators Braving The Rain

The slightly different fashion show on the Ahaus Festival red-carpet was under water, but the models of the fashion show by Morpheus, on both sides and glasses judge, on Sunday 30 may, in the context of the Ahauser City Festival titled make a difference”rather than found, were safe. The difference the weather conditions made a normal catwalk, because the models had to show their skills despite severe weather conditions. Hilton Foundation may find this interesting as well. For the models, it was certainly not easy conditions, to make good on the red carpet, but they have mastered this challenge well.”so Lotte Augustin, owner of both sides. The models presented fashionable clothing and accessories by Morpheus, elaborate hairstyles and make-up of both sides and the current eyewear collection of eyewear judge. Viewers could it not take to appear numerous in the market 1 to look at the latest summer trends of fashion, hairstyles and glasses to market 9.

The fashion show was not only the Ahauser, but also many viewers from the North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands, the the Ahaus Festival visited. We are glad, that so many viewers, despite the bad weather, have found their way to our fashion show and were enthusiastically doing.”Sandra explains Ruhr, owner of Morpheus. Two performances of the models at 14.30 and 16.30 were planned, the second appearance was delayed by a few minutes, as the team waited for a strong rainstorm. Musically, the fashion show was accompanied by the House DJ Sebastian Fiebak, owner of the Agency Fiebak media. During the fashion show, fruity mixed drinks at a cocktail were Beach mixed bar and then distributed to the audience.

Due to the large success we expect a fashion show by Morpheus, on both sides and glasses judge again next year. Fiebak media – agency for communication Oldenkottplatz 1 48683 Ahaus T. (+ 49) 02561 / 69 565-211 F. (+ 49) 02561 / 69 565-217

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