16 Nov 2013, 8:11pm

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Friction Paint

As is well known, well-chosen colors can expand the space to create any style of room and give the owner the right mood. Allow us to play the color of paint on the market in such a wide range that long and confused. So today we will touch upon practical considerations when choosing paints, knowing that you dobetes best results – both for design and for the purse. Four Any element of paint comprises four main components that determine its properties. First, a pigment, without which the paint is difficult to name any – he is responsible for the color. The second component – binder, which provides adhesion (cohesive).

Third – filler – determines what will be the color – matte or glossy, giving it a particular reflectivity. The fourth component – Solvent – it depends on the consistency of paint and its coverage. It is from these four independent then how each fits into a particular color are your plans for its use. Of course, the main task paint – to provide the desired shade of the surface on which it is applied. But let's not forget that the paint is still a protective layer, saving the basis of the effect of external influences. The high degree of resistance to Friction can do wet cleaning of floors and walls without dire consequences for their appearance. Usually, reliability indicators paint are specified in the instructions. But here has a little trick nb: do not take one and the same floor paint, walls iotolka, even if you want to paint them in one color. Agree, the degree of mechanical action on the floor and the ceiling is different in a lot of time and, consequently, for the latter you can buy a less expensive paint with a relatively low rate of wear. Water resistance – the second important property of paint material, which is especially important when painting kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

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