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Systems Control

The series of Norms NBR ISO 9000 for Systems of Quality considers the welding as special proceeding that, depending on the complexity of the welded construction, requires control methods that they can enclose the activities of project, of election of materials, manufacture and inspection in order to guarantee that the specified quality is reached. With respect to activity of inspection of important welding and that this activity is developed by professional duly qualified and certificate, whose systematics meets in Brazilian Norm ABNT NBR-14.842. it who establishes criteria and systematics for the qualification and certification of welding overseers, and describes the attributions and responsibilities for the established levels of qualification. Several are the factors that you must be led in consideration to take care of to the norms and requirements of manufacture of Structures Metallic in Steel Carbon through the process of welding MIG/MAG. Such factors contribute in significant way for the product quality, as: norms of the project, metallurgy of steel carbons, weldability, speed of heating, speed of cooling, dilution, contraction, dilatacao, thermal distribution, professionals, place of welding, position, inspection, security, qualification of the professionals, instruments of measurement, control of deformations, non destructive testings, consumable, external symbology of welding and factors.

In this amaranhado of factors that contribute in significant way in the quality of the welding that if finds the Quality control. it who, through the Norms and Requirements of the product, anger to control the efficiency and effectiveness in what it refers to the attendance of the norms, that is, to assure that the product does not have discontinuities and defects not allowed for the norm. According to It emends of Overseer of Welding of the Santista Institute of Industrial Quality (p 36), discontinuity and the interruption of the typical structures of one sins, with respect to homogeneity of characteristics physics, mechanical and metallurgic. Not and necessarily a defect.

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