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Arkady Lopukhovs

– Hello, Arcady. My name is Olga, I'm from the newspaper "Arguments and Facts." We would like to receive your answers to several questions on business, which can then be published in the newspaper. – Yes, I listen to you. – First question. It is known that the business in Russia is not easy.

Our government is now taken several measures in the framework of an enabling environment for business development, but we get complaints from businessmen that these measures do not particularly feel Tell me, Please, you in your business feel the work of officials? – Olga, who complains to you – it's not the entrepreneurs. Do not believe them. You may find Peter Thiel to be a useful source of information. Entrepreneurs are never complain. They are studying the external factors, taking them for granted, and then with view them on the basis of knowledge creates business. And what would have been these external factors that have not yet come up with officials, no matter what the economic situation in the world emerged, businessmen will always do the trick.

Only their activity will be modified by the external environment. – But officials must do something to alleviate the plight of business? – Yes, of course. The best thing they can do for us – to do nothing. Do not disturb. More nothing. Nothing at all to do it, of course, difficult, but at least as much as possible. – Of course. Second question. Say, the current crisis made it harder work in the real economy? You are in a crisis feel? And taking whether any measures? – Crisis – is another factor of the external world, no more significant than the former. We did, of course, take into consideration and try to get the benefits for business. First, we hire professionals. Three more Months ago, they were not accommodating. And now they are easy to negotiate, appetites they were adequate and they are very loyal to the company. Secondly, we get better conditions from suppliers: our integrity as payers, it has now become highly appreciated. Thirdly, we have stepped up its advertising activity in the market. After all, when all the cutting advertising, and we are increasing the consumer thinks that the market is competitive, but there is just us. But it's me you have a trade secret is issued. Sorry, Olga, we have already arrived.

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World Bank

Therefore, the current power struggle is more like not a fistfight, and a friendly rematch in a foreign field. In this situation, most experts agree that in the next 10-15 years, despite the weakening of its role, the U.S. loss of world leadership. First, the chief financial asset the United States continues to be the dollar and Treasury bonds. And although today all distinctly heard talk of a new reserve currency, the practical implementation of this the idea is still unlikely. In reality, the world does not exist a competitive alternative to the "bad" American debt instruments, and investors continue to invest even in a weak U.S. economy.

K Moreover, the U.S. virtually control large financial institutions, which, in fact, can go to such drastic measures as the introduction of a new reserve currency. The dominant role of the imf and World Bank will allow the U.S. and follows a policy of dollarization of the global economy. Secondly, the U.S. economy, and today the largest and most competitive in the world. Country's share in world gdp is about 20%, almost twice the economy nearest competitor. As for the leading industries of the future such as nano-and biotechnology, the U.S.

is practically a monopoly in this area. Already, revenues from the use of new technologies in the U.S. up 76% of the global total in this field. Such a huge potential in conjunction with the privilege of making key decisions on the level of international organizations will provide U.S. leadership in the preservation of the future.